Street Art in Playa del Carmen: An Emerging Art Scene

Every visitor that comes to Playa del Carmen will comment non-stop on the beauty of the beaches, the friendliness of the locals and the vibrant nightlife. However, a quick stroll away from the tourist area reveals a colorful and artistic beach town. Concrete turns to art in front of our eyes day after day, leaving messages of peace, love and discomfort. The city’s street art scene is fantastic. Artists flock from around the world, leaving their mark on the concrete walls. That way they make sure a piece of them stays with Playa del Carmen. The town is painted throughout all its corners in beautiful colors. All you need is to step away from your comfort zone to discover the story of the city through its murals.

Street art is not graffiti

Street Art Playa del Carmen

When you start strolling towards the center of the city, or if you drive by the Federal Highway’s high bridge, you will start noticing the street art. This is art that locals paint and stencil on the walls. It’s not just a scribble; it’s not graffiti. These paintings take hours upon hours to create. They all tell a story, as well. There are benches along the walkways where locals and tourists enjoy spending some time relaxing and taking in the vibrant surroundings that artists have created. The more local beaches also feature beautiful paintings on the backboards. Playa del Carmen truly is an explosion of color.

Street art in Mexico should come at no surprise. The Mexican traditions are always very colorful and expressive. From language to customs, the country is generally a festive and outspoken place. Whether you are wondering around the tourist areas of Playa del Carmen or you veer off the beaten path, you will be able to find a bright corner to surprise you.

art and culture gaining momentum

Imagine being emerged in such a scenic culture which slowly gains momentum as more than just beaches and spring breakers. Imagine being surrounded by picturesque art and beautiful people and having the ability to walk outside your house and find yourself submerged in a street art gallery. One will never know the culture just from a photo. You must experience it on your own. What are you waiting for? The beach is beckoning you and our specialists at Top Mexico Real Estate are here to find your perfect retirement property surrounded by the amazing street art scene in Playa del Carmen.

Playa Del Carmen: An Explosion of Color

It seems that the buzz in Playa del Carmen revolves entirely around the wonderful beaches and finger-sucking gastronomy for most visitors. Fifth Avenue, the “tourist trap”, as some have called it, features bars upon bars and restaurants upon restaurants just a block away from the beautiful and cool Caribbean Ocean.

Vendors of all types are try to sell you everything, from shirts to souvenirs, to carved wooden masks. But what lies beyond the obvious? Many have claimed that Playa del Carmen is fun, but that it is missing something. There is no culture, no art, and no creativity, some have said. Of course, someone who is too scared to wander off the beaten path and retreats to their 5-star resort won’t see it. But in reality, Playa del Carmen is plastered in art.

 photo Street Art_zps2dekxqzm.jpg

Playa del Carmen is a popular and international destination, attracting all kinds of tourists. Amongst these are many artists hoping to leave a mark before moving onto another city. The town prides itself in having such a large and emergent art scene. But, are you missing it?

 photo Street Art 3_zpspnyvfhj6.jpg

Street art – not graffiti – is an art style developed in public spaces; anything from stencil graffiti to flash mobs or street installations is considered as such. Strolling just off Fifth Avenue, onto the more local beaches, you will find an explosion of color and outstanding street art worthy of a mention.

Although the Colosio neighborhood (past CTM, or 46th street and 5th Avenue) has a reputation of being rowdy, both visitors and locals use the walls throughout this neighborhood as canvas, creating beautiful – and sometimes powerful – works of art. While it is still light outside, it is worth a visit. Anytime after 5pm locals are gathered on the streets enjoying a cool beer and reminiscing about their weekends.

Local joggers, dog walkers, and couples hang out on the streets to enjoy the afternoon surrounded by colorful paintings created by ghosts – who are these artists? If you’re trying to gain insight on the actual Playa del Carmen lifestyle, this is where you ought to go. Not only is the area a great spot for people watching and for learning the customs of the real Playa del Carmen people (not the one following you on 5th Avenue trying to get you to buy a tour), but it is also a great display of creativity and imagination.

 photo Street Art 2_zpsvzft59ih.jpg

As everyone knows, Mexicans are nothing short of colorful, in their customs, traditions, language and art. While we won’t trash on the appeal and attractiveness of the tourist part of Playa del Carmen – it certainly has its charm – we will encourage everyone, or anyone with a passion for unique sightings, to stroll on past what seems the end to find a world that others can only imagine.

If your mind is set on taking a break from being a tourist and wants to venture deep into the entrails of this beautiful city, you know where to go.

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