The Perfect Meal: Best Spots for Lunch in Playa del Carmen

During my time on Earth I have met plenty of people who have claimed they do not eat breakfast. I’ve heard hundreds of others mutter that they would rather skip dinner and avoid being bloated before going to bed. However, not once in my life, have I come across someone who proclaimed they “don’t do lunch”. Sure, whatever, breakfast thinks it’s the most important meal of the day (it actually is, so don’t skip it), but who would ever say no to lunch?

Lunch means many things. It means that the time of the day when you can take a break from work or the hectic day has come. It represents freedom and everything in between. Lunch is that time of day when your brain can shut off and your senses can awaken. Ah, lunch, you are precious.

Because lunch is obviously delicious and important, I have set out to find the best spots to have a delicious and satisfying meal in the gorgeous town of Playa del Carmen. Are you ready?

Here are my Top 5 favorite restaurants to have lunch in Playa del Carmen!

1. Frutiyogurth

There isn’t much to say about this place except that it’s delicious! Located right in the heart of Playa del Carmen, this place is economic and serves rather healthy but amazing food. Salads, sandwiches, soups, eggs, and even chilaquiles, all with a special touch! The best part? Accompanying your meal with a delicious natural fruit frappe. I’m getting hungry!

2. Fruta Madre

This exotic restaurant is quite new in Playa del Carmen but has already captivated our hearts (and palates). You can choose between refreshing fruit sushi, hearty salads and even vegetarian burgers! It is located right outside Playacar where 10th Avenue starts. This is Mexican and Italian cuisine with a twist.

 photo Fruta Madre_zpsi5y9grlw.jpg

3. Los Aguachiles

This restaurant is quite famous – and perfectly located! Playa del Carmen is a fishing town and fish restaurants are everywhere. However, Los Aguachiles has something about it that keeps you coming back. Whether you’re having a delicious shrimp cocktail or some fish tacos, thinking of this place will have you drooling!

 photo Los Aguachiles_zps6c7fcyyl.jpg

4. Cheester’s

This pasta restaurant is nowhere near the touristy area but completely worth a visit. Their motto is that if you’re sitting across someone you are not allowed to use your cellphone, which is great for sharing with friends! Their plates are huge and worth splitting between two (and sometimes even three) people. Whether you’ve chosen one of their famous pastas or are going for a chic salad, this place will not disappoint.

 photo Cheesterrsquos_zpstpadupdd.jpg

5. Plank

And of course, we couldn’t forget the king of brunch! This chic restaurant offers a variety of brunch options, from omelets to molletes and chicken enchiladas (yum!). This restaurant is nothing but a mixture of saliva-producing tastes that will leave you wanting more and more.

My tummy is growling just from writing about my top five lunch (and brunch) favorites! Which ones are yours? Go ahead and give these a try, you will not regret it. Remember, everybody loves lunch, so call up an old friend and head over to a new restaurant every week.

If you like breakfast here are the best places to have breakfast at in Playa del Carmen.

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Love is in the Riviera Maya

You are back home stressed with work, taxes, family, and even the news. You decide to take a vacation at your second home in the Riviera Maya, and you owe it to yourself and your significant other to do nothing but relax and enjoy each other’s company. Maybe you cancelled your date night with your wife because you had to stay late to work, or maybe you told your husband you weren’t in the mood to go out because you spent all day working or taking care of your children or grandchildren. Well, you’re in Mexico, and the place is nothing short of romantic.

The Riviera Maya offers plenty of fine dining and romantic restaurants for you to spark that light. Here are our top 5 favorite romantic restaurants in Riviera Maya:

Oh La La!

This quaint little restaurant has a French name but offers international dishes. From lamb chops to grilled tuna, this Downtown restaurant is sure to excite your palate. Accompany your meal with one of the wide array of wines offered and enjoy the cozy company of your loved one.

Location: 14th Street Bis, between 10th and 15th Avenue
Price: $$$

 photo Oh Lala_zpshmtf8plq.jpg

Pavo Real by the Sea

As the name obviously suggests, this beautiful restaurant is right by the Caribbean ocean. Offering romantic candle-lit dinners, you can choose anything from an exquisite ceviche to shrimp in saffron curry. Moreover, you will be enjoying the stunning and serene scenery. Sounds like the perfect atmosphere for rekindling love.

Location: Tulum-Cancun Federal Highway 307, in Punta Maroma
Price: $$$$

Como Como Osteria Mediterranea

This gorgeous little restaurant is attached to La Tortuga Hotel & Spa, but functions on its own. Romantically decorated, the food is tasty and innovative. At night, the hotel and restaurant is lit up by candle lights that create a uniquely and suave atmosphere, perfect for sharing a delicious fish fillet with an Italian twist.

Location: 10th Avenue between 12th and 14th Street
Price: $$$

 photo Como Como_zpsysw9eldr.jpg

La Cueva del Chango

Don’t be fooled by the name (the monkey’s cave), this restaurant offers one-of-a-kind dining. Some even claim that the best guacamole they’ve had was in this very restaurant. Surrounded by trees and with a great wine menu, this place is nothing short of romantic.

Location: 38th Street between 5th Avenue and the Sea
Price: $$$


It can’t get any more romantic than this! Alux is built within a cave, which offers spectacular stalagmites and stalactites throughout! The food is delicious, the drinks are exceptional and the mood is perfect for a quite and enjoyable experience. The place has little light, which adds to the mysterious and romantic mood.

Location: Juarez Avenue S/N
Price: $$$$

 photo Alux_zpsncg2dk7x.jpg

Well, now you know where to go to forget about stress, work, or anything in between. Both you and your partner will not regret a dinner escapade to one of these – or any of the other hundreds of restaurants – that Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya have to offer. Bon appetite!

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