What Are Your Best Memories of Mexico? Share Pictures and Win a Prize!

Top Mexico Real Estate having a calendar photo contest this summer.  Besides getting your picture in a printed calendar, there are some exciting prizes, including:

  • an underwater digital camera
  • a full day pass for The Fives luxury resort
  • a free copy of the hard-cover calendar for all category winners

There are 13 categories:

  1. Mexico Relax
  2. Livin’ Playa
  3. 25 Top Beaches
  4. Underwater
  5. Beach Sunrise/Sunset
  6. I Love Mexico
  7. Mayan Wildlife
  8. Ancient Mayan
  9. Mayan Jungle

10. Beach Sports

11. Mexican Food

12. Walk on the Beach

13. Lucky 13 (Any photo of the Riviera Maya taken from a mobile device)

For more information, and to submit a photo, visit our Facebook page for the competition.

-by Bea Lozano


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