How to Reduce Plastic Waste

When you take the decision to retire to the gorgeous turquoise corner of Mexico, the Riviera Maya, you take on a commitment to live an eco-friendly life. There is little point to retiring to a heavenly paradise only to see it soon destroyed by the amount of waste produced. Plastic waste is a hazard to this beautiful coastal region. In fact, it’s a hazard to the world as a whole. That is why it is always important to pick up whatever waste you see lying around. Every bit helps and makes a difference to our environment. So, if you’re committed to keeping the Riviera Maya every bit as pristine as you first saw it, you can reduce plastic waste starting with yourself.

Avoid Plastic Straws

Plastic Straw

Plastic straws are creating more and more waste around the world. Imagine the amount of waste created by all the people that visit the Riviera Maya on a daily basis that are drinking their cocktails with fancy straws. These simple drinking tools take one thousand years to decompose. Fortunately, many bars, hotels and restaurants in the region have banned their use. And you should at home, as well. If you’re insistent on drinking with a straw, make a one-time investment into a metal straw that you can wash and reuse endlessly.

Say No to Plastic Bags

You will notice many supermarkets sell fabric, reusable bags at the check-out point. This is a strategy to get people to minimize the use of plastic bags. Whenever you go grocery shopping, take something with you to carry your items. Many people opt for taking backpacks, others take market baskets. Whatever suits you, avoid leaving the shop with a shopping cart full of plastic bags.

Buying in Bulk reduces plastic waste

This saves you both money and trips to the shop in the future. But it also helps reduce plastic waste. When you purchase items in bulk they most likely come in cardboard boxes, which can easily be recycled.

Make Other Small Adjustments

Grocery shopping

When you’re buying products for your home make sure you always pick the ones that will make the least impact on the environment. For example, when purchasing a razors, invest in a good one that will require only the blades to be changed, instead of a disposable razor. Other household goods can also help reduce plastic waste. Purchase reusable water bottles and other cups. Even if you insist on purchasing your morning coffee from the closest cafeteria, bring your own cup instead of using a disposable one.

Contribute Positively to the Community

Retirement allows you for more time to contribute positively to the community. Participate in beach clean ups and recycling marathons. Many groups and organizations are often posting about these events on social media. Make sure you keep updated and participate as much as you can.

You might think that one person cannot make a difference in reducing plastic waste. But that is all it takes. It is one less person harming the environment. Influence your peers around you to do the same. We will be reducing plastic waste faster than we can imagine. All it takes is for you to make the decision to keep the Riviera Maya waste-free. That way you, and many more generations to come after you, will be able to continue to enjoy the gorgeous turquoise waters, the delicate white sands, and the hundreds of wildlife that also call this place home.

If you’re ready to retire to the Riviera Maya and commit to a clean lifestyle, we recommend you check out some of our eco-friendly and sustainable properties in Tulum such as Nuuch, which has installed solar panels to reduce energy waste, as well.