Tulum’s Ever-Increasing Choices for Dining

With Tulum’s ever-increasing popularity as being a vacation destination, the demand for more restaurants and bar & grills will be on the rise as well. Travelers like to feast on local cuisines prepared with homegrown spices, vegetables, and fresh meats. Top Chefs are coming from all over Mexico as well as the world to show off their culinary talents. Tulum’s dining scene is a perfect choice for a variety of ambiances, exotic dishes, and tropical beverages. Tulum’s cuisines tend to offer a flavor and preparation style all its own.

A delicious dining spot to begin your day: Ki’bok Café Gourmet

Let’s begin with the first thing most people want in the morning and that is their java. Ki’bok Café Gourmet is a bit rustic but fits perfectly into its surroundings. The tree trunk poles support the handcrafted – wood built covering that exposes its open-air storefront. Sitting curbside, this simple but novel cafe offers crafted espressos. Also, brewed coffees from the finest organic ingredients grown in the area’s rich soil. Ki’bok also offers freshly prepared pastries and a lighter menu selection.

Most vacationers tend to wander towards the white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise Caribbean water. Tulum’s Sur 15 – from Mexico’s Federal Highway 307 to Av. Coba that turns into Sur 15, travels along the Riviera Maya’s scenic coastline. Here is where most all the waterside eateries reside. There are plenty to choose from and they all offer great views, fabulous food and designer drinks. Just point yourself in any direction along the beach and you will surely find a great place.

Zamas – The Restaurant at Zamas

There is one particular restaurant connected to a boutique hotel that was originally a coconut plantation. The Restaurant at Zamas offers many exquisite reasons to visit. This palapa style eatery offers several earthy floorings to choose from. You can bury your toes in the sand, sit up at the bar with a solid surface beneath you or relax at a table that sits on aged wooden planks. The surroundings are simple but elegant enough to satisfy any dining occasion. You can enjoy a midday appetizer or have a complete lunch. Their dinner menu includes traditional flavors with the finest local ingredients from land to sea. It’s also a perfect place to kick back with friends, family or spend the day solo enjoying what the Riviera Maya has to offer.

A notable dining experience at Arca

When evening arrives and just a few minutes away from Zamas, one of Tulum’s more notable dining experiences happens at Arca. Nestled against the Caribbean Sea and positioned amongst the jungle, makes this restaurant a favorite for locals and visitors alike. Its unique culinary entrées are chef selected daily. Choose from 5 to 6 specialty dishes with complementing sides, add an appetizer and a dessert if there is room. Arca also offers food and beverage through the day, but dining hours take precedence.

The aforementioned restaurants are just a few of many places that serve fabulous food and thirst quenching drinks. Just north of Zamas and still on the beach is Pancho Villa and to the south is Hartwood. Both eateries boast a four-star and above rating. Downtown Tulum also possesses plenty of culinary establishments. Azafran serves traditional style cuisine during breakfast and lunch hours. Sale & Pepe is located at the main intersection and is known for their pizza and other Italian dishes.

No matter where you go in Tulum, there will always be a place that will delight even the most discerning palates. Choose an atmosphere, decide on a flavor of food and drink. Then, let Tulum’s ambiance sweep you away for an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Just imagine living in a place where dreams can come true. Think Mexico’s Riviera Maya!

Live Music in Playa del Carmen

Some nights you just want to go out and enjoy some good tunes and good company. In Playa del Carmen we know how important that is for our travellers and even the locals here in Mexico. Therefore there are quite a few different locations scattered around Playa del Carmen that offer live music. Why not take advantage of listening to something a little different and not so mainstream while you are here in Mexico. Let loose and have a good time, while dancing and singing the night away on the beach. Below you will find a couple of our favorite places in Playa del Carmen that offer fantastic live music.

  • Wah Wah Beach Bar
  • Kitxen
  • Lucky Luciano
  • Senior Frogs
  • Fah Live Music & Food

Each one of these restaurants and bars offer some of the best live music and fun atmospheres that you would not want to miss on your travels.

Wah Wah

Wah Wah Beach Bar is so popular amongst English speaking travellers because of the setting. You will be dancing and singing directly on the white sand. You can also enjoy dinner and drinks for a reasonable price! In Mexico we like to please everyone, and this place is definitely a crowd pleaser. Wah Wah Beach Bar plays live music every Tuesday to Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 7:00pm-10:00pm. So if you are tied up through out the day, make sure to head out there at night for a time you won’t forget.

Live Music


Kitxen is known to be a rockers paradise. This place is actually owned by a legendary singer and guitarist, who is part of the rock band: Caifanes. Kitxen is located right in the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen on Fifth Avenue between Constituyentes and 20th. It is open everyday from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Live Music

Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano is another popular English speaking restaurant that plays some unique tunes through out the week. You can enjoy some delicious food + free entertainment with a tip at the end of course whether you enjoyed your experience. This restaurant is located on the famous Fifth Avenue, in the middle of the hustle and bustle. If you are looking for a place to get you up on your toes and enjoying life- this place will do that for you.

Live Music

Señor Frog’s

Señor Frog’s in another popular Mexican tourist destination amongst other travellers from all over the world. It seems to be a hot spot especially for Americans and Canadians. They place wonderful music and have live bands on weekends. You can enjoy the most delicious piña colada amongst all their other fabulous drinks- without leaving the beach. Señor Frog’s tends to be the busiest on weekends but it is enjoyed everyday of the week of course. You can find delicious food here as well.  Señor Frog’s is located at the end of Fifth Avenue on the beach and is conveniently right next to the ferry port to Cozumel. Bring your dancing pants to this place!

Live Music

Fah Live Music & Food

Fah is an excellent restaurant to have a great night! Plus, it is located in the heart of the Fifth Avenue, between streets 8 and 10. Fah plays live music every night. Also, they offer delicious food that goes beyond the traditional. Food and drinks here have a totally reasonable price. Additionally, the atmosphere at this place is amazing and so is the service. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a delicious café and breakfast, Fah opens from 8:00 am to 12:00 am.

Live Music

We hope you have a great night at these fantastic bars enjoying live music and Playa del Carmen!

Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Playa del Carmen

When you move to a new place, it’s always hard transitioning from what you are use to. That also includes finding new restaurants to enjoy. Playa del Carmen is home to several delicious cuisines, from Mexican, to Italian and even French. However, if one day you feel hungry and want to find a delicious and budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen, you will surely have many options.

Here’s a list of a few budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen:

  • Papa Charly

This exquisite Pasta Factory is perfect for anyone looking for a delicious Italian restaurant. You can find Papa Charly in Calle 30 Nte and 25 Avenue. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Ferron’s Jerk Chicken

Nothing like a delicious chicken with a Jamaican style! If you like spicy grilled chicken, then Ferron’s Jerk Chicken is the perfect restaurant in Playa del Carmen to visit. Make sure to try the delicious smashed potatoes.

Visit Ferron’s Jerk Chicken in 105 Nte Local 3, entre Constituyentes y 30 Bis, Col. Ejido.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Chez Céline

Chez Céline offers lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. This French cuisine has home-made  bakery products. Its croissants and bagels are definitely worth trying! To eat in Chez Céline, head to the 5th Avenue and calle 34 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Piola

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious but also inexpensive slice of pizza? Alternatively, Piola also offers a vast menu with salads, pasta, paninis, etc. Make sure you visit this delicious and budget-friendly restaurant right in the center of town between 5th ave and 1st ave North and Calle 38 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Pizza Renzo

Pizza Renzo offers diverse pizza toppings. You can pick as many slices as you can eat! This pizza restaurant is one of the favorites for locals, not to mention it is completely budget-friendly!

Visit Pizza Renzo in 10th ave, inbetween Calle 24 and Calle 26 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • El Fogon

If you want to try authentic Mexican food, specially tacos, we highly recommend to visit El Fogon. This place offers delicious food at an amazing price. We also recommend trying the vast variety of tacos El Fogon offers. If you want to visit this place, head to Costituyentes Ave. and 30th Avenue.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • La Brocherie

This place not only offers great food but also an amazing atmosphere! La Brocherie has delicious gourmet grilled chicken. In addition, La Brocherie offers the best selection of French wines and beers.

If you want to try some French grilled chicken, go to 15th avenue, between Calle 6 and Calle 4 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Don Sirloin

Don Sirloin is a popular place amongst tourist and locals and there are several locations in Playa del Carmen. Don Sirloin also offers Mexican food and its speciality are tacos. The most popular and close to downtown Playa is in 10th ave between Calle 12 and Calle 14 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • El Nativo

The best place in town for breakfast and brunch! In addition, El Nativo offers delicious and nutritive juices and milkshakes for an amazing price. You can find this place in 30th Avenue and Calle 20 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Chiltepin

We highly recommend Chiltepin when it comes to delicious fajitas and fish tacos. Also, this place has a great atmosphere to have fun while enjoying a delicious taco. There are a few of these restaurants located around the town, though the one in 20th Ave and Calle 34 Nte is a great option!

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

Each of these restaurants offers plates under 100 pesos. We included a mix of restaurants like Italian, French, Mexican, and Jamaican.

If you’re not looking to spend a high amount of money on food but you still enjoy good cuisine, we would recommend staying off of 5th avenue. Eating on 5th avenue is amazing, but it is a little more expensive than eating on 10th avenue, 20th avenue, or even 30th avenue. Each Avenue past fifth offer delicious and budget-friendly restaurants!

If you eat on 30th avenue at El Nativo sometime, don’t be alarmed to see mostly locals enjoying their dinners too! As you’ve probably heard before, locals know the best spots in town. So it’s always good to ask locals for more budget-friendly restaurants around Playa del Carmen!


Daily Activities You Can Do in Playa del Carmen

What comes to mind first when you are thinking of something to do in Playa del Carmen? Would it happen to be the beach? But let us tell you, there are way more activities to do other than just spending all your day at the beach.

Here are some ideas of daily activities you can do in Playa del Carmen

Have you ever thought of renting a bike, joining a gym or salsa class? Maybe even a sports team if you’re into that. What makes Playa del Carmen so special is that there are so many activities here for all ages. Whether you are a child and looking for swimming lessons or you are in your teens and you would like to try out a new sport. Maybe you are in your early 50s-70s and you would like to get out and play tennis a couple times a week.

Anything and everything is possible in Playa del Carmen

There is one unique Canadian restaurant whose owners are a couple and each week they have a trivia night, along with other charitable events throughout the year. This restaurant is called ‘Moms.’ Let us tell you, if you are a Canadian and you are used to Mom’s homemade cookin, then we would highly recommend visiting this place. It’s not just great for Canadians. This couple welcomes each and every person here with open arms. There are also pool tables here too, which makes the perfect games night.

Getting back to the activities we had mentioned before. If you are looking at bike rentals in Playa del Carmen there are many different shops scattered around the town.

Activities in Playa del Carmen

One place in Playa del Carmen that has great reviews is Playa Bike Rentals. You can find this place in 24 street between streets 10 and 15. They charge the following prices below:

1-3   Days = $10.00 USD per day

4-7   Days = $38.00 USD for the period

7-14 Days = $5.00 USD per day

This company is opened 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday.

If you’d like to play tennis, there are many tennis courts all around the town. Some places you have to reserve ahead of time, and some are on a come and go basis. We would recommend reviewing the times online prior to heading to the courts.

For swimming lessons, we would recommend ‘Kiin Ha’ indoor pool and sports center based on their reviews. They open from Monday-Friday from 7:00am-10:00pm and Saturdays from 7:00am-1:00pm. Depending on how many classes you would want to enroll in the prices vary. They are located just off Constituyentes Avenue, one block north between 85th and 90th avenue.

Activities in Playa del Carmen

If you woud like to do a water activity, we would recommend trying SUP (stand up paddle-boarding.) If you haven’t already done it before, “Aloha Paddle Club” offers lessons and board deliveries. They are located at: Inti Beach club which is located at Calle 4 and Calle 6 in the center of town.

Now that you know about amazing activities you can do in Playa del Carme, go out and have fun! Living in paradise has this and many more incredible advantages!


5 Restaurants in Playa That You Can’t Miss

Life in Mexico is full of adventure, great weather… and delicious food. If you’re visiting or if you are thinking to retire in Playa del Carmen, here is a list of 5 restaurants that you must visit!


Zenzi Beach Bar & Restaurant – This beachside eatery is located at the end of Calle 10 Norte and is situated directly on the beautiful white sandy beach in Playa del Carmen, along with Mexico’s beautiful Riviera Maya. You also have the advantage of looking out over the gorgeous Caribbean water as you enjoy your food and spirits.

Zenzi appeals to a large expat and retiree crowd who mixes well with the many locals who also come to enjoy the restaurant and its laidback ambiance. Almost every afternoon and evening you can listen to live music being played from one of Playa del Carmen’s many talented musical groups.


The atmosphere is very beachy and offers plenty of open air seating. After the sun goes down, accented lighting around the palm trees provides an intimate feel with music and conversation happening in the background. Take your shoes off and feel the cool sand between your toes!

The menu offers a variety of appetizers, sandwiches and dinner entrees. The food is very well prepared and is complimented with great service. They also have a full bar that will prepare your special request or a menu to select an alcohol or non-alcohol beverage.

Zenzi is a great place for family and friends to get together, where couples can meet or just drop in for a quick bite or a cool refreshing drink. Sit back and enjoy the music while you’re relaxing in paradise!


Restaurant Fah Bar – Fah Bar is a unique restaurant that sits directly on the world famous Quinta Avenida (5th Ave), between near the corner with Calle 10 Norte. Fah offers lots of exciting street action that includes everything from break dancers to traditional mariachi music, to jugglers. It is also a great location to people watch from your street side table, booth or the open air dining area.

The off street dining area provides a tropical forest like feel with an oversized tree that provides a natural canopy but still allows the outside in. They have a variety of seating choices that consist of tables and chairs to padded sofa duets, and a back wall with bench seating that faces the bar, dining and stage areas.


Entertainment is provided most every afternoon and evening. The music mixes very well with any mood. The menu is quite extensive and offers a cuisine that can be found in many fine dine restaurants. The service is very courteous and complete with complimentary servers who assist the waiters in keeping your needs met.

The drink menu offers some unusual cocktails served with or without alcohol. If you are an exotic connoisseur of martinis, you must try the cucumber martini or any of the other creative beverages. The relaxing atmosphere will provide a subtle comfort that can’t always be found in similar eateries.


Pez Vela – Another great 5th Ave. restaurant and bar is Pez Vela. It is probably one of the longest standing eateries on Quinta Avenida, with an astonishing 28 years of existence. They must be doing something right to be around for that long. You can find this restaurant on the corner of 5Th Ave. and Calle 2 Norte.

They are more of a casual – lets hangout restaurant and cantina. Their walk up “U” shaped bar has swing seating that offers quick service and a full drink menu. Their clientele ranges from locals to vacationing singles or couples, to expats looking for a casual conversation. The atmosphere of the open air corner bar kind of reminds you of a Mexico version of ‘Cheers’.


The restaurant offers curbside dining which is great for people watching and other activities that are constantly passing by. There is an inside dining area, as well as a mezzanine that is ideal for group parties or a special occasion get together. The motif is traditional Mexican with a flair for color, and yes there is a big screen TV for watching your favorite sporting event.

The food is true Mexican but has its own special flavor. They have received awards from the Federal Tourism Board regarding their quality of cleanliness and kitchen preparation – a big plus for delicate stomachs. Their menu is fairly simple but covers all the desired dishes normally wanted when visiting Playa del Carmen. The service is friendly, prompt and very attentive. The prices are budget friendly and offer great value.


El Oasis – El Oasis on Calle 12 Norte between 5th and 10th Avenidas is an eye-catching location. The eatery is a true seafood venue with an extensive menu of top notch dishes. They aren’t a high capacity restaurant like a lot of their neighboring peers. They do have a fully stocked bar, but their main focus is Seafood cuisine!

You have a choice to either be seated street side, on a small open-air covered patio or dine inside. The décor is styled very elaborately with a strong emphasis on a nautical theme. The walls, ceiling and seating are painted with bright colors that provide quite a novel experience.


The menu goes from ‘A to Z’ in seafood choices and cooked any way you want it. They pride themselves on fresh lobster, ceviche and their signature shrimp tacos. The food is plentiful, served hot and fresh and is extremely delicious. They serve a small cup of seafood chowder as an appetizer that will arouse your taste buds and tease you for what is ahead. The service is excellent with a smile every time they visit your table.

They do have a small bar area that offers Happy Hour specials, but not really known for having a cocktail hour crowd. However, they serve up a mean margarita that is crafted at your table with ingredients that you would never have imagined being in a margarita. It is actually served to you in a mortar type bowl with an accompanying straw. If you enjoy good seafood in a unique setting, then a visit to El Oasis is a must.


Casa Sophia – Located on Avenida Aviacion between 10th Ave. & 50th Ave (Highway 307), Casa Sophia is a great place to have some good Italian food, great conversation and enjoy a glass of wine. Its cuisine is prepared authentically as if coming from its own origins.

The restaurant and bar is a stone’s throw away from Playacar and is very popular with the locals, as well as the area’s expats and seasonal residents. It has multiple dining sections that include a glassed in dining area with a full bar, two open air covered patio areas, and a smaller indoors area near the deli counter.


Its ambiance is simple but casual and very comfortable. The menu is very detailed with some of Italy’s finest dishes. Their pizzas and pasta are handcrafted with true Italian style. They also have a variety of wines that compliment any meal. The table settings are reminiscent of the old country where dining is an art of ambiance and food combined. The service is exceptionally friendly and delivered in a professional manner.

Casa Sophia is somewhat off the beaten path and offers no significant similarities to its peers that reside beachfront or on Playa’s Quinta Avenida. There is no hustle and bustle or lapping waves or street entertainers. Just a relaxing setting for family, friends or couples wanting to enjoy a conversation. The pricing is very reasonable for the exceptional quality of food served. They accept pesos and USD only.
Enjoy Italy in the heart of the Riviera Maya!

Do you have any other recommendations for eating out in Playa del Carmen?

Let us know!

Remember… we make it happen!


The Best Places to have Breakfast in Playa del Carmen

The best places to have breakfast in Playa del Carmen, what a difficult pick! There are so many options in the area, from fancy hotels with buffet breakfast to little Fondas with a la carte options.

Picking the best place to have breakfast in Playa del Carmen created a heated debate among our staff at Top Mexico Real Estate, everyone had their own favorite!  However, we came up with this handy list.

  1. Chez Celine

Even if we wanted to keep this French bistro hidden from you, we couldn’t. At some point you would stumble across this café and see the crowds waiting for a table every morning. Chez Celine has become a breakfast favorite for locals and visitors alike, and there are so many reasons like the fresh baked rolls, traditional French baguettes, delicious coffee and many other tasty items.

 photo chez-celine_zps524ef74d.jpg
Chez Céline

5th Avenue and 34 street

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tel: (984) 803 3480



  1. La Vagabunda

La Vagabunda is another popular breakfast spot in Playa del Carmen, with a mix of Mexican and international flavors; La Vagabunda will not disappoint you! This restaurant has been in Playa for almost 20 years, which is a lifetime in Playa years, where restaurants come and go on a daily basis.

Their chilaquiles is a popular choice but you can also pick a more traditional, continental or American breakfast. Our favorite is the breakfast burrito, that has nothing to do with an American style burrito but it is really tasty!

 photo la-vagabunda_zps97bf22e5.jpg

La Vagabunda

5th Avenue between Calles 24 y 26

Playa del Carmen Centro,

Tel. (984) 873 37

  1. Nativo

This place is also a very popular spot, due to its big selection of freshly squeezed juices, fruit cocktails and the traditional chilaquiles with red or green sauce. Their omelets are also fluffy and delicious, another good option for someone looking for a more traditional breakfast.

 photo nativo_zps3028a9b4.jpg


30th Avenue between Constituyentes y calle 20

OR Avenida Juarez with Carretera Federal (HWY 307)

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

(984) 873 0758

(984) 147 1753

So when you wake up in Playa del Carmen and are looking for a great place to have breakfast, try one of these. You willl not be disappointed!

And remember, here at TOP MEXICO REAL ESTATE…

We make it happen!

Playa del Carmen, a Foodie’s Dream

If you are considering moving or retiring to Playa del Carmen, you will be delighted to discover the wide variety of restaurant options available, with something new to try every day.

Living near 5th avenue or downtown neighborhoods will allow you to step out and experience the lively restaurant scene in Playa del Carmen.

For ex-pats everywhere, being away from our favorite foods is hard. One day you’ll wake up craving a juicy hamburger, BBQ ribs or chili con carne and lucky for you there is places that offer American and Canadian Style food.

Walk on the beach to get to Wah Wah’s, enjoy the view and their cold drinks while trying their BBQ Chicken or BBQ ribs with all the trimmings, They also offer Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican food as well as brick oven pizza and live music in the evening. Maybe you are looking for the kind of bar where everybody knows your name, with comfort food and an American ambiance, then maybe you should try Mom’s with their weekly changing menus and English speaking staff, you’ll forget you are in Mexico.

If you want to experience the “Real” Mexican food, maybe you can take a stroll on 10th or 30th avenues, with their tacos, tortas and tamales stands as well as a variety of local delicacies: sea food, Yucatecan food and many others.

There is also plenty of options for the Vegan or Vegetarian, most restaurants offer vegetarian options and you will find chefs willing to accommodate your requests. For Vegans one of the most popular spots its “La Senda” on 10th avenue, with its traditional mushroom pozole and many others soups, sandwiches and smoothies completely free of animal products. Fruit juices and Fruit cocktails are a Mexican staple, you will find street vendors selling diced fruit with optional lime and chili powder almost in every local park, so fresh fruit is always a good option.

If you are an Italian food lover like myself, you’ll find that the ever growing Italian community in Playa is always opening new restaurants. Local favorites and both located  on 34th street, Al Volo with their homemade pastas and Ciao Pizzeria with their brick oven and delicious pizzas. These restaurants use the freshest ingredients and will charge a fraction of the cost of the restaurants located on 5th avenue.

Playa del Carmen has a growing community of expats from all over the world, this means there is a great variety of restaurants with cuisines from many regions including: Asian, European, Latin American and Mediterranean.

-By Bea Lozano

If you are considering moving or retiring to Mexico, a big part of your new life will be exploring places and finding your own favorites. There is so many choices there is always going to be something new and exciting but little by little you’ll find the spots you can’t live without.

Love Plank! A New Unique and Exciting Culinary Experience in Playa del Carmen!

If you live in Playa del Carmen and have not heard of Plank yet you are in for a real treat! Plank is one of the newest additions to Playa del Carmen’s hot restaurant scene offering, not just dinner but a whole experience!

From the excellent food to the unique fusion cocktails, everything deserves an unlimited amount of starts and a special high five for excellence and service!

If you are familiar with Imprevist, The GYM, Indigo Beach and Porto Playa you will probably have good confidence that this new restaurant addition brings nothing but quality and good standards. That is because Plank is brought to you by the same owners who have continued to bring Playa exceptional high quality products and services-known and loved by residents and tourists in Playa del Carmen.

So what is there to brag about?

The Sweet Scene!

Let’s start with the fact that a first impression is always given by looks! You wouldn’t show up to a job interview wearing sweat pants would you? So if you want to show you are worth it, you’ve got to look good! And Plank does just that!

The restaurant is not oversized but it is not tiny. If offers indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the beautiful street of what some are starting to call “the new Calle Corazon”.

The entire ambiance is romantic and sleek with just the perfect amount of light to enhance its surroundings.

The bar is uniquely placed and beautifully designed with a sweet display of citrus and spirits! Perfect place to relax and have a cocktail before sitting down for dinner! You can also enjoy a laid back environment watching the game on two perfectly visible flat screen TV’s and an excellent sound system.

Mouthwatering Dishes!

Well now that I’ve got you hooked and into the restaurant let’s talk about the most important thing on the list-the food! Plank offers something entirely different from other restaurants in Playa, and it’s not because of what they are cooking, but how they are cooking it.

Each entrée is grilled on special wooden planks or Himalayan salt planks both designed to infuse every bite with a unique and special flavor, which traditional grilling can’t provide. Plank is the only restaurant in the entire region to have introduced this special cooking style which makes it truly like no other in the area.

Having tried nearly every entire dish on Plank’s superb menu I can tell you that this is where it’s at! The chefs of Plank have worked hard to combine the perfect ingredients and just the right amount of love into every dish being offered.

The menu offers a variety comfortable variety of selections for every taste from tender steaks, elegantly prepared shrimp and seafood, classic BBQ baby back ribs, fusion flatbreads, grilled meat skewers, to classic comfort foods like mac and cheese and chicken pot pie!

They even have an excellent bar menu offering a few more classics like Buffalo wings, beef or chicken sliders and nachos!

One thing that I have to say is that Plank takes the word gourmet and delivers it in a very special fashion which everyone will love! Whether you are a gourmet food lover or someone who prefers simplicity each and every dish is cooked with absolute quality and care.

Tasty Drinks!

Every heard of a Smoked Dirty Martini? Did I get your taste buds working a little bit? Well, I don’t want to give away too much. You’re just going to have to try! But I will say this-At Plank the excellence and uniqueness that is infused into their food flows right into their cocktails as well.

There’s no fluff when talking about these cocktails. They use quality ingredients, premium spirits and creativity that is being brought to you by experienced bar tenders who have made cocktail science, not just their job, but their business!

Try your classic favorites, pick from a list of new and fun fushions or simply ask your bartender to surprise you with something new!

Plank also has a lovely wine selection and bottled and draft beer!

Exceptional Service!

You’ll love the ambiance, you’ll love the menu, you’ll love the drinks but what is the most crucial ingredient to a successful business? As always, it’s the service! Good service is what keeps you coming back and gains your faith in a quality company!

There is no doubt in my mind that Plank has mastered all of the proper elements to run and maintain a fantastic restaurant but also to provide an enjoyable experience for their customers.

A good experience comes from value! And at plank value is ranked high!

If you love food like I do…fall in love with Plank!

Looking for more: Here’s another fantastic Playa del Carmen restaurant suggestion!