All the Reasons to Consider Retirement in Mexico

When time for retirement starts closing in, it’s time to consider a place to retire to. Many people stay home and carry out their retirement there. But others are keen to spread their wings and fly. They consider heading out somewhere new, where that new breath of life is waiting. That is why so many people place the Riviera Maya in Mexico at the top of their list. It might be the weather, the lower cost of living or even the fulfilment of living abroad. Mexico has everything, which is why it is the perfect place to seek retirement. Take a moment to write down all the elements that you and your partner will want and need in selecting a retirement destination. Then start a shortlist of places that will satisfy the criteria. We bet that Mexico is at the top of the list!

Retire in Playa del Carmen

When living in North America, you have several choices to live out the best years of your life. You could select Europe, Hawaii, or somewhere in the Orient. Whichever countries you are researching, make sure you do all your due diligence when comparing what best suits your specific requirements. But at the same time, don’t forget to listen to your emotional urges to live in a place that keeps popping up in your mind. And we certainly hope that place is the Riviera Maya. In all honesty, there are no shortage of reasons to consider this piece of paradise.

Just recently, International Living rated Mexico 3rd out of 10 on its annual report The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2019. Even though Mexico wasn’t number one, you have to consider the approximate location to your home country and family. Living in North America, most retirees and expats can be less than a 3 to 6-hour plane flight from home. The following reasons will help you complete that long-visited list of why you should consider retirement in Mexico.

The Cancun International Airport

Cancun International Airport

This ever-growing airport is conveniently located on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, just minutes away from the Riviera Maya stretch. It is an ideal location that can be used as a home base to explore other worldly destinations. In fact, the Cancun International Airport is the second largest and busiest airport in Mexico, right after Mexico City’s. Moreover, it is one of the country’s state-of-the-art airports. It is constantly improving its infrastructure and completed its fourth terminal in October 2017. Cancun’s airport is Mexico’s most popular ports-of-call for tourism. It provides multiple means of transportation to almost anywhere on the Peninsula. You can choose from luxury bus lines, shuttle services, taxi services, and reliable public transportation.

Near perfect year-round weather

Once you arrive in Mexico, you can toss your coat, sweater and boots in a box and store them away – for good. The Riviera Maya’s daily temperature rarely fluctuates throughout the seasons. The daytime highs in summer range from the low to mid 90s, and the evenings settle down to the mid and upper 70s. The colder months level off into the low to mid 80s, and a relaxing 70 to 73 degrees after the sunsets. These types of temperatures make every day a beach day. Mexico is all about outdoor living day or night. Can’t ask for any better weather than this. Especially for your long-awaited retirement.

Beach Sunset

Enjoy a Caribbean lifestyle

If having fun in the sun and being surrounded by the Caribbean Sea sounds like the perfect place for you, move down here now. The Riviera Maya has made several Top 10 lists as having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here is where the turquoise waters meet up with the fine, white sand. Imagine strolling along where the soft sand gently massages your feet, the warm tempered waves splash against your legs, and palm trees sway subtly above your head. It’s not longer a dream, but a reality.

The cost of living is unbeatable


Living a comfortable lifestyle on a modest amount of money is no problem at all in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. With inexpensive entertainment, low taxes, and bargain shopping, you can enjoy a comfortable – and sometimes luxurious – life. Other contributing costs of saving factors include the USD to Mexican Peso exchange rate and low property taxes. The latter makes owning a home very affordable. You will rarely need a car, because public transportation is very reliable and inexpensive. Likewise, walking around or biking is great due to the proximity of it all. Visiting nearby communities can be as easy as catching a colectivo or flagging down a taxi.

Modern infrastructure, modern comforts and stable government

Mexico has a very modern infrastructure that includes running water, sewer systems, water purification plans, and a very reliable electrical grid. Likewise, services such as Wi-Fi are offered everywhere, and many times it is free. Internet cabling reaches most places and has a reliable speed. When it comes to shopping, you will find familiar retailers, grocery stores, and outlets selling all modern conveniences of home. Lastly, the Mexican government has been and continues being stable. It also has plans to continually enhance the country’s notable reputation for being safe and very protective of its tourists. Don’t hesitate to let your guard down once in a while and enjoy life as it is meant to be.

Other factors for the best retirement in Mexico

Other worthwhile benefits are the fabulous cuisines, the ease of travel between regions (especially with the upcoming Mayan train), a welcoming culture and festive environment. These are only a few of the reasons why Mexico is the perfect retirement destination, and why it has topped many international lists.

Most importantly, however, is the ease of purchasing real estate in the region and becoming a happy homeowner in Mexico. You will find new developments which are thought out as perfect for retirement, such as Starlight Towers in Playa del Carmen, with its indoor patio and smart architecture. Or if you prefer Tulum, you will find places such as Puerta Azul, which offer open-plan condos perfect for entertaining visiting friends or family.

Benefits of Living in Mexico

Adopting a Green Lifestyle in Mexico

Over the past few years, environmental impact has become a more pressing issue. It has called for people to start making changes in their lives. Likewise, it has pushed real estate developers to consider sustainable construction to avoid damaging the planet further. In fact, Tulum was recently the first destination in Mexico to become a sustainable tourism zone. Each day, more and more people are adopting a green lifestyle to help the environment as much as possible. And it is as easy as making slight little changes at home. Because Tulum and Playa del Carmen are pushing to become sustainable communities, we urge expats, locals and retirees to start adopting a green lifestyle.

Although the Earth’s temperature has ebbed and flowed throughout the course of history, all current signs point to human activity causing a shift in its natural path. Global sea levels are rising and temperatures are surging. 15 out of the 16 hottest years on record have taken place since 2001. Fortunately, there are still opportunities for us to reverse this course. The introduction of new technologies and environmentally-friendly products have made it so that it’s more possible than ever to switch to a green lifestyle.

Simple Solutions to Help the Environment

Riding a bike

Going green nowadays does not mean going back to basics (or adopting a more bohemian or hippie lifestyle). You are not expected to live off the grid or move into a commune to lead an environmentally-friendly life. There are many ways to incorporate green practices into your everyday life. Some simple solutions are:

  • Wash your clothes with cold water;
  • Use drying racks or clotheslines instead of a dryer;
  • Take shorter showers;
  • Walk or bike instead of using a car.

Green Lifestyle in your Home

Green Energy Homes

However, you can also adapt your home for a green lifestyle to reduce energy usage. While many people still consider a green home to be too expensive, the reality is that certain things are affordable and even free (like recycling). Solar panels have become reasonably-priced over the past few years. In a sunny locale like the Riviera Maya, solar panels can be an extremely effective way to reduce your energy usage. Mexico’s primary electric company, Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE), allows you to connect your home’s solar panels into a nation-wide grid in order to more effectively reduce your usage.

Energy-efficient appliances have the ability to reduce your environmental impact (and reduce your energy bill). Even if many of these are slightly more expensive, you will still end up ahead in the money you save on energy bills over time.

Now, if you’re going all out money-wise, adding water recycling systems can also be a huge saving. Mix this up with a green wall that will enhance your home, keep you healthier and, of course, save water.

You will not only be saving on your monthly bill with your energy-efficient home, but your home value will increase. You will intrigue buyers with a home outfitted with green technologies, should you ever want to sell your home.

Invest in Sustainable Real Estate

Nuuch Allure Tulum

If you’re just considering the possibility of purchasing real estate in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, you should consider investing in sustainable real estate. There are many options available throughout Playa del Carmen. However, Tulum is ahead of the game in sustainable development at the moment. Places such as the community of Luum Zama are committed to preserving the environment. That is why developments within this community are bound, by contract, to keeping 60% of their land untouched. Moreover, developments such as Nuuch Allure also offer the possibility of adding solar panels right from the start. You can also consider Puerta Azul Tulum. It is built with locally-sourced materials that make maintenance easier and more affordable, as well as less damaging.

Earth is humanity’s only home. It is important for all of us to do our part to keep our planet healthy. After all, who would like to live in the Riviera Maya if it didn’t have its bright-blue waters, fine white-sand beaches and lush tropical jungle? Consider some ways you can incorporate a green lifestyle to keep our planet beautiful for generations to come.

What to Look for in a Retirement Home

Life can hardly get any better than sitting on the beach enjoying the cool ocean breeze. The palm trees above are gently swaying in time with the Caribbean Sea’s gentle waves, slapping against the white sand beach. You are just about to delight your palate with your favorite beverage. Then you suddenly wake up to the sounds of trucks and loud pipes outside. You look up at your bedroom’s plain white ceiling and think, “I’m dreaming again”. This gets you thinking about retirement more than ever. Where will you invest in a retirement home? Well, if your dreams are any indications. It should be in the Caribbean. But, that’s not all, the question truly is, what should you look for in a retirement home?

Whatever you decide, we’re sure it won’t include listening to loud vehicles in the morning or waking up to the same old routine. Instead, it will be more like living in a permanent dream vacation. You will be in a place that will allow you to live and do the things you truly want for the rest of your days. But first, you need to find a location that accommodates your needs. Let us help you with some useful suggestions in what to look for in a retirement home. These are intended to provide an interim itinerary that can jumpstart your search.

Find a Location That Meets Your Expectations

Retirement Home Mexico

If you are looking to be close enough to Playa del Carmen, without the hustle and bustle of the city’s endless action, then think about looking just outside the city’s central district. There are many surrounding communities that have easy access to the heart of Playa del Carmen, such as El Cielo. It’s easy to catch a cab, drive or walk to all of Playa del Carmen’s most popular places. You are close to shopping centers, restaurants and other daily attractions.

If you want to be near or in the middle of the action, choose a location that can offer direct access to amenities. You can step out onto Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue, or in Tulum’s hotel strip. This places you steps from the beach and turquoise waters. It is always suggested to briefly stay in the approximate area(s) you are thinking of purchasing in. That way you can offer more detailed information to your trusted real estate agent when discussing your ideal location and needed activities.

Set a Budget That You are Comfortable With

Determine an allotted dollar amount that won’t create pressure or a financial burden on your retirement budget. Avoid the need to constantly think that the cost doesn’t matter, because it’s your retirement. Many retirees lose focus on their planned itineraries when they first experience paradise. There are plenty of condos and homes that will meet, and even exceed, your wants and needs. If you can justify the extra expense or cost, then go for it. But remember, you can always upgrade further down the road, as well.

Is a Condo or a Free-Standing Home Better?

Puerta Azul Tulum

There are advantages to both a condo and a single dwelling. A stand-alone home offers more privacy and more room. And in most cases, it has yard space to do with as you wish. Having a single-family home usually has a garage and plenty of space to park more than one vehicle. But there are other factors to consider such as maintenance and upkeep, which is usually more than in one condo. When you are away for a period of time (if you are a retiree snowbird), you can’t just lock the door and leave. You have to make sure your home is secure, the yard is cared for, and the pool is take care of (where applicable).

A condo is usually a part of a bigger complex. Its exterior and common areas are part of the association’s responsibility (which you pay for, of course). You can leave your home for an extended time and all you need to do is lock the door. There will be people around upkeeping the property and its amenities. On the other hand, there is less privacy beyond your front door. Parking can be troublesome if you have more than one vehicle, as well. Depending on the complex, there is rarely any covered parking, unless you pay extra for it. These are things to consider when looking at both a condo and a free-standing home.

You Need a Real Estate Agent to Find Your Retirement Home

Nothing really happens until you find a qualified and trustworthy real estate agent. Many inexperienced retirees don’t take the time to research and find a reliable agent to guide them through the process. Especially when they’re doing it in a foreign country. When you start looking for an agent to represent you, make sure they are skilled in working with American and Canadian buyers and that they know the ins and outs of purchasing a home abroad.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your golden years in paradise. Whether you’re looking for a laidback lifestyle in Tulum or an upbeat, activity-packed adventure in Playa del Carmen, it’s up to you to decide what you want from your retirement.