The Cenote Route in Puerto Morelos

The Riviera Maya is home to beautiful attractions and wonderful activities that will provide you an excellent time. Needless to say, one of the main charms of the Riviera Maya are the sinkholes or cenotes. These breathtaking freshwater natural pools are just a small proportion of what nature has to offer.

Actually, if you’re looking to enjoy an amazing journey where cenotes are the main attraction, the Cenote route is for you. This attraction is located on the road that connects Puerto Morelos to Leona Vicario, and is a wonderful road that has plenty of cenotes to choose from. Each one will offer you a different adventure, and you will be surrounded by natural wonders.

The entrance to the cenote route is located in Puerto Morelos, which is located halfway from Playa del Carmen to Cancun. We highly recommend to live this experience and have fun while you admire the amazing landscape. You can visit them all or pick the ones that seem more appealing to you. To help you plan your trip, here’s a brief description of each cenote and what makes it special.



To begin your adventure, the cenote Mojarras will amaze you. This is an uncovered sinkhole where you can freely swim and snorkel. Some of the extra activities are a zip line, ATV road, horseback riding and there’s a restaurant where you can eat and have a little break from your adventure.

Boca del Puma

This sinkhole is located in a natural reserve in the middle of the Riviera Maya. Boca del Puma offers an amazing experience and a journey filled with entertainment. Also, take full advantage of other activities such as the magnificent zip lines and the incredible ATV tour. Most people consider this park as one of their favorites!

Siete Bocas

Cenote 7 Bocas is a beautiful cavern sinkhole which received its name due to the 7 holes that allow the light to enter. This is a covered cenote that offers a taste of what diving in caverns is. You will be amazed by the rock formations and the color of the water; to enjoy the place even more, consider bringing a waterproof flashlight so you can explore de depth of the water. This is a great experience for good swimmers, and there are life vests available for rent if you want. Being a more rustic and less- touristy cenote, this place offers a jungle vibe that is surely a worthwhile experience.


Chilam Balam

You will surely have a happy surprise as soon as you arrive to this sinkhole. Chilam Balam, is home to a beautiful cenote where you can definitely snorkel and get closer to nature. This place also offers more activities such as ATV rides, horseback riding and canopy lines. You can have a dreamy family day here by enjoying the open-air sinkhole and much more.


Verde Lucero

A little piece of paradise where you can freshen up and enjoy the crystal clear and cold water! This sinkhole is an amazing inexpensive experience. One of the main features is the zip line that drops you into the water. Besides being a peaceful and quiet cenote, Verde Lucero is a hidden jewel in the middle of the jungle.

La Noria

This cenote is actually an awesome place to experience a sinkhole visit among other different activities. This place offers zip lines, cliff diving and mountain biking! Prepare yourself to have an extreme adventure at the surrounding jungle with a wonderful atmosphere.


Looking for a fun adventure? Then you will surely find it at cenote Kin-Ha. If you’re feeling adventurous, be ready to jump 25-ft. into a 72° F degree water! Also, explore the jungle while you ride a four-wheeler track to get to the 2 beautiful sinkholes. And to add more fun to your incredible journey, enjoy the dual zip lines and zip together with a friend!



Be ready to have an excellent day at this eco-park that not only has astounding surroundings but also incredible adventures. The first cenote has 10-ft. and 25-ft. jumping platforms. The second sinkhole offers a different adventure, being an underground cenote where you can see stalagmites and stalactites. The third and last cenote is a small deep sinkhole with two high jumping platforms. This place is waiting for any adventurous soul who’s ready for some action!


Remember that each cenote will offer you an amazing experience and they are all different from each other. Prices vary as well; if you’re planning to visit more than one cenote make sure to bring cash, since there are no ATM machines nearby. And while there are some small restaurants on the road, it’s a good idea to bring enough water and snacks to keep you energized during the day.

Consider visiting the cenote route… You won’t regret spending a day in these wonderful natural sinkholes doing eco-friendly activities!