Throwback Thursday: Tulum Then and Now! A true piece of Art Reflecting life in Tulum 500 Years Ago!

Over the years, the group known as Xperiencias Xcaret has brought amazing surprises and initiatives to the Riviera Maya area; whether it’s a new park, attraction or conservation project. They have also brought educational programs that involved, not only the parks visitors but the entire community. Keeping this in mind, it is no surprise –well, maybe a little bit- the new surprise is now being featured at Xel-Ha Park.

Xel-Ha is best known as the world´s largest natural aquarium but for this year it will also feature something very special for, both visitors and the overall community – a massive scale model of what Tulum looked like five hundred years ago. The beautiful model is displayed at the entrance of an amazing park, known as Riviera Maya Natural Wonder.

Bringing the Mayan World to life with Art!

It took over 12 months, 15 Mexican artist and craftsmen, as well as Mayan culture experts and anthropologist to put together this representation of Zamá (Tulum´s ancient Mayan name). With more than 400 architecture elements and 4,000 scale figures and miniatures. Over the 90 square meter (295 sq. ft.) scale model you will be able to see some scenes related to economic, political and religious life that ran around the post-classic period of the Mayan world.

It is truly unbelievable the level of detail put into every scale building, as well as the utensil figurines of human and animal life.  The creativity and detailing is just outstanding! You can see the fresco paintings, which, if you listen to your your tour guide or read the plaques of every remaining building on the actual archeological site, you´ll remember that Tulum had a red taint during its golden age.

History of Tulum

Back then, Zamá (Mayan word for dawn) played a crucial role within the Mayan civilization as being a trade center and communication route across the Mayan world.  Being such an important port, it had an intense fishing and maritime trade as well as a production center. Today whenever I visit this area I feel a certain vibe once I walk through the walls of the city. That is why I think the installation being held at Xel-Ha is so incredible.

For those living in Tulum or anywhere in the Riviera Maya, I highly recommend that you make a stop to Xel-Ha Park, even if only to take a look at this wonderful piece of art and learn more about our beloved Riviera Maya.

-By Bea Lozano

In Playa del Carmen you can Still Dance No Matter How Deep the Water Gets!

The only way to get through life is to dance while doing it-even when you are in the deepest of oceans!  Dance through life in Playa del Carmen!

For more information about living in Playa del Carmen watch real life testimonials and learn how anyone can peruse their dream of living in paradise!

-By Bea Lozano

Happy 111th Anniversary Playa del Carmen! #ThrowbackThursday


I love you now like I loved you then!  Happy 111th Anniversary Playa del Carmen!   Life keeps moving and changing but the beauty of Playa del Carmen’s amazing beaches have remained.  Let’s continue to keep Playa del Carmen clean and beautiful for years to come!

A Woman’s Power From Within! – #Throwback Thursday



Strength is a special power we hold deep inside.  It stays hidden and resting so that it is able to reach its maximum power when we need it the most.  This seemingly thin power is the very thing that helps us to survive!  In honor of Breast Cancer awareness month we, at Top Mexico Real Estate, give a special recognition to those women who have used this power to fight off a great warrior; one that will never win without a good strong battle!

-By Bea Lozano
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Let´s paddle to our next adventure!

“Sure, you could be safe.

If you leave your boat at the dock,

it’s unlikely that you’ll come into any kind of real harm.

That said, why did you get the ship in the first place?

Wasn’t it so that you could explore the open waters?

Wasn’t it so you could challenge yourself to tame the seas and view the world from a whole new perspective?”

Craving for an adventure has been one of the engines of mankind, and it is as present today as it was a hundred years ago! Happy #ThrowbackThursday

-by Bea Lozano

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