The Best Trees to Plant in the Riviera Maya

Once you own the property of your dreams in the Riviera Maya, there are other aspects to consider such as: the best trees to plant to make your garden a spectacular space.

Something special about the Riviera Maya is the beautiful weather year round. Also, having a beautiful garden to entertain or to hang your hammock and enjoy a nap is very important. Most developers in the Riviera destroy the jungle before building; nonetheless this shouldn’t stop you from having a beautiful tropical garden in your backyard.

It is important to consider the available space, as trees will grow and may affect the construction. There are plenty of trees that will grow in the poor soil of the Yucatan Peninsula, but we decided to focus in trees that are adequate for urban spaces, with reduced space.

If you are looking for amazing ornate trees to plant in the Yucatan Peninsula, have a look at these:


(Thevetia gaumeri helms)

This is a small tree, its maximum height is 16 feet and it has plenty of foliage to provide shade. It has beautiful bell shaped yellow flowers.

Trees Riviera Maya


(Lonchocarpus longistylus)

This is the Mayans sacred tree, and an endemic species of the Yucatan Peninsula. The tree can grow up to 30 feet, and has beautiful purple flowers. The bark is used by the Mayans to prepare a fermented beverage with the same name.

Trees Riviera Maya


(Plumeria rubra)

This tree has a maximum height of 26 feet, and an interesting and unique look. The flowers can be many colors and have a beautiful parfum that will linger in your garden.

Trees Riviera Maya

Any kind of citrus tree

The Yucatan Peninsula is a great place to grow citrus. There are many kinds of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes that will thrive with little care. The most traditional citrus in the Yucatan is the Naranja Agria, which is used to cook traditional regional dishes such as: Cochinita Pibil and Lechon al horno, it is also ideal to prepare margaritas as it is naturally sour.

Citrus aurantium can only grow up to 26 feet high, with dark shiny leaves and small white flowers that have a beautiful fragrance.

Trees Riviera Maya

There are so many trees that can grow in the Riviera Maya, we would never finish this list. But we encourage you to learn more about native trees and chose the one that fits your space, taste and budget.

Choosing the right tree can increase the value of your property and provide shadow, oxygen and beauty for many years to come. If you want to learn more about trees that will grow in the Yucatan Peninsula, have a look at this page.