Staying Aware of Our Friendly Sea Turtles

Akumal Bay is one of the nicest destinations in the Riviera Maya. It has amazing stretch of beach, nice scenery and calm water for happy swimmers but it is also a unique place where you can enjoy making some new underwater friends. Akumal is mostly known for swimming and sharing the sea with the sea turtles. It is truly a very nice experience and many flock from all over to meet these cute creatures.


But in order to provide this experience for everyone we must be very conscious about preserving the life and the population of the turtles. There are many efforts taken daily to ensure that while we enjoy swimming and time on the beach that we do it respectfully and without disrupting then natural habitat of the sea turtles. Many are asked to vacate the beaches after a certain time in the evening so that the sea turtles have freedom in their environment.



Especially at this time of the year when it’s time to lay and protect the eggs. There are many volunteers heading out in the evening to carefully identify the nests and help our sea friends by marking off where the nests are so that beachgoers can be sure respect those protect those areas. After all Akumal is everyone’s beach including the turtles.



Now, according to this article a special group that is heading up sea turtle recovery in the pacific is making large efforts to try and include all states to raise awareness and protection. It is for sure that those in Akumal will be happy to participate in these efforts and preserve a wonderful community for these amazing creatures.



Remember that here in the Riviera Maya we have entered the territory of many wondrous creatures and for the most part they have been happy to share with us. So with that in mind we must always consider them as our neighbors and friends and treat them as such.






by Bea Lozano
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