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Mazatlan is an ideal place to retire. The cost of living and the cost of property run far below other Mexican Pacific coast cities. Mazatlan is a working city and therefore is not totally dependent upon the tourism trade. This is an additional factor in helping to make a Mazatlan retirement more affordable than many other destinations.

With respect to services for retirees, first and foremost the excellent medical care and facilities have to be mentioned. With English speaking, American-trained doctors, dentists and other medical professionals, health care is plentiful and easy to access. There are many volunteer organizations here in Mazatlan as well. Retirees can spend their time helping those less fortunate than themselves. Finally, there are approximately 5,000 retirees living in Mazatlan full time. In high season, that number goes up, due to the influx of the snow birds. There are a number of social clubs here that provide a place for ex-pats to gather, communicate and exchange information with each other.

Mazatlan is a cosmopolitan town. It has an active community that supports the arts and works diligently toward the preservation its rich architectural history. A Mazatlan retirement offers all the modern amenities retirees have come to depend on. Shopping and the supply of goods is top-notch.

Your Mazatlan retirement will never have a dull moment, due to Mazatlan's excellent cultural side. Musical and dance troupes come from all over the world to perform here. There is a major league baseball team to root for, there is the second largest Carnaval in Latin America to attend, there are first run, English language movies to see at several Cineplexes and a Home Depot to help you plan that remodeling project you have in mind. There are art classes, Mexican cooking classes, Spanish language classes and even a class on the fine arts of Margarita making and Flamenco dancing. Finally, Mazatlan retirement includes all the city has to offer as a tourist destination; water sports, deep-sea fishing, dining, dancing, a round of golf on one of our 4 world-class courses or simply spending an afternoon on the beach and taking in the glowing Pacific sunsets.

Mazatlan has quite a varied selection of properties available, from old historic homes that are from the mid 1800's to the newest in high-rise condo developments on the beach. While Retirees live in all of these sections, according to their desires and according to what suits their needs best, in general it seems that retirees fall into two categories. The first is taken with the Historic Central district of Mazatlan. Their ideal is to own one of these grand old homes and emulate the life of Mexico in its earlier days. They want the old hacienda-style home with its 12-15 ft. ceilings, grand central patio or terrace and loads of old world charm. On the other side is the retiree that is looking to minimize his or her life commitments. For them, a condo or villa home is the ideal choice. In this scenario, everything is managed for them. There are no worries over property maintenance and care. And when they decide to go home for the summer or to take an extended vacation, they can lock the door and know that everything will be cared for in their absence and that it will all be as they left it upon their return.

Mazatlan is a very safe community. The ex-pats here feel very confident in their freedom to live without worry and to come and go as they please. In addition, Mazatlan is very friendly toward its ex-pat community. There is an understanding that the ex-pat community is good for Mazatlan for both social and economic reasons and the town therefore is very protective of their guests, making sure that all is well with them.

Mazatlan, the pearl of the Pacific, is truly a gem of a choice for retirement. The cost of living and cost of buying property are very reasonable. The health care services are excellent. Activities are both plentiful and varied; there is something for everyone in Mazatlan retirement. Mazatlan�s location (on the same latitude as Honolulu) provides a temperate climate with about 300 days per year of unadulterated sunshine and a safe harbor from most of the Pacific storm systems. Its proximity to the US border means that it is a car drive of about 17 hours on excellent highways to Arizona or Texas. A 2 to 4 hour flight from Mazatlan�s international airport puts you in any major American or Canadian city. With so much to see and do and the perfect climate and place to do it in, it's clear that retiree's will not be wasting away in this Margaritaville.

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