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Pelaez and Associates; Services and Advice in Mexico Law

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Are you ready to buy in Mexico? Are you familiar with Mexico laws on real estate, residency, business, etc.? If you are like most first time buyers, the answer is probably "no." For example:

  • Do you know that in order to obtain property title in Mexico some times you need to create a Fideicomiso?
  • Do you know how to plan your closing process and decide which strategy is best for you?

Ask Me Juancarlos Pelaez GomezIf not, don't worry! Good, professional Mexico legal advice is available from experienced and qualified Mexico attorneys.

This is why Pelaez and Associates is offering you their professional advice and services on Mexico Law and the legal process of acquiring real estate in this country.

For you as a non-Mexican real estate buyer, their objective as a team of leading Mexico lawyers is twofold. One is two safeguard the transfer of the property to your name to ensure that your investment and your rights as a buyer and owner are protected. Secondly, if you decide to conduct business here in Mexico, they offer advice in Mexico law in favor of your business freedom and economic benefit.Ask Me Juancarlos Pelaez Gomez

Their Legal Services include:

  • Real Estate Law - Drafting, Review and Analysis of Sale Purchase Contracts, Domain Transmission Trusts, Transactional Agreements, Lease Agreements and Mortgages
  • Foreign Investment - Advice and Legal Information issued to the National Foreign Investment Registry. Creation of bylaws and articles of incorporation, designed for your corporation's needs, under the boundaries established by the Foreign Investment Law. Direct, Neutral and Indirect Foreign Investment.
  • Immigration Law - Obtaining Immigration Forms for Non Immigrants (FM3) or Immigrants (FM2), depending on the client's status. Increase of the attributions and characteristics of the foreigner, so he/she can fulfil their obligations. Obtaining Naturalization and Mexican Citizenship.
  • Bank Law - Drafting, Reviewing and Analyzing Mortgage Agreements and Guarantee Trusts, Simple Credit Contracts, Current Account Credits, Pledge Agreements.
  • Financing Law - Drafting, Reviewing and Analyzing Qualification and Provision Agreements, Repairing Agreements, Factoring and Lease Back Agreements.

They also offer a variety of other legal and administrative services.

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