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Liliana Gonzalez, Morelia

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Imagine living in a colonial city with almost 500 years of history and culture! Morelia real estate offers you just this; whether you choose colonial real estate in one of the most acclaimed historic city centers in Mexico, rich in culture or in one of the surrounding towns located in the surrounding valley, with the beautiful views of the nearby hills, living in Morelia gives you the magic of colonial Mexico and the convenience of the modern world.

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$ 25,200 USD

Pátzcuaro, Morelia, México

MLS: MOR-LT0-17717

House for Sale at Corazon de Durazno in Patzcuaro

$ 220,000 USD

Pátzcuaro, Morelia, México

MLS: MOR-HO0-17639

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$ 350,000 USD

Pátzcuaro, Morelia, México

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La Joya at Corazon de Durazno is for Sale

$ 150,000 USD

Pátzcuaro, Morelia, México

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2,152 sq. feet Colonial House in Downtown Patzcuaro

$ 145,000 USD

Pátzcuaro, Morelia, México

MLS: MOR-HO0-1644

Thomas Lloyd

Thomas Lloyd

Located at Calle 1a Sur y 55 Av - Mza 227 LT2, Ejidal 77712 Playa del Carmen Q.Roo.

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We had the pleasure of working with Thomas on a real estate deal in Playa del Carmen this winter. Thomas is very knowledgeable of the laws, procedures, the property market and, in general, the process of how to buy in Mexico. The best quality Thomas has to offer, however, is his absolute honesty and integrity; he really earned our trust.

- John on July 1st.


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Welcome to Morelia Real Estate !


Conveniently located in central Mexico directly between the country's two largest cities, Guadalajara and Mexico City, those living in Morelia have easy access for visits or business, but are far enough away from either to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle. With just over 600,000 residents, the city is large enough to provide all the conveniences of modern life, and small enough to offer a quiet place to avoid the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Moreilia includes 5 malls, and a new one under construction, 7 major large-screen movie theaters, and one or two small, independent theaters as well. Besides large international stores and modern hospitals, the city has an international airport with direct flights to Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Chicago, and a few other major cities, with connecting flights to just about every else. It also offers direct flights to most major Mexican locations, including the nearby famous beachfront destinations, such as Hermosillo, or Cancun at the southeast end of the country.

Combine this convenience with the city's rich history. Morelia is famous for its architecture, attracting tourists from all over Mexico, as well as a few from the U.S. and Canada; while some say it is the most visited place in Mexico without a beach, the city is still largely "undiscovered" by international tourism, giving the city a much more authentic feel, and making it a perfect place for those who want to experience the real Mexico, avoiding the "Americanization" that takes place in many tourist hot spots.

The historic city center of Morelia is an architectural and cultural gem, with some of the best preserved examples of colonial architecture in the western hemisphere. The 219 blocks of architecture ranging from early colonial times to the 18th century has been declared an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, with 15 civil landmarks and 1113 religious landmarks. There are churches and convents from the early 1500's, government buildings, mansions and universities, dating from these early days and following 2 centuries. The city is spotted with quaint little parks, and beautifully maintained squares with trees and park benches an ideal place to sit down, relax and enjoy the city's unique atmosphere. If you choose to buy real estate near the city center, you will enjoy all of these as a part of you day to day life; if you choose an outlying area or one of the nearby towns, you're never far away.

With museums for art, history, culture, science and even for handicrafts, living in Morelia give you a bit of a feel like living in a classic European city, but with a couple of advantages. One is you're much closer to home, with well-priced direct flights. Another is the cost of living. Day to day items are cheap, as well as large-ticket purchases; the cost of living in places like this is estimated to be as low as 70% less than in the U.S. For all the conveniences listed above, everything from shopping at international stores at the malls, to visiting a museum in the colonial city center, you'll notice the difference in your budget in a very good way.

Real estate is also very affordable, not only compared to back home, but even compared to many of the famous locations within Mexico. Whether near the colonial city center, or in a small town nearby, you will enjoy a unique lifestyle that many Americans and Canadians dream of, but never imagine that it's within their reach.

Liliana Gonzalez
Morelia TOP Realtor



Imagine living in this colonial gem, still undiscovered by pretty much everyone outside of Mexico. Morelia real estate is available in a very wide variety of settings, styles, price ranges, locations and sizes. Of course, an ideal way to enjoy the romantic narrow streets, cutting through the blocks of centuries-old buildings, with elegant restaurants, charming cafes and of the sound of street musicians is a traditional home near the old city center.

If you buy this kind of real estate, you will enjoy relaxing evening walks in places where couples have been enjoying those walks for decades and even centuries; here it's not nostalgia, it's just the way life is. Families will enjoy colorful events and celebrations in the city square every weekend evening, including clowns and snacks to entertain the children, and live music, acting and other displays for the parents.

Real estate options also include modern homes and condos, in new, gated communities on the outskirts of the city. Close to shopping centers, and many of the services of a modern city, this kind of property allows you to live very close to all the conveniences you are used to from home, while being only a short drive away from the historical charm of the old city to enjoy in the evenings, and also a short drive away from the beauty of the surrounding countryside to enjoy weekend getaways.

In very general terms, the third kind of location is the country. Whether you are looking for a lakefront home in a village like Paztcuaro, or a lot among the fields and woodland in between, real estate in the Morelia area offers a laid-back country lifestyle at its best. Fresh air, amazing views, and ideal places for horse-back riding, biking, or Sunday morning drives will become such a regular part of your day to day life that you may forget what life was like without them.

Of course, whichever type of Morelia real estate you choose, you will enjoy close access to all the benefits of the city itself and the surrounding areas; in Morelia, you will discover a true "hidden gem."

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