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Do you often dream of retiring by the sea, but its idea is overwhelming? Did you know that you can retire to Mexico and save up to 50% of your money compared to the USA or Canada? If you are considering retiring in Mexico, Oaxaca is a fabulous destination you shouldn’t overlook! This state is in southwestern Mexico, and it happens to have fascinating beach towns like Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Puerto Ángel, and Mazunte, to name a few, each with its own charm.

Enjoy a tranquil lifestyle surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, a great cost of living, and a laid-back environment. Oaxaca retirement will allow you to have your dream life while saving a lot of money. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Top Mexico Real Estate and let our team of experts help you. We specialize in helping Americans and Canadians purchase property in Mexico.

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