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Playa del Carmen is a wonderful place to choose for your retirement. Although Playa del Carmen is located in Mexico, it has a lot of comforts and normalcies of home; in a very relaxed, modern and trendy Mexican town.

Playa del Carmen is small which means that you have close access to basically anywhere. No matter where you live in Playa del Carmen you are never more than a 5 minute drive away from a supermarket, a bank, and good medical care. These are things that are important to those who are searching for retirement homes in Playa del Carmen.

Searching for your Playa del Carmen retirement home is made easy with the help of Top Mexico real estate. We do the work to highlight specific features of any home that rates highly as a retirement friendly home or condo. You choose the property and we tell you how it rates in our Playa del Carmen retirement scorings system.

What makes a Playa del Carmen retirement friendly home? Let's start with easy and comfortable access to and from your Playa del Carmen condo or home. Are there elevators and ramps? How convenient is it to get from a parking area to your home? What is the neighborhood like? A retirement friendly home should not be too far away from daily activities, and errand runs. Checking the proximity to the nearest hospital is also something that is very important to retirees. If you buy a retirement home in Playa del Carmen you want to feel good that you have everything you need surrounding you.

Retiring in Playa del Carmen is a great option to keep you active and healthy! There are many different ways to stay active in Playa del Carmen. Given the warm climate, riding your bike and walking is the preferred form of transportation in Playa del Carmen. Some own a car but it is not necessary. You have close access to fully equipped gymnasiums, yoga centers, dance, Pilates, and lots of aquatic activities.

Some of the other benefits of Playa del Carmen retirement are that there are all kinds of activities you can do to help and stay involved in the community. Of course it sounds nice to go to the beach every day but in reality we, as human beings, like to be challenged and do a variety of things. Playa del Carmen has many wonderful volunteer opportunities and efforts to help the community. Join other expats and Playa del Carmen retirees to do good things and meet new friends!

To know more about Playa del Carmen retirement friendly communities and homes contact a Top Mexico real estate agent. We have the knowhow and the credentials to give you the best possible advice in your search for a comfortable retirement home in Playa del Carmen.

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