SÁas-Kib – Your Home to Retire in the Riviera Maya

  • Spacious 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom condos
  • Located within a gated community
  • Pool with swimming lane and lounging area
  • Easy access to the highway

There is no better city to retire than Playa del Carmen, Mexico! SÁas-Kib offers apartments for sale located in a wonderful community, El Cielo. This new development is ideal for people who want to retire near the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. Learn about this fantastic option to find your new retirement home in a residential area that will bring you tranquility and comfort.


El Cielo is a community known for providing its residents with a safe, quiet, and most importantly, close to the beach and the turquoise sea. Also, all the owners enjoy lush vegetation, as El Cielo is garnished with huge trees and the Mayan jungle. Therefore, El Cielo is a popular community among those who wish to retire in the Riviera Maya.


SÁas-Kib offers a total of 20 apartments distributed in 5 towers: A, B, C, D, and E. Each building has 4 units, providing greater privacy to each of the owners. The apartments of SÁas-Kib consist of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a balcony or terrace.


One of the most outstanding features of this development is the breadth of the units. These measures from 1334 sqft. to 1507 sqft. It will be effortless to enjoy the comfort of your home if you are living in SÁas-Kib! Each bedroom has an air conditioning unit to escape from the Caribbean heat. Additionally, the apartments are designed so that there is always a ventilation flow, as well as natural light. Besides, the spacious room will be your favorite place. From there, you will enjoy the warm afternoons that Playa del Carmen offers, and the unforgettable sunsets, typical of the Riviera Maya.


On the other hand, the towers of SÁas-Kib surround the common area of this residential complex. Remember, in the Riviera Maya it's summer all year round! Therefore, the architects behind this fantastic development have included a pool with a swimming lane and a plunge pool.


Furthermore, among the amenities of SÁas-Kib, you will find a hut with a grill. There is no better way to enjoy a sunny afternoon than by cooking a delicious grilled dish and having refreshing drinks. This will be the perfect setting for you to enjoy the visits of your loved ones to the fullest. In conjunction with the aforementioned, SÁas-Kib has large green areas that embellish the residential area, providing a more natural environment.


Considering the importance of maintaining a healthy life, within the amenities of SÁas-Kib, there is also a gym and jacuzzi, located in Tower E. All residents have access to both facilities. Also, SÁas-Kib offers bike racks, so you can have a bike to ride through the beautiful community of El Cielo.


We know that, for our residents, safety is the most important thing. For this reason, SÁas-Kib has a surveillance booth 24/7. Enjoy living in a quiet community, where you and your loved ones will always be safe.


If what you want is to find a home to retire near the sea, SÁas-Kib is the best choice for you. These apartments for sale in Playa del Carmen will give you precisely what you need to live a dream life. Above all, remember that retiring in the Riviera Maya is an opportunity to save money and at the same time, get a better quality of life.


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