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Puerto Aventuras Real Estate

What can you expect from Puerto Aventuras real estate? Imagine living in Mexico in a place that is between a closed-gated community and a small village; it has manned security and controlled access, yet it also has a shopping mall and a dining area. The tree-lined streets are quiet and safe, and there is no need for fences or even bike locks. It also has a school and a church. Puerto Aventuras is a beachfront golf community, and one of the few marinas in the Riviera Maya.

Owning Puerto Aventuras real estate means that you can enjoy all of this, at the same time. Puerto Aventuras is a unique gated community 20 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, with a splendid beach, turquoise water and warm weather all year. This means that the beautiful beaches aren't just something you enjoy once a year on vacation... it’s a part of your daily life!

The community actually includes three marinas which are home to some of the finest condos in the area. A beautiful condo overlooking the waterways with the moored yachts and very picturesque setting is the epitome of Puerto Aventuras real estate.

Large, single family homes can be found directly next to the sand of the beach. These homes combine the best of living with views of the Caribbean Sea with the comfort, relaxation and openness of a very calm, quiet and safe community.

Finally, the golf course includes homes, condos and land. And the best part is that it is a short walk back from the beach, because Puerto Aventuras is small enough to offer walking distances throughout the community.

To say that this is a golf and marina community is true, but most certainly does not captivate the full concept and atmosphere of the community. It is the finest and most complete marina community on the Caribbean, with the pleasure of a nice golf course, the convenience of a small town, and an upscale village atmosphere.

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