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Are you looking for something a little more comfortable than a hotel for your next stay in Puerto Aventuras? At the same time, something more affordable than a resort?  Consider a Puerto Aventuras vacation rental. Many condo or home owners in this beautiful gated community use their property only part of the year, and for the rest of the time rent it out at very accessible rates.  Review these listings to see how you can save on your next vacations by renting a luxury condo or beautiful home.

Puerto Aventuras vacation rentals offer you all the benefits of this upscale, gated community; steps away from the beachfront, romantic views of the marinas and the yachts moored there, shopping areas, quaint little restaurants, a golf course and much more.   There is also a swim-with-the-dolphins.  Puerto Aventuras is a gated community, but in the services it offers, it is much more like a town in itself.

Of course, it can’t be forgotten that Puerto Aventuras is on the world’s most beautiful beaches.  A Puerto Aventuras vacation rental here not only means that vacations will be in complete comfort, with all conveniences a walk away, but it also means that you will be enjoying the fine, soft, white sand of the Caribbean, and the turquoise water, which is always warm, at its best. Seeing these beaches, you will realize that even the best retouched pictures match up with this beauty, and that you really can enjoy beaches completely in the middle of January.

A drive away from Puerto Aventuras, there are many shopping options in places like Playa del Carmen and Cancun. There are also some of the best Maya pyramid sites, such as Tulum (30 minutes away) and Chichen Itza (about 2 hours away.)  Visitors can enjoy sailing, fishing, diving in the coral reef, and exploring the dark, mysterious caves of the area’s underground waterways and classic colonial cities.

A Puerto Aventuras vacation rental is much more than a great condo or home for a great price; it’s a vacation you’ll never forget!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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