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Puerto Aventuras beachfront for sale


Puerto Aventuras is a boat-owner’s paradise.  There’s also a beautiful golf course, stores, restaurants and even a swim-with-the-dolphins; yet, at the same time, this gated community that’s in many ways like a small town of its own is not missing anything in terms of the reason why most people choose to buy real estate and live in the Riviera Maya – the gorgeous, white-sanded beaches and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean!

Puerto Aventuras beachfront for sale is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys views of the most beautiful beaches in the world in a picturesque, quiet gated community that offers many conveniences and a very relaxing, calm lifestyle.  Puerto Aventuras beachfront for sale includes beautiful condos, ranging from very affordable prices to high-end penthouses that you would fall in love with the instant you stand out on the terrace and look out over the splendid view of the Caribbean.  There are also beautiful homes directly on the beachfront for those who enjoy the privacy of a personal yard directly next to the sand of the beach.

One of the nicest points is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to consider buying Puerto Aventuras beachfront for sale.  Price ranges are very broad, and in all cases you get much more for you money than you could imagine back home.

All properties for sale on the Puerto Aventuras beachfront have good rental potential; the community is a favorite for tourists – especially for boat lovers, but generally for anyone who enjoys the beautiful setting, the absolute tranquility, peace of mind and safety, the easy access by air (the Cancun International Airport is only an hour away) and the modern services available.

Browse through our listings of Puerto Aventuras beachfront for sale; find your property of your dreams, and begin to make your dream lifestyle a reality!

Imagine owning a condo, overlooking a waterway where your own yacht is moored, within view of your balcony, only steps away from your front door.  Imagine that the weather is warm all year round (an average around 75, let’s say) and you can enjoy that boat all year round.  Now imagine all this in a beautiful gated community with white sandy beaches, and all basic services within walking distance, not to mention a golf course …

Sound like a boat lover’s paradise?  Sounds like Puerto Aventuras – the very unique gated community just south of Playa del Carmen.  When you buy a Puerto Aventuras condo for sale, you get all this and more.

Puerto Aventuras is a private gated community with advantages like manned security, controlled entrance, quiet streets with no traffic, security and peace of mind like nowhere else.  Yet, at the same time, it’s more like a town all in itself. It has a mall, shopping and dining area, a school and even a little church.  In the middle, there’s a swim-with-the-dolphins area.  Living in Puerto Aventuras, a relaxing lifestyle is never dull.

Top this all of with a golf course and three full-service marinas.  The marinas are the favorite for those looking for Puerto Aventuras condos for sale.  The views are spectacular, and life on the marina adds a sense of romance even to the most routine days (which in Puerto Aventuras means “relaxing.”)  The convenience of being able to walk everywhere from the condo on the marina is also very attractive.


Puerto Aventuras condos for sale can also be found on the beachfront overlooking the white sand and turquoise water of the Caribbean.  Finally, beautiful properties can be found on the tree-lined residential streets which are still a walk away from all the amenities of this community.

For most people this is a dream lifestyle. But for many expats, this dream is a reality.  Why not be one of them?

Buying Puerto Aventuras beachfront for sale means that you will enjoy some of the best beaches to be found in the world within the context of one of the most beautiful marina communities.  Puerto Aventuras is the most comprehensive marina community on the Yucatan peninsula.  In addition to a large capacity and full marina services, the marina in Puerto Aventuras is a part of a complete gated beachfront community, also ideal for family life, more similar to a town with a full set of services, including a golf course, and living conveniences than a simple marina development.  While there are others in the area, this community is set apart in a category of its own simply by the completeness and the lifestyle offered.

Puerto Aventuras beachfront for sale offers the benefit of being on the white, sandy beaches of the Caribbean with views of the turquoise water beyond.  The weather is warm year-round, and residents can enjoy walking on the sand, taking a dip in the water or enjoying a cold drink on their beachfront patio even in the middle of January!

A number of beautiful, luxury condos are for sale in Puerto Aventuras.  A handful of single family homes for sale on the beachfront offer the possibility of owning your dream home, in a very exclusive area.  Both the condo and the home options are ideal for a Mexico retirement or for family living.

Another key factor which distinguishes the Puerto Aventuras beachfront for sale developments is the community.  Puerto Aventuras has been built like a small city, or more correctly, a small town, but with many more conveniences.  Besides a hospital, a school and a shopping mall, the community includes other small shop areas, a complete golf course and a tennis club, among numerous other services.  All of this has been carefully designed and planned so that it exists within a small area, allowing you the option of walking everywhere. Puerto Aventuras' high level of security also allows you to live at ease, not worrying about safety issues.  All of these factors combine to make the Puerto Aventuras beachfront for sale one of the foremost options for retirement or for a second home for your family.

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