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What advantages is there in a Puerto Vallarta Retirement? First of all, perfect weather. From November to May, the average temperature is 73F with virtually no chance of rain and beautiful sunsets. To add to this, there is the breathtaking view of the Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre mountains with their native fauna and flora. Secondly, Puerto Vallarta offers numerous activities for all tastes.

In addition, there are 50,000 other retired North Americans to share your retirement with; you'll never run short of things to do and friends to do them with. With all of these advantages, where else would you want to be? So, the next question is where to live in Puerto Vallarta. The TOPMexicoRealEstate NETWORK, Your Expert Property-Finders, is here to help you make this choice, and take the steps necessary to buying the right property for your Puerto Vallarta retirement.

A large number of the North Americans who choose Puerto Vallarta as their home either have retired or are about to retire. Canadians usually make up about 1/3 of the arrivals, and Americans the other 2/3. Many have visited Puerto Vallarta before and have been dreaming of retiring here.

Retirement property in Puerto Vallarta has a fairly wide range of possibilities, including beachfront condominium towers and mountainside villas, both with spectacular views. At first those considering a Puerto Vallarta retirement will usually rent a condo, but will soon want to own a piece of Paradise. When choosing between a condo and villa there are several factors to consider.

A villa is often the best choice for someone choosing Puerto Vallarta as their full time retirement destination. The convenience of a staff, the favorable appreciation rates, the comfort of being able to have furniture and personal items shipped to Mexico, and, as a result, the option of selling the old house in the US or Canada and freeing up capital for retirement and travel, are all benefits of owning a villa. Also worth considering is the number of visitors you're going to have; if you expect a lot, you'll definitely want the space.

For those choosing Puerto Vallarta as a part time retirement destination, owing a condo presents certain benefits. They will be close to many of the restaurants, shopping areas, and activities, they will be able to turn the key and forget about it at the end of the high season. There will also be the opportunity to generate rental income while away. Maintenance expenses will be minimal, and they will retain their permanent family residence back home. Age is also a factor in your property choice; villas require more maintenance, and many villas on the mountainside and involve stairs, making condos an ideal choice for older or less healthy retirees.

Prices for a Puerto Vallarta retirement property also offer a wide range of options. The usual choices for North American retirees start at about $200,000 to $400,000 in mixed neighborhoods, and can go up to the $800,000 to $15,000,000 price range for the grand villas with great views. As another reference, a villa usually has a cost of $250 per square foot, whereas the average cost for a condo would be a little less, at $200 per square foot. These prices may seem high, but properties with similar views and services in the US are often around 3 times as much. Of course, there are less expensive properties available as well, depending on the view, location and services desired.

Puerto Vallarta retirement offers much to make life convenient and comfortable; there are large shopping centers, malls, and huge modern stores including Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Costco, Home Depot, Office Supply, Liverpool, Soriana and Mega. There are the Maritime Terminal and the International Airport to make travel convenient; the new University of Guadalajara branch, the new public Auditorium and Conference Center add to the culture of the city. Three new large public parking lots have been constructed, and the general infrastructure is continuously expanding.

As a final note, buying and owning property in Puerto Vallarta (as in the rest of Mexico) is safe and secure for non-Mexicans if you take the right steps during the purchasing process. Our TOPMexicoRealEstate blog gives many tips and advice about this process. To start your Puerto Vallarta retirement off on the right foot, contact one of our agents to give you the information and advice needed.

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