Kit: Choosing the best school in Playa del Carmen

Kit: Choosing the Best School for Your Children in Mexico

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You and your family have finally settled into a new home and neighborhood in Mexico. You have started making new friends and have begun a daily routine. Everything seems to be going as planned. Now it is time to get the children back in school. Getting an education in Mexico can offer a world of experience for them. Imagine learning a second language and living in a culture that is totally unfamiliar until now! This particular kit will provide information on some of the best schools in Mexico and, better yet, in the Riviera Maya.

There are a variety of schools in and around the Playa del Carmen area. A few of the schools in Mexico teach only in English or Spanish. However, most of them do hold classes in both languages. Depending on the age or grade of the children, selecting the best schools in Mexico can be somewhat of a process. Like in the United States and Canada, there is an Elementary School (K-5) – Middle School (6-8) – High School (9-12). Although there are some variations in certain schools, the grade classifications are very similar.

There are several profit and non-profit private schools. A few schools and especially the non-profit schools will accept scholarships. Most of the private schools are SEP (Secretaria de Educacion Publica) approved. As mentioned, most of the schools will teach in both Spanish and English but do encourage bilingual learning. Some schools will also offer other foreign language classes when there is an instructor available. Most of the Schools in Mexico teach historical events that not only happened in Mexico but all over the world.

When looking at schools in Mexico, there will be a variety of amenities offered, like having a soccer field, a pool, or gym. Some of the schools provide extra curriculums like agriculture, ballet, Tao Kwan Do, and believe it or not, water sports. If having classrooms that are equipped with air conditioning and computers are a must for your children, then downloading this kit will be very advantageous.

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