Benefits of Living in Mexico

Kit: Benefits of Living in Mexico

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Why would anyone be interested in moving to Mexico? The reasons are endless! In this free eBook, Benefits of Living in Mexico, you will learn all about the following:

Sunshine, Beaches & Nature Mexico is a large country with different regional climates, but no matter where you are it is rare to go an entire day without sunshine! Expats living in Mexico can also enjoy both the wide sandy beaches and lush forests, both teeming with incredible flora and fauna. Moving to Mexico will allow you to have all of this in your own backyard!

Relaxation and Other Health Benefits: While in Canada and the US we often see work as the main purpose of our day-to-day life, in Mexico it's generally viewed as the opposite. Studies have shown that people who relax on a daily basis have fewer health problems, and the Mexican way of life can help with that. The benefits of living in Mexico include lower stress and happier life.

History and Culture: While the idea of Mexican culture that is seen from North America is often quite homogenous, in reality, there is a huge variety of festivals, colonial cities, delicious food and colorful artwork that varies throughout the many regions of the country. Many people are also only aware of Mayan or possibly Aztec history but those who have spent more time in the country will also be familiar with the Olmec people and other prehispanic indigenous cultures.

Convenience and Comfort: Thanks to globalization and international free trade, Mexico is one of the top 15 economies worldwide and this means that all the creature comforts you enjoy in the US and Canada can for sure also be found in Mexico. Airports, shopping, hospitals, and medical clinics are all world-class and available to you when you are moving to Mexico.

Cost of Living: And of course, your dollar will go much further in Mexico than it would back home. The cost of living in Mexico is far lower than the rest of North America. Goods and services are far less expensive, including health care costs. The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that private Mexican hospitals are on par or better than private US hospitals, so just because you pay less won't mean that you get any less.

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