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Kit: Mexico Health Care

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For anyone looking to retire in Mexico, there are some considerations that we have to be aware of. Besides finding a home, there are also many other topics to investigate in order to ensure we maintain our high quality of life. This definitely includes health insurance in Mexico. The good news is that there are many options available to you to find the best health insurance!

Health insurance is an important topic for anybody considering relocating to Mexico. Our kit Mexico Retirement and Healthcare Options is an ideal option for anybody looking to understand more about their options for healthcare in Mexico, including health and dental insurance. If you want to make sure you have the best health insurance you can, read this kit!

Inside this kit about healthcare in Mexico, you will learn:

  • Private insurance options, including information on US-based plans valid for Mexico, private Mexico-based options, and Mexico's public insurance run through the Social Security Institute (IMSS)
  • Typical costs for medical services in Mexico and potential savings. For example, on the topic of dental insurance, did you know that dental work, in general, is up to 25% lower-priced than the equivalent procedures in the US?
  • Information on the quality of service you can expect for healthcare in Mexico
  • Practices for healthcare in Mexico for example, many family doctors operate out of a home hospital rather than a stand-alone clinic which comes with many benefits
  • Further resources available through Top Mexico Real Estate

There are many options for you to find the best health insurance, and this kit is a great starting point to help you learn about and investigate all of your options.

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