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Would you like to own a beachfront home in a new, up-and-coming resort community in Mexico, VERY close to home, and at an excellent price? Puerto Penasco homes offer you just that, and much more.

Homes in Puerto Penasco, known as Rocky Point in English, can be found for all budgets and lifestyles. A simple, but convenient and comfortable, Puerto Penasco home for sale can be found for as low as 50,000 USD and going up over a million and beyond for those who enjoy high-end luxury directly on the beach. There are also many excellent choices in the middle. Whether low-priced or expensive, homes in Puerto Penasco are never far from the beachfront, and many offer amazing views of the Sea of Cortez.

A home in Puerto Penasco allows you to enjoy a very beautiful beachfront, mildly warm weather, a growing number of modern conveniences, and plenty of space, both inside and out.

With rapidly growing tourism a home in this area can also serve as an excellent investment, offering income through vacation rentals; a growing number of tourists continue to arrive from Arizona, which only a short drive away less than 4 hours from Phoenix and Tucson and a very recent highway has made the drive to California 2 hours shorter! At the same time, a new international airport provides easy, direct flights to many North American destinations.

Whether it's for your own vacations, retirement, or investment, a home in Rocky Point is that perfect opportunity you've been looking for to enjoy an excellent location, great weather, and very accessible prices at their best.

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