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If you choose a Puerto Penasco retirement, you will be joining about 2,500 others (and many more who stay only a few months to escape the cold northern winters) who are already living a retirement of relaxation, comfortably warm weather, and a great community.

As a retiree, you can just relax or participate in the many activities that the expats in Puerto Penasco are involved in. You can also participate as a volunteer in local projects it is all up to you.

If you fish, snorkel or like marine life this is the place to be, according to Jack Cousteau. If you like to cook, there are many classes available. If you like art, check out the Old Port area. If you so desire, you can keep busy and always at your own pace.

Puerto Penasco is located in the FREE ZONE of Mexico, thus allowing for an easier drive to and from the States. And like all towns close to the border, there are excellent dental and medical facilities, at much more affordable prices than in the States.

While most full time expats become very content with the relaxed pace of life retirement here offers, if you need the crowds again an easy drive (3.5 hrs) will get you to either Tucson or Phoenix Arizona, since Puerto Penasco is on the thin strip of land pinched between the U.S. border and the northern part of the Sea of Cortez (which divides Baja California from mainland Mexico).

As for crime, the rate of any type crime in on the bottom of the scale; this is a vacation area for all.

Since about 2008, a lot of "Snow Birds" have been staying longer many have been buying because the prices for high quality retirement properties are right. Whether a snow bird, or a someone looking for a more affordable retirement that is very relaxing, you may wish to consider joining these others ...

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