Caleta Yal-Ku

Caleta Yalku Beach, Akumal - Soft Sand & Rugged Bay (B)

This video shows all three aspects the define the bay where Caleta Yalku Beach is located; thick jungle, rugged stones and the soft, white sand of the Caribbean.  The Jungle offers a relaxing environment on all sides, broken only by the water itself and a thatched-roof hut or two.  The section of the shallow bay with the large rocks is very clear and ideal for snorkeling and seeing the tropical fish.  The soft white beaches are the ones which have made the Caribbean famous for walking in the sand and relaxing in the sun.

Those who enjoy a combination of nature and beaches, a balance of soft sand and rugged stone, will love Caleta Yalku near Akumal, Mexico.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely