Coco Beach

Coco Beach - Top Beaches in the Riviera Maya

Coco Beach offers some stunning beach views. This beach is located just off of Fifth Avenue and 1st street towards the beautiful blue sea. This beach can be enjoyed in many different ways. From relaxing on the white sand, or hitting up a beach club close by and enjoying some cold ones. If you are more of a free spirit, adventuresome person you might like to see Playa del Carmen from above. Therefore, we highly recommend you go parasailing and you will have the best view of Coco Beach than anyone at that time. Coco Beach is located close to a couple hotels; therefore, a lot of tourists come to this beach. If you like to mingle with other people and enjoy a beach that’s a little livelier then Coco Beach is the right place for you. What are you waiting for? Bring an umbrella and some water, because the heat in Mexico is very hot. You will want some shade on this open beach and some beverages to keep you hydrated. With all the convenience stores around, you will have no problem picking up some drinks before you hit the beach. With the odd rock scattered in the sea, some people like to wear water shoes; so, if you like that idea, we recommend you bring your own water shoes too! Coco Beach is like all the other beautiful beaches here in the Riviera Maya, beautiful white sand that can burn your toes when it’s very hot, warm Caribbean water, and a fun time waiting to happen when you arrive.