Colosio Beach

Colosio Beach - Playa del Carmen's Best Kept Secret - A Walk from Down

How do you keep a beach like this secret, when it's only a walk away from some of the world's most famous tourist beaches in downtown Playa del Carmen?  Perhaps it's because there are no hotels yet, or most people are happy to stay within a more comfortable distance of downtown or their hotel, but in any case, if you take a walk along the wide beaches you see here extending about a mile between two points, you will find a handful of tourists who have discovered this beach and have made it their own little secret, or a few others who enjoy the quieter walk as a couple.

A new hotel is going up not too far from where the video was taken; this will bring new activity to the beach, likely making it one of the more famous ones; but if you're looking for the quiet isolation you see here, that hotel is still a few years off for completion, and you can still enjoy it this way for  a while!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely