Grand Coral Beach

Grand Coral Beach - Turquoise Beach, Comfortable Resort (B)

Notice how the bright sun brings out the full turquoise color of the Caribbean Sea here at Grand Coral Resort near Playa del Carmen. Turquoise like this is rarely seen anywhere, except in re-touched post cards; unlike those, however, Grand Coral beach is even better in reality, visiting in person.


In fact, that's exactly how you'll be able to enjoy this beach even more than in this relaxing video - head down to Grand Coral beach in Playa del Carmen, relax on the sand or at the resort pool side, enjoy a drink, listen to the waves and forget that stress and schedules exist. Besides the gorgeous beach, Grand Coral offers a full resort complex with hotels, pools, restaurants, sports and much more. Can't com and enjoy it in person? At least enjoy this video …; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely