Halfmoon Bay


Halfmoon Bay, Akumal - A Rugged Paradise (B)

Halfmoon Bay, Akumal

Top Beaches in the Riviera Maya

While Halfmoon Bay, Akumal has become one of the nicest upscale communities in the Riviera Maya, it also remains rustic and quaint, as this video shows.  Halfmoon Bay is a place where you can find million-dollar homes on the beachfront (don't worry - there are many homes and condos considerably more affordable,) yet you can enjoy a down-to-earth mean under a thatched roof shade in a simple but excellent restaurant.

Like Akumal on the whole, Halfmoon Bay is a place where rustic nature and a luxury lifestyle are combined through a strong culture for environmental conservation, outdoor activity (snorkelling, diving) and simple, down-to-earth relaxation.

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