Luna Maya

Luna Maya - Top Beaches in the Riviera Maya

Luna Maya is located in the tropical area of Tulum on the main hotel strip, located close to the ruins. Surrounded by rock formations and palm trees, which makes this beach the perfect place to escape from reality. To see more beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya, click on this link Do you ever have those days where you need to turn off your mind and surround yourself in the beautiful nature with nothing around you other than pure bliss? Well then Luna Maya is the place you should go to enjoy the simple things in life. Being so secluded, we would recommend preparing and packing some food and beverages for the day. If you would rather enjoy the culture and eat out, there are many wonderful restaurants of all different cuisines just a short walk away or there is a restaurant onsite, which is part of the Luna Maya hotel. The food here is fantastic. They also offer their guests free Wi-Fi and entrance. If you decide to purchase food or drinks, you will get a complimentary beach bed and beach chairs for the day. This beach is usually calmer in the morning, so if you like to go snorkeling we would recommend doing it earlier in the day than later. Most afternoons tend to pick up a nice breeze, which results in a few waves in the ocean. We would recommend seeing the Mayan Ruins while you visit Tulum, as it is always good to learn a bit about the culture you are visiting to tell your friends and family.