Luna Maya

Luna Maya, Tulum - Pure Nature, Beautiful Hotel Relaxation (B)

Luna Maya Beach

Top Beaches in Riviera Maya

Imagine staying in a hotel like this on a natural beachfront - not one of those really fancy resorts, but something a little more rustic, that allows you to keep in touch with nature, the way it was meant to be!  There is no other beach better for this than Luna Maya Beach in Tulum, which you see in this video.


Here, you could enjoy a lounge chair if you like, but more likely you'll be on a wooden deck like the one in this video, or, even more likely, in a hammock between two palm trees!  While you’re definitely in ver close contact with nature, you can enjoy a beer or even a martini at the bar, and then a great meal at the Luna Maya Restaurant.  This restaurant is reason enough to visit in itself, and you add the splendid nature of the beach, and the quaint beauty of the hotel …


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