Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso - Rustic, Luxury & Beauty (B)

Playa Paraiso Beach on the Riviera Maya

Top Beaches in the Riviera Maya

Rustic, luxury and beauty - these are 3 words you could easily use to describe Playa Paraiso beach. The rustic dock we see in the video adds a sense of the old Riviera Maya which was defined by local fishermen and small sail boats. The modern condos on the beachfront offer a luxury lifestyle, not only with very nice properties, but also with the luxury of resort amenities.

… and beauty? Well, as I'm sure you agree from watching this relaxing video, the whole scene is beauty. Splendid white beaches, the turquoise Caribbean, the quiet boats, the people relaxing all painte a pictures of beauty and paradise where relaxation is a way of life.

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