Puerto Morelos


Puerto Morelos Beach - A Romantic Port Town on the Beachfront

Imagine a town on the Caribbean where you can not only enjoy a relaxing walk in the sand, but also walk out only the rugged wooden pier where yachts are moored and local fishermen head out to take their smaller boats to sea; this is Puerto Morelos, Mexico, just south of Cancun. The town combines the natural beauty of the turquoise Caribbean and wide, white beaches with the romance of an old port town where the sea defines the way of life for the people.


Now imagine, walking out on that pier, getting into your boat and sailing along the Caribbean in the warm sun with a pleasant breeze; time does not exist! All you know is relaxation and the beauty of the sea!  On the other hand, you may enjoy sitting on the dock on the sand of the beach, watching the boats go by; either way, it's relaxation like you've never known it.

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