Puerto Morelos


Puerto Morelos Beach - Boats, Fishing and Small-Town Living (B)

What defines Puerto Morelos beach?

1. Boating and Fishing - As the video shows, boats are everywhere. Sail boats, motor boats, yachts, local fishing boats … If you love boating, you will love life on Puerto Morelos beach. This is even more so if you love fishing; no, you don't have to settle for the minnows you see in the video (as relaxing as it is to sit on the dock and watch them!) Deep sea fishing for the big catch is a common and exciting sport!

2. Small Town Living - You would never tell that the town in this video is only 20 minutes away from the busy tourist center of Cancun! The town is small and has preserved its traditional Mexican character, where relaxation is not only a part of day to day life, but the defining factor!

3. Relaxation on Beautiful Beaches - The favorite way to relax in Puerto Morelos (other than boating) is relaxing on the beautiful, white beaches of the Caribbean. No rushing, no schedule, no hectic lifestyle - only beauty and relaxation.

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