Shangri-la Beach

Shangri-La Beach - Where Town Elegance and Jungle Relaxation Meet (B)

You're looking for a beach in Playa del Carmen but can't decide between the convenience of being in town and the relaxing beaches out in the jungle? Try Shangri-la beach. It's located just at the north end of downtown Playa del Carmen, within walking distance of the shops and restaurants of Fifth Avenue; it is a happening place, where many visitors from all over the world come to enjoy a coffee or elegant shopping.

At the same time, Shangri-La beach is surrounded by palms and lush, green vegetation. The only structures to be seen are the hut-like, thatched roof shades where people enjoy their relaxing drinks. After, before, or even instead of enjoying Fifth Avenue, many people head down to Shangri-La beach to relax, listen to waves lapping against soft sand of the beach, and enjoy life!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely