Sian Kaan

Sian Kaan - A Natural Escape, So Close, Yet So Far Away

Sian Kaan, Tulum

25 Top Beaches in the Riviera Maya

Imagine arriving to a beach like this one - to arrive you have to walk along a sandy path that's little more that  way cleared through the vegetation. You arrive, the beaches are clean, pure and quiet. Not a person in sight. You can fully enjoy the beaches, untouched, virgin, as they have been for time beyond memory.

So how far into the isolated jungle do you have to go to find a beach like this one? Perhaps you imagine a helicopter ride to an isolated outpost, from which you trek a few hours into the jungle …

Could you have guessed that this only about 30 minutes from civilization? Sian Kaan is a beautiful, natural biosphere reserve just south of Tulum, a bit over 2 hours from the Cancun International Airport. I can guarantee you, though, you'll feel like your much, much further, from everything!

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