Soliman Bay

Soliman Bay, Tulum - A Natural, Lovely Bay (B)

Soliman Bay, Tulum

Top Beaches in Riviera Maya

Soliman Bay, Tulum is home to some nice houses and comfortable boutique resorts (of the rustic style type), and in general it is a very comfortable place to get to and visit. Yet the whole feel of this beach is one of relaxing nature.  There is still seaweed washed up on the shores, it is surrounded by palms and dense jungle vegetation.  At night you can watch turtles come up on shore for nesting.


The bay is ideal for scuba-diving and snorkeling.  The coral reef - the second longest in the world of its kind - is not too far off the shore line.  Yet, one of the most pleasant things to do on Soliman Bay is to sit on the sand, bask in the sun, and enjoy the view of absolute natural beauty!

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