Tulum South Beach


Tulum South Beach - Is This a Dream or Reality? Or Both? (B)

Tulum South Beach

Top Beaches in Riviera Maya

Watching this video, you might think, is there really a beach that's this wide, with such fine sand and beautiful water?  Yes, in fact, as nice as the video is, it doesn't do the reality of Tulum South Beach justice.


If you came here in reality, you would be left thinking - is this a reality or a dream?  To be honest, it's both.  Walking along the beach you will feel the soft sand between your toes.  You will feel the warm water on your feet.  You will smell the mist from the splashing waves in the air.  It's definitely real - yet you will feel so relaxed, that it will be like you've stepped out of reality, at least as we normally know it.  It is a dream come true!

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