Xaman-Ha Beach


Xaman-Ha Beach - Ancient Maya Beauty Right in Playa del Carmen

Here you see Xaman-Ha Beach in Playa del Carmen. Xaman-Ha is the ancient Mayan Name for Playa del Carmen, and the beauty of this beach reflects what life is like here for expats! The soft, white sand the distinct turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea, the calm, relaxed passing of an upscale cruise ship, the swimmers enjoying the warm water, the couples walking over the soft sand of the beach, the kite sailing - this is all part of what it means to own Playa del Carmen real estate!


Watching a video like this, you can imagine what life might be like in a beachfront paradise; the good news, though is that you don't have to imagine. Mexico real estate in Playa del Carmen makes life in a place like this accessible to the average American - and what's more, you can enjoy all day, every day, not just for the few minutes this video presents!


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