Xcacel Beach


Xcacel Beach - Rustic, Quiet Paradise (B)

Xcacel beach is an ideal place for isolated relaxation; the area is very natural with lush, green, jungle surrounding the wide, soft-sanded beaches.  There is only one dirt road coming in; the rustic security booth made of wooden poles and a thatched roof (the traditional building technique in the area) and the wooden lifeguard stand leaning slightly to one side simply add to the rustic, natural relaxation combined with quiet and peaceful surroundings.


Sea turtles have made Xcacel beach one of their main nesting areas, and if you visit at the right time of year, you can witness the hatching and first trek to the sea front; during the summer, the eggs form a delicate treasure which all visitors are careful not to disturb, but can enjoy the beauty of it.  Nearby there is a cenote which is a natural pool ideal for a refreshing swim out of the sun.


The beach is located only a short drive from the village of Chemuyil, which is just on the other side of the highway.  The village, like the beach, is rustic and relaxed in a way those who live here know best, with beautifully painted homes and picturesque parks.


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