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Tulum is a beautiful naturally preserved area with a lot of land and opportunity to build. There are plenty of available lots and land for sale in Tulum, in every area. Whether you are looking for land on the beach of Tulum, in the town center or in the new up and coming Aldea Zama; there are spaces to create and make your home or new commercial establishment in Tulum.

Why buy land in Tulum instead of a finished home? For one, purchasing land in Tulum can be cheaper than buying a finished home. Especially at this time, you can buy a lot in Tulum at an incredibly low price, and then find a reputable developer to work with you to construct your perfect house.

If you make a Tulum land purchase you may not want to build right away. In some cases people like to wait out the situation and see how growth is coming along for the area. After taking time and evaluating the Tulum real estate market, you might want to either choose to build something or sell the land for a profit! If you have purchased a large piece of land in Tulum you might want to see how the demand for tourism is coming along. If things look promising you could consider using your Tulum land investment to build a hotel or commercial business.

Check the zoning rules for each Tulum land property listing. Some can be used for both commercial and residential while others may have restrictions.

There are different types of land for sale in Tulum. You can either choose to buy a piece of land that is more private or you may choose to buy Tulum lot through a developer. If you purchase a lot through a developer it's usually on part of a planned project for a home or condo development. If you are looking at lots for sale in Tulum in a new development most likely you will be doing this search with the intent of building a home. Buying a lot in Tulum with a developer is nice because it gives you the safety of knowing who is building your home (check their credentials first) while being able to customize the features yourself.

One good idea to think about while looking into a land purchase in Tulum is if you will want title insurance. Buying land and property in Mexico and the Riviera Maya is perfectly safe but if you are looking for a little more piece of mind you can work with a title agency who can do a full title research on the property. In addition, when everything comes up risk free you can make the decision if you want to take out a title insurance policy. Keep in mind that a title insurance company will not insure you unless the research came up risk free; meaning that title insurance may not be necessary.

TopMexicoRealEstate.com has a large selection of Tulum Land for Sale. If you see something you like or you have more questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

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