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Have you ever looked at one of those typical screen savers on your computer that make you want to jump through the computer and start swimming in gorgeous clear Caribbean waters? You stare at that photo thinking of the day that you can just be there. You can close your eyes, breath and just for a second you go there until….The baby starts crying, your boss enters the room, or your spouse asks you why the dishes aren't done. Then it's back to reality! But the real reality is that you can make this dream come true!

Tulum is that perfect screen saver picture! And you can wake up to it every day! Tulum has incredible beachfront properties for sale! You can either choose to buy a beachfront home in Tulum or purchase a piece of land where you can build your dream home from the ground up!

Tulum beachfront properties are on eco-logically preserved land which makes you feel free and in tune with nature. This is why when you look at the waters and beaches, in Tulum; everything looks so clean and unpolluted. It is truly like walking into a dream.

Living on a beachfront property in Tulum allows you the freedom to walk out your door every day to take a walk on the beach, drink your coffee overlooking the ocean, or having the option to take a refreshing swim whenever you want. The ocean is like your own personal swimming pool.

Why not purchase beachfront land in Tulum and open a small hotel or beach club? In Tulum it is very common for someone to purchase a piece of land where they build their own home with several other cabanas surrounding it. Buying beachfront land in Tulum is perfect for making your home and your business! Again, that dream of just spending your days on the beach (even if you are working) can be a reality!

Many people believe that owning beachfront property is just a dream but without realizing that property in Mexico and the Riviera Maya is much cheaper that what one may be used to in the United States or Canada. There are some beachfront properties for sale in Tulum, and in other areas of the Riviera Maya, that may cost you less than a home in a suburban town in the United States and Canada. Take Vancouver for example, where you find small fixer uppers for what an entire newly built beachfront home in Tulum could cost. Consider this factor when you are staring into that screen saver!

Top Mexico real estate has incredible options for beachfront properties for sale in Tulum. Whether you are searching for land, a home or a condo we can help you make it happen! Contact us for more information!

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