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Valle de Bravo Real Estate

Valle de Bravo is best described as the "hidden gem" of Mexico real estate. The area offers a beautiful natural surrounding, a quaint colonial setting or relaxing ranch life style at very accessible prices. It is an ideal place to remove yourself from the hectic rush of day to day life, but it is close enough to a large metropolitan for easy access to all services. Most Valle de Bravo real estate buyers are from Mexico City. The majority of American and Canadian buyers still have not discovered the area. The "gem" of Valle de Bravo real estate offers so much and is waiting for you to discover it.

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The word that best describes the area's life-style is relaxing. Whether you prefer a quaint house on a cobble stone road in the colonial town center, only a short walk away from the board walk and pier on Lake Avandaro, or if you prefer to be closer to nature, on a ranch with winding streams, nestled in rolling hills, Valle de Bravo real estate means relaxation. The people are laid-back and friendly. Here you can find a place where you can just live, with no other worries.

Only a bit more than 2 hours away from Mexico City, it's no wonder that the people of the metropolitan have chosen Valle de Bravo as a favourite vacation spot and weekend getaway, as well as a perfect "home away from home." What is surprising is that non-Mexican buyers still have not discovered it. But this means opportunities, since prices are still low, but the value of a calm, relaxing lifestyle with all the conveniences you need nearby is priceless.

Like the people from Mexico City, many North Americans life a busy, stressful lifestyle, and not only want, but need a break from it. Our team can help you find the property ideal for your stress-free life-style in Valle de Bravo. Perhaps you will only be spending a couple of months every year in your Valle de Bravo home; you might want to rent it out during the rest of the year, or make sure that it is safe and secure. Or perhaps you are ready to move to that ranch you've always dreamed of. We can help you find your dream property, and one that will work into your plans. We provide security for your purchase and investment.

Valle de Bravo Real Estate

Valle de Bravo is Mexico's "hidden gem" of real estate, tucked away in the hillsides about 2.5 hours, or about 100 miles, south west of Mexico City. The city is still small - around 60,000 residents - and it retains both a small town and a colonial atmosphere. Little white houses, with red clay roofs with cobblestone roads truly preserve the atmosphere of provincial Mexico, which have earned in the official designation of a "Magic Town." The town is nestled between steep hillsides and Lake Avandaro. The boardwalk and the dock on the lake help to define the town's atmosphere, with restaurants, displays of local artwork, and many little shops and cafes with fireplaces and lakeviews. Or, on a Sunday afternoon, there is nothing like a stroll in the "Jardin Central" - the central garden or park - to enjoy live music from the bandstand and the Mexican snacks being sold at the various booths.

It is easy to see why the town is a popular vacation and weekend getaway for residents of Mexico City and other nearby cities. The town is likewise ideal for a second home, or a relaxing retirement.

While Valle de Bravo real estate has definitely retained its provincial and colonial atmospheres, it also provides the conveniences necessary for a tourist destination. And in the case that something is not available here, it will be available in the nearby city of Toluca, located between Valle de Bravo and Mexico City. And, of course, in the rare case that you cannot find it in Toluca, a relatively short drive will take you to Mexico City, where you will find all the goods and services you can imagine, plus a whole lot more.

Valle de Bravo real estate includes a variety of property types, ideal for home buyers, retirees, or investors. Besides the typical, provincial old town homes on the narrow cobblestone roads, there are lakeside properties, with excellent access and views of the lake, as well as ranches little out of town in rolling hills and beautiful streams running through them. While Mexicans have begun discovering the benefits of buying real estate in Valle de Bravo, the area is still largely undiscovered by Americans and Canadians; there are many opportunities.

Valle de Bravo Lifestyle and Activities

Although the town is small, it would be difficult to run out things to do in Valle de Bravo. Festivals and events are a regular part of Valle de Bravo life. Besides exciting celebrations for holidays like New Years Eve and Easter, the area has its own special "Festival de las almas," Festival of Souls, at the end of September every year, with more than 150 programmed events. There are, of course, numerous colonial sites to visit, including the Temple of Santa maria Auacatlan, and the Parish of Saint Francis of Asisi; there is also a cultural center and various museums.

For those who prefer to enjoy the lake, there are boats for rent on the boardwalk, and on the lake there are more than 42 nautical clubs. Sailing is an important part of Valle de Bravo's culture - it hosts some of Mexico's most important sailing schools. Waterskiing, kayaking and wind surfing are also popular among residents and visitors alike.

Off the lake, the area is perfect for horseback riding. The hilly landscape makes Valle de Bravo perfect for hang gliding, and there are several international tournaments here every year. The wooded hills are also great for mountain biking, hiking and four wheeling. The lifestyle in Valle de Bravo is relaxed, but it offers a large variety of activities, suitable for many different tastes.

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