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How does a Luxury Home look like in the Riviera Maya?

Recorded on March 3rd

How does a Luxury Home look like in the Riviera Maya?

Luxury has many faces. It is defined by different tastes. Have you ever wondered how does a luxury home look like in the Riviera Maya? This world-renowned destination has an exquisite real estate market that features high-tech condos, ocean-view villas, and stunning jungle homes.

Join CEO Thomas Lloyd along with Ruben Rodriguez, an acclaimed Mexican architect that will share his view of luxury in the Riviera Maya and what defines this popular term. Discover how the most amazing and upscale homes are in the Riviera Maya, more specifically Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum.

Review the best ideas and architectural trends to live in your dream home in Mexico.

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Hosted by:

Thomas Lloyd,

Founder & President of
TOP Mexico Real Estate

 Ruben Rodriguez


Ruben Rodriguez

Owner of ArquiPartners