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History and mission

Since I was a little boy, I’ve seen Mexico as my second country; this is due not only to the continuous family trips to Mazatlan but also for the Mexican cultural richness and the fact that Mexico makes anyone feel welcome and at home. And this is how I felt every time I visited Mazatlan, like home.

On the other hand, life in Mexico is much cheaper than in the USA. After 25 years of living here, I can tell you that you need almost half of the money you need to have a comfortable life in the USA. Several luxury benefits make your life easier at a very affordable price.

When the FTA was signed, this beautiful destination also became a business Mecca. This was when I decided to move down to Mexico and call it my new home. After working in the auto industry for a few years, my wife and I decided to move to one of the best areas in Mexico, the Caribbean. I met fantastic friends coming from America and Canada who fell in love with Mexico just as much as I did; some of them also choose this destination to retire.

While living in Playa del Carmen, I decided to found Top Mexico Real Estate, a Mexican company that helps Americans and Canadians discover this beautiful destination and consider buying a home. Some of our clients are snowbirds who choose to enjoy Mexico while there is snow back in their city; others prefer to have a vacation home to visit the beach with their family and friends; and finally, others choose to retire and save money improving their lifestyle.

Just like any other country, Mexico has different laws and rules. It is important to be careful and understand the purchasing process of a new home. Certain details are highly important and should never be ignored.

Here is where my team and I play our role. First of all, we’re here to teach our clients the variety of possibilities they have to purchase a new home. These properties have different price ranges and different characteristics. Secondly, and most importantly, we’re here to help our clients through the purchasing process, show them the various laws and suggest to them the best way to purchase their new home on the beach.

Up to today, we’ve helped thousands of Americans and Canadians buy a home in Mexico. And we’ve also created lifetime friendships.

We invite you to be part of our family and join us in paradise!

Our vision

Our main vision is to create a community where Americans and Canadians can easily learn the steps to purchase a new home in Mexico. Either just a vacation or a retirement property, we’re here to teach them the purchasing process. At Top Mexico Real Estate, we aim to show our costumers how comfortable it is to live in a beautiful property, surrounded by excellent services and amenities, as well as the mesmerizing Caribbean Sea.

To achieve this, we have a team of professional agents specialized in the area. Our ethics team has as a primary mission to help our clients find their perfect home in the Riviera Maya. They will find options that better adapt to your needs and dreams. Our team of agents has a vast knowledge of the Mexican laws. They know how to help Americans and Canadians understand these regulations and rules that may vary from those in their countries. Additionally, our team will also guide you in finding the best services and quality for fair prices, making sure that your property is in the best conditions.

We want our clients to have the best experience in finding their new home in Mexico. At Top Mexico Real Estate, we’re committed to providing all our costumers with great communication, excellent exposition, and the attention they deserve. We’re here to offer all the tools we’re experts in so they don’t have trouble buying their home in the Mexican Caribbean.

We are Buyer's Representatives

At Top Mexico Real Estate, we have a team of professional buyer’s representatives that will take you step to step to purchase your new home in Mexico. Our team has been trained to provide you with the best experience; from contacting you to offer more information to showing you the different properties of your interest. Your assigned buyer representative will answer all your questions regarding Mexico real estate. If you have doubts about building your home in Mexico, closing costs, purchasing process, he or she will be there you clarify all your questions. Let us help you find your dream home in Mexico.

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