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Frequently Asked Questions: Medical Insurance in Mexico

Over the years working with clients trying to live or retire to Mexico, Health care or health insurance are some of their main concerns. Even though the majority of our customers have some sort of coverage in their countries of origin, it is also necessary to have an insurance policy that covers them while in Mexico.

We contacted a Health Insurance Expert, Launa Brockman from Paradise Professional Services to share with her some of the frequently asked questions we get from our clients. Launa Brockman has two decades’ experience helping customers find the right insurance policy, both in America and Mexico.

1.     Is US medical insurance accepted in Mexico?

Generally, no – most policies stop at the border.  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this until it’s too late.   I advise people to get insurance in place BEFORE they even leave the US – whether moving here full or part time, or just traveling.

2.     What is the best way to get health coverage? What is the average monthly expense?

 The best way is to seek a knowledgeable agent.  One of the best ways to find recommendations is to use the various expat pages on Facebook.   The expat community in Mexico is awesome and very helpful.  As far as the cost, that depends on the person’s age, the type of coverage they want, the deductibles, and the areas of coverage, etc, etc.  There are too many variables to give an average cost, but I can say that in almost all cases, expat health insurance is far less than what Americans are paying in the US.

3.     What about enrolling on IMSS and Seguro Popular?

 I recommend people purchase their own private health insurance plan over using IMSS. I have heard many horror stories.  I have also heard of some people having good experiences with it, but I have heard the negative far more than the positive.   If a person has so many health issues that it is impossible to acquire some type of coverage, then yes – it can be used as a last resort.

4.     I am on disability and get Social Security and have a medicare gap policy here. I can’t find a reasonable health policy in Mexico because of previous health issues. Can you tell me a Website that I can go to in order to find a decent policy at a reasonable price?

I am not aware of a website such as this.  There are various types of policies that don’t require underwriting and offer limited coverages for those not able to acquire a full comprehensive health plan.

The best way to proceed is to find a knowledgeable expat insurance agent who has access to all types of companies and policies to guide you through the process of acquiring some type of insurance in Mexico.   Normally there is something out there for almost everyone.   The coverages may only allow for emergencies and such, but having something is far better than having nothing.

5.     Is there a policy that covers people over 65?

 There are policies that can cover all ages.   My favorite comprehensive health insurance plan allows people up to the age of 74 to apply.   And then once covered the policy will last through all of their life, even if that person should live to 125!   The most important thing – do not put off getting a policy in place!  You want to get a good reasonable health insurance policy in place BEFORE you need it.   I can’t stress this enough.  I have seen people lose their dream of living in Mexico due to health issues.   They had to go back either the states or Canada due to not being insurable and not able to afford the out of pocket expenses for care.

6.     Any other general advice?

In my opinion having health insurance in Mexico is even more important than having it in the US.  Even when they are an option, the general hospitals (IMSS, Seguro Popular, etc) can be extremely busy and poorly staffed. I have personally known of people waiting 2 to 3 days to be seen, and sometimes time is literally a matter of life and death.

The best care in Mexico comes from private hospitals. And they generally will not treat anyone without having payment up front, or a guarantee of payment from an insurance company.

Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding health insurance, or you can contact Launa Brockman at her office in Puerto Aventuras. We are very positive you will find a health insurance policy under her guidance, if you want to contact her for a quote you can also email her.

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Chances are you have been to the Riviera Maya several times before, and it’s very possible that during every trip the thought of staying in Mexico has crossed your mind. But… What do you do when that happens? I am guessing nothing because you’re on vacation and focusing on having a great time!

But if you’re seriously thinking about making the Riviera Maya your new home, at some point you will need to dedicate some time to do research about the neighborhoods, look for properties, compare your favorites, and of course actually come and see the properties in person.

The good news is that you can start the process at home.  We have great tools available for you to locate a property by price, style and location. Our listings include a list of similar properties, so you can easily compare and check out other options similar in price and style.

Once you have a list of properties, you can plan a trip to check them out. And this is where our Real Estate Tour fits perfectly!

What is a Real Estate Tour?

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What’s included?

  • Accommodation for two in luxury condos or resorts
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  • One-on-one sessions with the experts
  • Access to exclusive educational resources

Who should take this tour?

It’s perfect for people who have been looking for homes and the next step is actually touring the properties.

It’s a must for those who want to experience life in the Caribbean before deciding on a new zip code.

And it’s the best choice if you want to skip the tourist activities and focus on the search of a new home. No distractions. No commitments. Just enjoy the trip and find your home.

Not sure yet?

Read what others are saying about this tour!

“The Live it, Compare it & Buy it Tour was incredible!!! The Real Estate 101 course was very informative. It helped me to understand many things about buying in Mexico and helped me to know what questions to ask also. I’m so excited to move into my new home in Playa del Carmen. Thank you again. God Bless you!!!”

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“What I liked best about working with Top Mexico RE was:

  • No high pressure sales tactics
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To buy or to rent? That is the dilemma faced by many of our customers when they consider moving to the Riviera Maya. While this is a decision that has several factors, our recommendation is to look at options for both and compare costs.

In this post we will talk in terms of costs, so you can compare how much would it cost you to rent or to buy exactly the same apartment.

Buying Vs Renting in the Riviera Maya: Cost Comparative

For this simulation we will consider apartments priced just below $200,000 USD, a budget that will allow you to have a spacious condo near the beach. Also, most of the properties in this price range are built with American standards and access to the best amenities.

In this case we chose two similar condos in the exclusive development TAO Residences, an ideal place to enjoy the beaches in a natural environment. TAO offers its residents access to the best amenities such as: beach club, wellness center, golf, and access to hotel amenities at special prices.

Property characteristics TAO 2 BED/ 2 BATH TAO 2 BED/ 2 BATH

1, 119 Sq. Ft.

TOTAL COST 165,000 USD 165,000 USD
Monthly Payment* $1,800 USD*

(Variable payment)


50% Down $82,500 USD

$1443 USD over a 5-year period (fixed payment)

Cost over a 5-year period 108,000 USD 169,080 USD

* Average rental price at Tao Condos:

Please note this is a very simple way to compare. It does not consider the increase of the rent or the increased price of the property after 5 years, but you can see that the cost of renting would save you about 35% percent on a 5-year period, while on the other hand buying the same property would only cost you about $60,000 USD more. Considering these prices and your plans for investment or retirement, you can choose what option works best for your needs.

If you find these prices attractive for buying, you might be interested in knowing that right now TAO is offering exclusive discounts for our clients registering for our latest webinar. You can save up to $44,000 USD and, depending on the unit, you can get a smart car included with the purchase of a home or get a free furniture package, and to top that, they are also offering direct 5 and 7-year financing. Sign up to the webinar to find out the details!

We hope this information is useful when considering options. Of course you can explore other properties on our website. With this budget you can find wonderful options, like this beautiful condo in Akumal, or this spacious 3 bedroom condo in Playa del Secreto.

Here at Top Mexico Real Estate we have an experienced team of professionals helping foreigners like you to find and purchase the perfect property. If you want more information about purchasing Real Estate in Mexico, visit our website to look at properties or download our free eBooks.

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Mexico: One of the 12 Best Places to retire in 2016

Mexico: One of the 12 Best Places to retire in 2016

Mexico: One of the 12 Best Places to retire in 2016

Recently, we stumbled across this infographic, and we are happy to see Mexico to be considered among the best places to retire in 2016. We are big believers of the truth in numbers, however we believe that they are not everything.

Mexico has been a place where retirees from North America have been choosing to retire since the last century. Places like Cabo, Lake Chapala and San Miguel de Allende have been popular destinations for a long time and have a big expat community.

There has been a growing number of expats that chose to retire in the Yucatan Peninsula, as it is one of the safest places to live in Mexico. There are also so many options, as you can pick a beautiful colonial home, a modern condo at the beach or even a cabin at the jungle.

According to the latest census, there are about one million foreigners living legally in Mexico and about 800,000 of those are from the US. There is also a big population of snowbirds that come and spend the winter here, according to official numbers about 50,000 foreigners every year.

Read: Mexico: Second best country for expats

Even though more retirees are struggling to live on their pensions in their countries of origin, the dollar has been gaining value against other currencies. At the moment 100 USD would be about 1933 MXN pesos, enough to pay for your groceries for two weeks.

Imagine: you can legally own Real Estate in Mexico, also their immigration policy is very friendly with retirees as the required income to give you a visa is around $1500 USD or less if you own property in Mexico. Also, the Social Security pension can be sent to Mexico by the SSA.

The process to get your Resident Card is pretty straightforward and the whole process can take a couple of months. Not long ago you had to renew your visa every year, but now the law has changed and if you apply for a permanent resident card is a one in a lifetime process.

Something to consider is the cultural familiarity with Hispanic countries, as according to the last census Hispanics are the greatest minority in the US. From Spanish, to tacos and Margaritas… We are sure you will feel at home in this beautiful country.

If you have questions about Retiring in Mexico, we have an exclusive info kit to share our knowledge with our readers. Also if you are interested in purchasing Real Estate in Mexico, we have a decade long experience helping foreigners to find, purchase and enjoy their dream home in Mexico.

Contact us if you have any additional questions, or visit our website and browse our beautiful properties.


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