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Hello, I’m Thomas Lloyd and this is the Top Tip in a Minute
Today we are talking about:

  • Promissory Contract
  • Property Title
  • Public Registry

When does a buyer get legal possession of their property?
Many people believe that the promissory contract is the final step on receiving ownership of real estate here in Mexico. Just about…but you still need to formalize your transaction. Remember in Mexico real estate, the Promissory Contract is a private contract obligation to transfer legal ownership at a future agreed upon date. Upon the agreed deadline date the Promissory Contract matures into a Purchase Sales Contract which is formalized…or in other words is authorized by a Mexican Notary Public, this is the title. But you still need to get this document registered In the Mexican Public Registry to complete the final Step.

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Hello, I’m Thomas Lloyd and this is the Top Tip in a Minute

Today our question is:
When can a buyer actually begin using their new property?

There are two important milestone events. The legal delivery and the physical delivery of a property.

Normally on a resale property and on the purchase of a finished product property from a developer, the physical and legal delivery usually occur on the same day, on the closing date.

On a different scenario, when the developer is selling a property during the preconstruction phase the physical delivery normally occurs several weeks or even several months before the legal delivery occurs. This may occur because the developer is still in the process of attaining the final legal documents to transfer the title and the buyer wishes to receive the finished property so that they can begin enjoying their property or start renting.

I’m Thomas Lloyd and this has been Top Mexico Real Estate’s Top Tip in a Minute. Feel free to check out all the other informative Top Tip’s on the Top Mexico Channel.

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Quinta del Mar: Beachfront Condos in Puerto Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta, a fashionable vacation destination, is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Founded over twenty years ago, Nuevo Vallarta was born as a vacation destination, an extension of the town of Puerto Vallarta which is located just 8 miles south of this beautiful and vibrant new town.

With many new luxury developments being built by the white sand beaches in Nuevo Vallarta, many people have chosen to make this beautiful spot their second home. In the heart of Nuevo Vallarta lays Los Flamingos Estates, home to a handful of luxury real estate developments.

 photo QDM Night_zpslk74genm.jpg

Spread along the beachfront right on Banderas Bay, the neighborhood offers a master planned community with gorgeous real estate options and top of the line facilities including the Percy Clifford golf course which just experienced a 3 million dollar renovation. It is here were you will find the luxurious and exclusive development Quinta del Mar.

Quinta del Mar is the perfect beachfront home. The luxurious Quinta del Mar is located amidst the gated community providing peace and tranquility, just minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, with many fun things to do and the International Airport.

The modern designed four bedroom condos at Quinta del Mar starting at $701,500 USD. The exclusive decor and inspiration throughout the property, mixes old Hollywood glamour with modern living, and the architectural design create a space perfect for your luxurious lifestyle. The unique design also features semicircular shapes that mimic the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The open architectural style in the living room, dining room and kitchen creates a flow to the condo that you need to see to believe. Every condo has a direct views of the ocean, allowing you to choose the condo that is right for you without compromising on the breathtaking view.

 photo QDM Balcony_zps3kzcr13g.jpg

All the rooms are very spacious, the bathrooms are bathed in luxury finishes, and the kitchen is equipped with premium appliances and a prep island. The living area features a bar, perfect for entertaining guests and the large terraces is great for relaxing and taking in the mesmerizing views of the Pacific Ocean.

Amongst the many amenities available for the Quinta del Mar residents are a beachfront swimming pool, tennis courts, gym and spa, restaurant and clubhouse. Dip your toes in the luxury lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of living.

 photo QDM Livingroom 2_zpsaojwhpm1.jpg

Live the luxurious life you want at Quinta del Mar.

Now if you have any question about Quinta del Mar or any of the TOP MEXICO REAL ESTATE properties we have listed anywhere throughout Mexico, please feel free to contact any of our Top Buyers’ Representatives and we will be glad to help you find your very own piece of paradise.

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Buying on a Budget: Part 8

In this series, Buying on a Budget, you will learn how to evaluate the Mexico real estate market. You will learn how and where to spot savings and be provided with all the necessary tools to buying real estate on a budget. So that when the right property presents its self you will be ready. In this edition of Buying on a Budget I will discuss how Mexico stacks up to other popular retirement destinations in the U.S.

Why Mexico?

Why Mexico, when you can own property in other warm weather locations in the U.S., such as Arizona, Hawaii or Florida. There is no doubt about it these places have appeal. The real question is how the appeal of these places stacks up against the best locations in Mexico, especially in terms of property prices and the cost of living. Let’s consider why people look at moving to popular U.S. locations and see how they stack up against the reality of Mexico.

 photo Arizona_zpspll5xmqs.jpg

Close to Home

There’s a certain comfort in being close to home.  If you buy a property in Florida you might think that you are closer to home, but once you are on the airplane the difference in flight time is usually less than an hour or two. Also, even though flights to the U.S. are cheaper, these price differences are minimal and other savings in Mexico will more than make up for this. There is a growing number of direct flights to the United States and Canada. The cost or travel distance to Mexico is not a reason to choose the U.S. over Mexico.

Modern Services

Popular retirement destinations like Florida or Arizona are going to include all the stores and services that Americans and Canadians have grown accustom to. High-speed internet, satellite TV, modern hospitals, good roads, Walmart… who would want to give these items up? The good thing is you don’t have to!

Free trade with the U.S. and Canada, as well as growing tourism has brought a good deal of modernization to Mexico. To many people’s surprise, Mexico is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Large international companies have been tracking these trends. Walmart, for example, has opened up 2000 stores in Mexico in the past 12 years; as reported by Forbes Magazine (April 2012). What is attracting these corporations to invest billions of dollars into this country? No doubt, it’s the economic stability and future growth potential. The investment from these businesses means better quality of living and infrastructure.

In addition, it’s worth pointing out that Mexico’s natural attractions have been made more accessible to visitors. Mexico’s beaches are being ranked as the most beautiful worldwide. The various climates in Mexico are very attractive and compare head to head with Florida; many people even consider them to be better.

 photo Florida_zpsjqtk3zeq.jpg

Safety and Security

This is a big one. As surprising as it might be too many Americans and Canadians, this is actually a point in Mexico’s favor, rather than against it. I have heard people say that they saw a report on the news about a drug and gang violence. Mexico’s drug conflicts are real, and they are a problem for the country. On one hand, real solutions are being carried out by the government with tangible results. On the other hand, the U.S. newspapers are written to sell the paper, and often do not include the full story. Some points that are very rarely reported include:

  1. These conflicts are isolated to very specific places in only a handful of locations. Since most North Americans aren’t familiar with the locations, headlines will state they happened in “Mexico”. Leaving a misleading impression that these conflicts plague the entire country.
  2. Most expat destinations in Mexico are safer than most popular warm weather destinations in the U.S. For example, the Yucatan Peninsula (famous for its beaches, Mayan pyramids and colonial cities) has a murder rate of 2 per 100,000; this is comparable to Wyoming and Montana (sorry, no beaches or year round warm weather there!) This is less than half of the 5 per 100,000 in Florida and the 6 per 100,000 in Arizona. (Source:
  3. Many Americans and Canadians residing in Mexico will report that they actually feel safer in Mexico than in their home city.

Safety is not a reason to choose a U.S. over Mexico. Official statistics and real life stories show that there are very safe places to live in Mexico, as safe the U.S.

Prices and Costs

Most Americans and Canadians will easily realize that Mexico offers substantial savings over similar popular retirement destinations in the U.S. As shown in Part 7, Living in Mexico on a Limited Budget where I discussed all the places you will save money at while living in Mexico.

You also have to take into account the real estate property and the price. Sure, you could find a really cheap condo online in Arizona or Florida. But you need to take into account what kind of property you are looking at. Take a close look at the details of the property, the location, etc. They are often in undesirable locations, far from the beach, and not located near quality shopping and necessities.

If a buyer is working with the right real estate agent in Mexico, the agent wouldn’t even present the counterpart to such a property, mostly because nice properties in good locations can be found for very reasonable prices. Beautiful properties in Mexico can be found for the same price as that not-so-nice condo in Florida. Even in a place like Playa del Carmen, a condo at a comparable price will be a much nicer property, in a better location.

Uncertainty of a New Country

This is a very understandable point for anyone who has never lived in a different country. It is a big step. Mexico is different, they speak a different language, and they have different values, customs and ways of life. Culture shock is real, it takes time for people to adapt. Experts say that there is about a one year acclamation process, going through stages of bliss, annoyance and then adaptation and becoming one with the community.

However, this having been said, while going through this process, there are a couple things which make it easier and often times pleasant to get used to the differences in Mexico. One is that there are over 1 million Americans and over 300,000 Canadians living throughout the country. There is solace in knowing that you are not alone. Your new communities will probably have many neighbors from back home. Many will be happy to help out a newcomer get to know the area. Large expat communities will have expat restaurants and bars where they like to hangout, there are also clubs and planned events.

The Mexican culture by nature is more open and friendlier. When Mexicans see a new neighbor or a new face at a local hangout, their first reaction is to approach the person and find out more. The Mexican culture tends to be very inclusive, community events and festivities are for everyone.

With all these advantages that Mexico has over other retirement destinations in the U.S., it’s not surprising there are an increasing number of people moving from Florida and Arizona to Mexico! Back in the 1970s Florida was the paradise destination for retirees and others looking for a warm weather vacation home. Back then, Mexico didn’t even compare to Florida, but that was 40 years ago, and the times have changed. It would be fair to say that now several regions of Mexico are what Florida and Arizona were back then.

 photo Mexico_zpsdutuq0w2.jpg

In the next edition of buying on a budget, I will discuss how to calculate your budget when buying property in Mexico. Be on the lookout for the next informative article!

Now, if you have any question about buying on a budget or if you are interested in any of the TOP MEXICO REAL ESTATE properties we have listed anywhere throughout Mexico, please feel free to contact our Top Buyers’ Representatives and we will be glad to help you find your very own piece of paradise.

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A-nah Downtown: Luxury Condo-Hotel

When it comes to investing in real estate, everybody wants the same thing: a beautiful condo, with a great location and close to everything. It might sound idyllic… but we actually have an option that checks all those boxes: A-nah Downtown.

 photo Anah_zpscnkmf0hn.jpg

A-nah Downtown is located in one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen is located only 40 minutes south of the Cancun International Airport. Playa del Carmen, once a sleepy fishing village is now a hoppin’ cosmopolitan city with all the conveniences one needs to live a modern life.  Playa offers gorgeous beaches and a laid back lifestyle.

A-nah Downtown screams location, location, location! You can walk everywhere: to the beach, to the bars and restaurants, to the shops, supermarkets and banks. Everything you need is just minutes away!

 photo Anah livingroom_zpskgkordhh.jpg

But what is A-nah Downtown? A-nah Downtown is a modern, chic condo-hotel, with all the amenities one would expect at a luxury hotel such as a motor lobby, valet parking, concierge service, and housekeeping. There is also a business center and a top of the line gym. The crown jewel of A-nah Downtown is the rooftop deck that featuring spectacular views of the skyline and the Caribbean Sea with an infinity swimming pool, Jacuzzi, lounge area and a fully staffed bar. When you purchase a condo at A-nah Downtown it comes fully furnished and equipped, ready for you to move in or start renting your condo out.

 photo Anah Roof_zpskbyajblq.jpg

A-nah Downtown is a secure Investment; you can have a second home in the hottest area of Playa del Carmen with the option of renting your condo out through the on-site administrator, allowing you to get a return on your investment when you’re not using your condo.

Be pampered at A-nah Downtown, luxury condo-hotel!

Now if you have any question about A-nah Downtown or any of the TOP MEXICO REAL ESTATE properties we have listed in Playa Del Carmen, the Riviera Maya or anywhere throughout Mexico, please feel free to contact any of our Top Buyers’ Representatives and we will be glad to help you find your very own piece of paradise.

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