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Riviera Maya Views V

As an ongoing effort to enjoy the best spots of the Riviera Maya, we are asking our team to share their favorite pictures taken in this destination. We have been enjoying these pictures a lot, and we want to share them with you!

Enjoy our latest compilation!


“De Paseo”
De paseo

“Sail with me”
Sail with me

“La Palma”
La Palma



“Déjate llevar”
Dejate llevar

“La Curva”
La Curva

“La Banda”
La Banda

“Lo Cría”
Lo cria

We hope you enjoy these views. Get in touch if you want to join us in paradise! We are experts in helping American and Canadians find and purchase their home in Mexico safely.

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Right now we have a very interesting listing here at TOP Mexico Real Estate. It’s called Casa la Roca and it’s located in the gated community of Puerto Aventuras, located halfway between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. This property is interesting because it offers plenty of business opportunities for its owner.

Recently I walked through the front door of Casa La Roca and was blown away with a floor to ceiling view of the ocean. As I continued my tour, I realized that not only is this a truly beautiful home, but the design lends itself as a fantastic investment opportunity for a small business.

The home has 6 en-suite bedrooms, 5 of which have an incredible view of the ocean, making it perfect for a high-end B&B or small boutique hotel.  The living area has an open kitchen, a great space for guests to enjoy breakfast, and the couches make the area warm and inviting. The outdoor space has a large and beautiful infinity pool, and sun beds facing the Caribbean.

Great potential as rental property

I was curious about rental opportunities in this area for a short getaway, and did some research on the internet to find a price point for one bedroom ocean front properties in Puerto Aventuras, and averaged it out over the seasonal price differentials.  What was really exciting to me was the fact that there are hardly any 1 bedroom beach front properties, which means that if you want to be by the beach, you have to make a serious investment in a condo or house that has 3 bedrooms and up. And if you’re traveling with your partner only, this can be an expensive option.

Considering this fact, Casa La Roca can be an interesting investment as a rental property. The house has 4 hotel style rooms and 1 very luxurious penthouse suite with a huge balcony looking out over the Ocean.

So, why not offer B&B services in this stunning home?

Because of its design, it allows to rent out just one bedroom to a couple and up to the whole house to a family or group of friends.

Most of the bedrooms have beautiful views of the ocean, and it’s a luxurious property with all the amenities to spend a relaxing and comfortable getaway. It’s perfect!

Check out the numbers

I would like to share my vision with you.If you offer a B&B service in this house, these are the potential earnings that you can make.

Casa La Roca – Listed at $1,400,000 USD
Projected annual gross income for the rental of rooms and PH at 50% occupancy $273,000 USD
Projected ROI based on 25% running costs and 50% occupancy 14.6%
Projected ROI based on 30% running costs and 50% occupancy 13.6%

These figures are estimates. Please note that the running costs would depend on how the business was structured. If you lived there and did most of the work yourself, the net return would be higher.

The 6th room above the garage is also rentable but I didn’t include it in my projection, since it’s not beachfront and would rent out for a minimal amount.

Also, occupancy would depend on marketing strategies.

Check out these figures if you offer a B&B service.

Hotel Room –  Pricing and Analysis
Low season $200 (12 weeks) $16,800
Mid season $250 (24 weeks) $42,000
High season $300 (12 weeks) $25,200
Premium season $500 (4 weeks) $14,000
1 room full occupancy $98,000
4 rooms full annual occupancy $392,000
4 rooms 50% annual occupancy $196,000
Penthouse Suite  –  Pricing and Analysis
Low season $350 (12 weeks) $29,400
Mid season $400 (4 weeks) $67,200
High season $450 (12 weeks) $37,800
Premium season $700 (4 weeks) $19,600
Full annual occupancy $154,000
50% annual occupancy $77,000

These are pretty good numbers. Either you want to live full time in this house or take advantage of its location and gorgeous design to offer it as a rental property, this property has it all: great location, beautiful design and stunning views to the Caribbean. It’s spacious, luxurious and all in all, a great place to enjoy.

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in this amazing home for sale in Puerto Aventuras.

This article was written by Hazel Richardson, a professional Buyer’s Representative at TOP Mexico Real Estate.

We specialize in helping Americans and Canadians finding the perfect property in Mexico, and walking them through the purchasing process safely.

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Places away from the crowd

People who escape the cold weather from wherever they live – also known as snowbirds, are starting to pack it up and return to their places of origin. This will give a brief relief to the locals who have been working hard to accommodate the winter crowds. However, this lull in visitors won’t last long. This year the Easter break, which in Mexico can last from two days and up to two weeks, is in the middle of April and will again be very busy times, with a lot of tourism arriving in town. If you are a retired expat or a permanent transplant from another country, you might want to make some alternative plans for the upcoming weeks. Here are a few ideas that might help you dodge the influx of people coming to the area.

Places like Xpu Ha and Xcacel beaches are locations that are more remote, which in turn makes them a perfect destination when wanting to escape the tourist. These type of out-of-the-way places are mostly known to the locals and expats. These secluded beaches provide a laidback haven for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the more popular destinations. They have their own bar and grills, water activities and plenty of room to relax.

Try to avoid places like Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras where vacationers like to flock too. If you want to get away for a few days, you should consider Puerto Morelos or possibly Akumal. Even though these two particular towns are attached to the Riviera Maya’s beautiful coastline, they are less known for being a tourist trap. They offer many locally owned hotels and condos that are tucked far enough away from the “Hot Spots” where tourist like to hang out at.

It might be a perfect time to take that well deserved weekend trip to Bacalar. Bacalar is one of the hidden gems that resides in the state of Quintana Roo. It is approximately a four-hour drive from Playa del Carmen and isn’t really known as a touristy area. However, it does have all the essentials to be one: there are plenty of small restaurants and cafes and different lodging options. By the square, it has an old fort, which was used to protect the town against pirate attacks and which you can explore.

But Bacalar’s most tempting attraction is the lagoon, known as the lagoon with 7 colors, which has the gorgeous gem-like blue colors you have ever seen in this region, and which is known for its calming effect. You should take time and explore the cenotes or kayak in its gentle waters. There are different tours and day trips available to explore the lagoon and cenotes located nearby.

Anyways, even with these ideas to escape the crowds, maybe you deserve a break from the constant flow of tourists looking for some “fun in the sun”; in that case, maybe it’s time for a stay at home vacation. Go to the grocery store and pick up your favorite main dishes, plenty of snacks, and your favorite beverages and just hang around the casa for a few days! Invite a few friends over for a BBQ, hang out by the pool, or relax by reading a good book. There is nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself.

And remember… we make it happen!


An exciting getaway to Holbox

When you finally decide to retire in Mexico or move down to the Caribbean, your entertainment options will include an endless stream of adventures. You can choose from a multitude of coastline retreats, historic inland excursions or visit the many tropical islands that sit just offshore. On this particular getaway, we decided to take an overnight trip to Isla Holbox. There are many things to see and do when staying more than a day and night. You can swim with whale sharks, visit the flamingos on the nearby Isla Passion, and/or explore Holbox’s Eco Park to name just a few. This enchanting island sits just off the Yucatan Peninsula’s northern point.

After taking a relaxing two-hour bus ride from Playa del Carmen, we arrived at the quaint and very welcoming little town of Chiquila. From here we caught a ferry to the village of Holbox. Besides being an out-of-the-way tourist destination, Holbox is still a traditional fishing village. As we departed the ferry and headed towards town, we noticed that all the roads are hard packed dirt. There are curbs and brief sections of sidewalks, but the roads are unpaved.

As we got closer to the center of town, things started to come alive a little more. People were shuffling around going about their daily business. The town of Holbox allows only golf carts and scooters to occupy the roadways. All the shops and markets that line the town’s interior streets looked to be locally owned and operated. There seems to be plenty of restaurants to choose from that serve up all types of cuisines. If you are one of those individuals who look for corporate signage, you aren’t going to find it here. The residents of Holbox thrive on unity and believe in supporting locally own businesses. This is very evident everywhere you look.

The dog-leg shaped island is 26 miles long and about a mile wide. Most of its 1,200 full time residents live in or near the town. We flagged down a taxi – golf cart labeled taxi and set out to find our hotel. We were staying slightly east of town. The hotel’s structured framework, wooden doors and floor panels were built using local timber. The groomed landscape was all natural foliage and formed a private barrier between buildings. The beach was direct across the street and offered beautiful western views from the lounge chairs in front of the hotel.

Once we settled into the room, a relaxing stroll along the beach was on our agenda. The cool tempered water splashing on our legs, soothing breeze brushing against our faces and swaying palm trees offered us a true Caribbean lifestyle. On the way back, we stopped along the way to have a tropical drink under a seaside palapa and enjoyed a magnificent sunset. How can life get any better than this!

The evening was upon us and the hotel’s concierge ordered a taxi for the short ride into town. We selected a restaurant that had a second story terrace that looked out over parts of the town. When on an island in the Gulf of Mexico, seafood needs to be the favored choice. When a subtle ambiance is complimented with a refreshing beverage and fabulous food, the makings for a perfect evening are in order.

The next morning we buzzed around town exploring all the local shops and open air markets. The craftsmanship that goes into making the pottery, carved woodwork, jewelry and other trinkets is nothing less than amazing. We had a late lunch in one of the many quaint cafes before making our way towards the ferry terminal and eventually back to Playa del Carmen.

Experiencing different getaways can be a daily, weekly or monthly occasion. Living in Mexico gives you the freedom to explore all the beautiful sites that surround you. Spend a day exploring Mayan Ruins, snorkeling in crystal clear waters or zip lining through the jungle. Take a few days and relax beachside on a tropical island or discover the historic city of Merida where Spain granted the Yucatan cities their independence back in 1821. Don’t put off till later when you can start living today!

At Top Mexico Real Estate we love sharing the beauty of the place we call home. Feel free to contact us if you want to join us in paradise!


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