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Playa del Carmen buildings

Playa del Carmen and other Mexico areas are built out of solid materials

As an expat and a realtor living in Mexico, I frequently receive questions related to the quality and durability of houses in Mexico. After all, it’s an investment that our customers would like to enjoy and cherish for years to come. Some typical concerns are: How do they compare in quality and durability to the developments back home? What problems would I face as a homeowner in Mexico and how much money would repairs cost me?

Here in Top Mexico Real Estate we work only with the best developers within the Riviera Maya real estate, looking to provide with top of the range quality in both materials and craftsmanship, so our clients are sure they are getting the best property and that repair costs are kept to the minimum.

You’ll be happy to know that most of the common problems an American or Canadian homeowner would experience at home won’t be an issue in your Mexican property, this is because most of the buildings in Mexico are built with rocks or blocks with concrete finishes, which are solid materials that is proven to last for centuries with minimal maintenance costs.

Construction materials in Mexico

Blocks and concrete are the building materials by choice in Mexico

So I decided to make a chart to compare your typical home troubles compared to what you could expect in this regarding your property, whether you buy a finish product or decide to build your home in Mexico this shows how it will guaranteed a lifetime of savings in expensive repairs that need to be done every so often back home.

Take a look at compare

USA / Canada Mexico Advantages


Foundation problems Slab/ crawl space Reinforced concrete pillars on raised solid rock base. Your property is built on top of the natural limestone, using local materials and techniques to make a raised base, to prevent moisture and creating a barrier for insects such as termites.
Roofing Tiles, roofing systems Insulated concrete slabs, or reinforced poured concrete. Your roof won’t need expensive repairs or to be replaced, the only care it will need is to apply a coat of impermeable paint every few years to avoid leaks and moisture.
Other common issues Mold, termites, rot. Moisture, leaks, mold stains. The most common problem you’ll have in your mexican home will be during the rain season. Most of the houses will get some moisture or mold stains. This is mostly a cosmetic issue that is also easy to fix with some sealing paint and some bleach to get rid of stains.
Pest control Insects and other animals can easily get into your house, causing damage and bringing parasites and diseases into your home. Proper care and cleaning will stop most insects from feeling at home in your place, but sometimes you’ll get a few bugs, mostly this tiny ant that seems to be everywhere. One call to the exterminators and this will be a problem from the past. It is uncommon for termites and rodents to feed on concrete, they might be able to enter your house but it will be hard for them to cause major damage.
Rain, wind, fire, flooding, etc. All of these can cause serious damage to a traditional wood/ sheetrock home.

Houses that have been affected by flooding might get mold and water damage that make it impossible for their owners to keep living in it.

A good quality home will endure any of these events with minimal damage.

Mexican homes lack wood, insulation, wooden roofs, carpets and other materials that can catch fire, get mold or rot.

Concrete is a very resistant material, hardly affected by rain or wind. After big hurricanes people often has to do repairs and cleaning but the buildings are still safe for their owners to live.

The Yucatan Peninsula has a long architectural history, local contractors still use traditional techniques to make sure your home will be standing for centuries and willing to make any repairs or updates for a fraction of the price it would cost back home.

When you buy a property from Top Mexico Real Estate you are buying peace of mind and security for you and your family, now the hard part is picking the best property for you.

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When I first moved to the Mexican Caribbean from Mexico City 10 years ago I lived in a nice Cancun´s Hotel Zone, where I first experienced what was like to spend your Saturday or Sunday afternoon relaxing at the pool overlooking at the ocean. So, here we are, is Friday, the weather is nice and so I though; why don’t I share some of the pools that at least in my opinion, are the most jaw-dropping pools in Cancun and Riviera Maya real estate area?

These are the nominees:

Amara Cancun pool

Large ocean view pool at Amara Cancun

  • Amara Cancun: Today as you read me, Amara is probably the best option among Cancun beachfront condos for sale for sure. This complex has an amazing large pool surrounded by a pergola, lounge chairs, common use palapas, BBQ area and much more. It wouldn´t be hard to picture oneself swimming or just chilling, zipping margaritas while listening to the ocean at this pool.
Pool at The Elements

Swim full laps at The Elements, one of the largest pools in Playa del Carmen real estate

  • The Elements: Besides its location right on the Coco Beach neighborhood, these Playa del Carmen beachfront condos probably have one of the largest pools in town. Basically every unit of this complex has a view of the area and the sea and has its own private beach club… which is always nice to have, off course!
Puerto Aventuras beachfront condo and pool

Relax on a lounge chair and enjoy the view of this Puerto Aventuras pool

  • Puerto Aventuras: Most people relate to this location as a golf and marina community, but it doesn´t mean that won´t find a gorgeous infinity pool that almost goes straight to the ocean in a Puerto Aventuras beachfront condo. Probably one of my favorite features in this particular property is that a few steps down the ocean you will find a salt water pool or inlet fed by the ocean; isn´t that sweet?

We certainly have many options to choose from, each one of them depends on your preferences, budget and lifestyle; the common factor in all of Riviera Maya properties is that a pool is MUST! Check out with your trusted agent how you would like your pool and common areas to spend your weekends in your Mexico home. Happy weekend! NETWORK; “Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!”   


A few nights ago I was at home trying to relax when my wife started to watch one of her favorite chick flicks of all time which is – surprise! -the Sex & The City movie. I know that she has watched it tons of times but I´m not really sure why I paid more attention to the dialogs than usual and there is a scene where the main character played by Sarah Jessica Parker says to her love interest “Don´t give me a diamond, just give me a big closet” and this simple and yet powerful phrase got stucked in my mind.

As a real estate agent in Playa del Carmen, I have attended tons of clients over the years, mostly snowbirds and retirees who usually are downsizing from what they owned back home into a simpler home or condo and closet and storage space always come up as an important item on their wish list.

Hacienda del Rio Walk-In Closet

The master bathroom and walk-in closet of these Hacienda del Río Custom Homes are huge

With that in mind, I got to say that in recent years, most of the developers TOP Mexico and myself have had the pleasure to work with, are paying a lot of attention to what American and Canadian buyers want and that translates into really nice closets and even dressing rooms in properties that are mind-blowing for both finishes and spaces as well as price point.

TOP Walk-In Closets in Playa del Carmen.

Let me share with you the properties that in my own humble opinion have the best closet and storage space in the Playa del Carmen real estate area, considering space/square meters, finishes and price point:

  • Hacienda del Río: These Custom Homes for sale in Playa del Carmen are great, not only because of their unique approach to traditional Mexican hacienda style and details, but also the way these homes are being designed, with huge master bathrooms that include onyx sinks, gorgeous tiles, fantastic layout with great air flow and a huge walk-in closet. The guest room and other areas of these homes also have very nice closets for linen and plenty of storage space.
Walk-in closet AWA Condos

Very modern Master Bath and Walk-In Closet of AWA

  • AWA: This has been another great success Playa del Carmen condos project from the developer; the master bedroom has one of the nicest Walk-In closets and dressing areas I have seen. Dark wood, very modern door and cabinet handlers, gorgeous granite countertops and Italian tiles, one could easily put a sofa and a flat screen tv in this area and watch your favorite show or watch the news while you (or the wife) while getting ready for the day.
  • Nick Price Residences: right in the middle of the amazing Grand Coral Golf&Beach community, the two bedroom units of these condos for sale in Playa del Carmen are identical twin suites, so both of them are master bedrooms with really nice and up to date walk-in closets. I´ve stayed in these condos during the Christmas holidays with friends from Canada and one of the features of the condo that my wife enjoyed the most was the walk-in closet, so trust me on this!
Nick Price Walk-In Closet

Bathroom and Walk-In closet at Nick Price Residences

Well, I´ve probably run short of ideas, but based on affordable yet luxurious and spacious properties in Playa del Carmen that would offer you enough a great amount of storage space and a dream closet for your significant other, I think these three properties take the cake.

Remember, whatever you want for your home in paradise can be done and if not, it can be at least negotiable by your trusted agent, I am very proud and happy to say that here at TOP Mexico “We make it happen!” for you. NETWORK; “Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!”   

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Mexico City is one of the world´s most famous Megacities with its 28 million inhabitants and therefore water problems are a constant issue in some areas of the city. Luckily creativeness and invention is also a constant thing in Mexico and that´s why a team of researchers and students of the Technological University of Mexico created Pluvia.

What is exactly Pluvia?

Pluvia is a device developed by a team of researchers and students in Mexico City. They did a trial in one of Mexico City´s poorest neighborhoods where both the water availability and quality were lacking. The device basically collects water during the rainy season and gets cleaned up from all acidity and contaminants, then it passes through a filter and goes into a turbine that generates electricity.

Cenote in Riviera Maya

Pure and clean water is a basic need for most communities

What results of all this process? Clean water, free of flavors, odors, colors and all contaminants, with a water that is actually cleaner than the average water supply in most of Mexican cities. With the electricity it generates, some domestic appliances can be feed like LED bulbs, refrigerators or table fans that occupy a maximum of 12 volts.

What does this mean for real estate in Riviera Maya?


The hip, trendy and ecologically conscious Tulum

Even if currently architecture teams of UNITEC are working to increase Pluvia´s storage capability and power to make it available for more homes; the future of this device seems pretty clear since it could be the beginning of a multiple usage in the environmentally friendly communities of the Riviera Maya real estate to say the least.

Green homes in Tulum

Yaxi’ik Green Homes for sale in Tulum

I could definitely say that the new efforts on developing methods for water treatment and power generation are going to be embraced by Riviera Maya residents, particularly in Tulum real estate area where at least 50% of the housing projects are being designed and built with green specifications

Ecologically conscious projects like those taking place in Aldea Zamá, are considered as places where environmental impact are taken into much consideration in all the condo projects that are being developed and also in green homes for sale like Yaxiik.

If you are interested in these ecological efforts or want your home in Riviera Maya as green as possible, make sure you


There is no question that Tulum is a mystical place; since ancient times this was a privileged location for the Mayans as a commercial, religious and cultural center. Nowadays the reality is slightly different but not less interesting.

Tulum north beach

People from all over the world are drawn to Tulum´s spectacular beaches

With some of the most beautiful beaches of the world, people often come looking for properties that are the closest to the sea within the Tulum real estate area but, as most of you know, there is a vast protected mangrove ecosystem that means little can be built on site… and that’s pretty much how the town locals like it.

But there is no need to feel disappointed about this because that means, the charm that you love so much about this place will never get lost or overdeveloped and crowded with tourist. Tulum offers a softer, calmer and quieter lifestyle and real estate options.

Holistika Tulum

Holistika Tulum offers lots around an amazing wellness center

A popular trend here is to find a lot for sale a little off the town and take advantage of the nature and surroundings, a good example of this would be the lots at Holistika, in the southern end of town. This has been planned as a community built around a wellness center in which using building materials and techniques that are typical in this zone, the developers can show you different house types to build or you can just build your home anyway you like.

Los Arboles Tulum

Los Árboles is an extremely eco-friendly gated community outside Tulum

Another popular real estate choice around Tulum would be Los Arboles, with a natural almost untouched by man setting, in a master planned, gated community that embraces at least 95% of jungle conservation and alternative energy usage with pretty good size and affordable lots where you can just go crazy and build that tree house that you used to dream of when you were a kid.

So, either you want to stay closer to town or a little further away, there´s always something interesting, unique and environmentally friendly about real estate in Tulum, plus all that artsy, bohemian and healthy oriented lifestyle inherent to this community. Just talk to your trusted Tulum agent, let him know your choices and start making it happen!

-By Thomas Lloyd NETWORK; “Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!”   


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