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Buying a property in Mexico can be a daunting experience; google comes up with 38 million answers to the question how to buy property in Mexico? There are a lot of myths out there and contradictory or outdated information, so your best bet is to find a knowledgeable real estate agent and work together to find the right property.

Our company has been working for over 10 years in the Riviera Maya, and specializes in helping foreigners purchase the home of their dreams. We have many tools to help you in finding a property, and the latest is the Live It Tour, an incredible experience that offers you the opportunity to learn everything about buying property in Mexico, while giving you a personalized tour to see handpicked properties.

In the last year, we have been attending events and conferences in North America, sharing our expertise with people looking to live, retire or invest in Mexico.

In one of these events, Thomas and Donna were the lucky winners of a Live it Tour. Check out their testimonial!


More and more of our clients are taking advantage of this amazing opportunity, as the Live It Tour offers a great opportunity to actually experience life in different neighborhoods. Why settle with visiting the property of your dreams a couple of times before buying? The Live It Tour allows you to actually live and be part of the community before making any decisions.

The Live It Tour is offered to people looking to own a holiday, investment or retirement property in the Riviera Maya. There is nothing to lose; in our tour you’ll get the knowledge, scope and the available real estate options so you can make a smart decision.

Live It Tour packages start at $399 USD and all include:

  • Private real estate tours
  • Accommodations and transportation
  • One-on-one support
  • Exciting online classes and sessions with experts

Already in the Riviera? Opt for a Live It Tour Express!

If you’re already in town and wish to see properties, this tour is ideal for you! In no more than 4 hours you will explore real estate options and learn more about the purchasing process. The tours are offered to people staying in the Riviera Maya, and you can choose to start at 9:00 am or 1:00 pm.

The Live It Tour Express includes:

  • Visit to different neighborhoods and properties
  • Learn about the buying process
  • Enjoy a gourmet lunch or dinner on us!

Do not wait any longer! Stop dreaming and find your ideal property in Mexico!

Real Estate Tour

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Sign up for our new webinar!

I want to invite you to sign up to our last free webinar of the year, Investing in Mexico: Tips to generate income from your property.

Why is this relevant?

With the popularity of sites like Airbnb and Vrbo, now it’s very easy to market and rent a property to generate income. If you already own a property in Mexico -or are considering doing it in the future-, sign up to our webinar and learn from an expert some tips and recommendations to take the most advantage of your investment.

I’m hosting this webinar with a special guest, Allan Lockhart, owner of NAS Playa, a very well-known property management company here in Playa del Carmen.

During this webinar we will be covering topics like which is the ideal property to invest in Mexico, amenities that can make a difference in the popularity of your property and tips to market your property successfully in Airbnb.

When is this happening?

The session will be on Wednesday December 14th, 2016 at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST.

Sign up today and learn from the experts everything you need to know about owning and managing a vacation rental here in Mexico.

Also, we’re having a raffle during the session for a lucky one to win a free Live it Tour, the best way to visit the Riviera Maya, tour properties, and experience firsthand life in the Caribbean.

Where do I sign up?

Right here! If you have any questions that you would like us to answer during the webinar, feel free to send it in the registration form.

At TOP Mexico Real Estate we specialize on helping American and Canadians to find and purchase property in Mexico safely, and we love to educate people about everything related to Reeal Estate.
Check out
our website to find free eBooks, information kits, videos and much more!

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5 mistakes that make a property hard to sell

When investing in a property, keeping its resale value must be one of your top priorities, so we asked our agents: what makes a property difficult to sell?

Once you own your dream holiday home in Mexico, it is important to think about keeping or increasing its value. Most subdivisions in Mexico don’t have restrictions when it comes to remodeling, add to this a willingness to improve the property and a creative soul, and you can end up as an owner of a badly modified property impossible to sell.

In our decade-long experience selling Real Estate in the Riviera Maya, our agents have seen the horrors of a difficult-to-sell property. So, we asked them, what are the worst remodeling mistakes you have seen in a client’s property?

This is not exactly what ‘going green’ means.

Mistake #1: Modify a house to the point of making it unusable for another family

I saw a property that had rooms with a smaller, windowless room inside, rooms with windows facing to a dark covered patio, huge rooms next to others where you couldn’t even fit a bed.

Sure, you want to have the ideal home to fit your family’s needs, but is important to have a smart design. Building room after room without any care for the design, can turn your property impossible to sell, which is a very costly mistake.

Mistake #2: Poorly planned plumbing and electric

I saw a house with a gas boiler installed next to the stove in the kitchen area. What could possibly go wrong? 

Remember there is a lack of building codes in Mexico, or even if there is one, there are not inspectors coming over to see what is going on in your construction site. Avoid choosing a cheap and easy solution than can be a potential danger for you or your family. Hire an architect or builder to make sure your home has proper and safe installations.

I'm sure you don't need an electric outlet right there.

I’m sure you don’t need an electric outlet right there.

Mistake #3: Going Green… in a bad way

I once saw a house whose owners had built a huge concrete pool, to collect rain water. It used most of the available patio space, was a mosquito breeding ground and the water was unusable.

Properly installed eco-technologies can be a great asset, save you lots of money, and increase the value of your home.  However, green technologies need to be planned to in order to avoid structural and esthetic damage to the home.

Mistake #4: Building extensions without considering the structure

I saw a house that, judging by the moisture stains, it had a waterfall inside every time it rained.

The owner explained that they built an extension with a tilted roof and all the water pooled there…

Having extensions without considering the original structure is a common mistake that can affect the value of your property. Some subdivisions offer free plans for the extension of your home, ask your builder or contact an expert before going ahead with the construction.

You don't need an iron gate between your bedrooms.

You don’t need an iron gate between your bedrooms.

Mistake #5: Expand without considering the parking space

This home had a very narrow front, and the owners had taken up the garage space to build an extension: there was not enough parking space for the owner’s, guests or anyone really.

Parking spaces are a necessity; the lack of a parking space can cause stress in the house residents and neighbors. Keeping a spacious area to keep your car is vital for your sanity, so don’t make this costly mistake.

A few things to consider before going crazy remodeling

Before you start adding extra rooms or a fancy pool in your new property, make sure to have a clear idea of the average value of properties in your neighborhood. If you make your house bigger, add a jacuzzi in the rooftop or any other amenity that turns into an excessive increase in the value of your property, you might end up with a house impossible to sell.

Consider this: if your home is located in a popular neighborhood and it ends up with a value of $180,000 USD, a potential buyer might choose investing that money in a new condo in a nicer area. So, unless you’re sure the area in going through a gentrification process, don’t put that much money in the property.

Common sense must be used when making improvements … Maybe a jacuzzi in the living room will not appeal to everyone.

Finally, if you’re planning to buy a fixer upper or a property with great rental potential, plan properly and improve your chances to rent and to sell your property in the future; invest in hiring professional advice. By the way: the same applies if you’re still looking for a property- do not invest in something impossible to sell, look for professional advice!

Investing in Real Estate in Mexico is a great option to diversify your portfolio, and a perfect way to purchase a holiday home for a fraction of the price for a similar property in North America. Our company has helped thousands of foreigners find and purchase their perfect holiday home in Mexico, so we are sure you’ll find the house of your dreams.

At TOP Mexico Real Estate… we make it happen!




If you’re considering the purchase of an investment property to gain extra income, chances are that you’re also thinking about services like Airbnb and VRBO to promote and rent your property. This strategy is becoming more and more popular, with a business model that is turning property owners into competitors to big hotels.

Choosing to stay in a private property is also becoming very appealing to travelers, who look for the many advantages of this type of lodging, such as lower costs, flexibility, access to amenities like a kitchen or getting to meet people.

To choose the ideal property, think about your ideal guest

Some of our clients come to us asking for advice to find the ideal investment property. When defining an ideal property to own it’s a very good idea to start the process by asking yourself: who would be my ideal guest?

If you start the process by defining an ideal guest, you can find what is attractive to them and narrow down your search to look for these specific amenities and characteristics.

With this in mind, check out these 5 types of guests, some of the services and amenities they are looking for and pros and cons to consider.

Young travelers

Most young people want a place with a great location, preferably steps away from the beach and the best clubs in the area. The ideal property must have access to amenities like: internet, a pool and commercial areas nearby.

Young people are more forgiving with furniture and/or the equipment of the property. A basic but nice decoration is more than enough for these guests. This means you can save a little money in furnishings and decoration to pursue the best property available. Things like a super equipped kitchen or state of the art appliances can be put on hold!

Pros Cons
Low expectations regarding equipment, furniture and amenities. Noisy, might not care for your property as much, not so focused on cleanliness.


Couples are looking for romance: a comfortable bed, a jacuzzi, and a cozy garden are a must. A property in an adults-only building can also be a plus, as couples look for privacy and tranquility to enjoy their time together.

For this type of guest, you need to invest money to create an inviting environment; think of nice decor and comfortable areas to enjoy each other’s company. Services like a wine chiller with some courtesy wine, a basket of fresh fruit or even flower bouquets might enhance the popularity of your property.

Pros Cons
Adults, low-key, responsible. You will need to make a big investment in decoration, to create a romantic yet tasteful environment. Nice furnishings and equipment are expected.


Families will need spaces that are safe for children and provide enoughroom for everyone, and if the property includes kid-friendly amenities such as a big park, play areas, and a pool you will increase the popularity of your property. If your vacation rental has internet, Smart TV’s and maybe some video games… it will be a complete hit!

A fully equipped kitchen, a dishwasher and even a washer-drier are more than welcome. Access to services like supermarkets, doctors and shopping malls are suitable as well. Offering services such as daily cleaning, a welcome-grocery pack, and optional nanny services will make your property completely irresistible.

Families tend to avoid noise and crowds and are more willing to stay in a place not so close to the beach or attractions. This means you can purchase a bigger property in a subdivision, for a fraction of the cost.

Pros Cons
Responsible, clean, quiet gatherings. Young children might cause damages and noise.



Retirees and snowbirds are looking for places to spend long periods of time, either to escape the winters, to save money or just to enjoy an experience. Most retirees want a quiet area, preferably within walking distance to services and amenities.

Properties on the ground floor or homes with just one level are the best bet for this market. A property in a development for adults only or a retirement community with a quiet and relaxing environment are great options.

Pros Cons
Responsible, clean, quiet. More demanding, want things to be ‘right’, inflexible.

Business travelers

Business travelers are looking for a comfort and great location close to convention centers, big corporations or businesses. You must provide a quiet environment, a reliable internet connection and a space to work.

A small kitchenette to prepare coffee or prepare some food is a nice touch, but it can be something pretty basic. Other needs to keep in mind are a closet to hang clothes, ironing board and iron, as some professionals need to keep their clothes in perfect conditions. Offering to take care of laundry and dry-cleaning would be a nice touch. Otherwise, just provide your guests with this kind of valuable info.

Pros Cons
Responsible, clean, quiet. Providing a quiet area to work might be a challenge in some neighborhoods.

So, have you ever thought of your ideal guest? Which of these sounds like an ideal customer for you?

Now, if you’re interested in learning more about how to make an income by renting a property, sign up for our latest webinar, ‘Investing in Mexico: Tips to generate income from your property’ and learn from the experts!

We specialize in helping American and Canadians to find their ideal home in Mexico.

At TOP Mexico Real Estate… we make it happen!


Riviera Maya Views

As an ongoing effort to enjoy the best spots of the Riviera Maya, we are asking our team to share their favorite pictures taken in this destination. We have been enjoying these pictures a lot, and we want to share them with you!
Enjoy the views!

“The world is yours”



“Los luchones”

“Hole sweet hole”

“En miniatura”

“Japi jalo win”

“Déjame volar aunque tropiece con el cielo”


“Antojito de playa”

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