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Quite often we receive an email from a customer asking if there is a way to purchase in Mexico using their 401K or any other type of retirement plan. And the answer is yes.

It is possible to use the funds available in your retirement plan to purchase a property, and it’s also a great way to put your money to work to give you a better retirement!

Did you know that there are over $7 billion invested in private pension funds in the US alone?
These pension funds are possibly the most valuable investment most people will have, but still, most of the time these funds are left with banks or brokers and generate little or, in a worst scenario, no returns… By using your retirement plan funds to purchase an investment property, you can generate income and a better ROI that will benefit you directly, and the best part is that this income is non-taxable!

If you are curious about what you need to do to use your retirement funds to invest in Mexico, this webinar is for you!

Join us this Thursday October 27th in our free webinar Invest in Mexico Using Your Retirement Plan.

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Affordable Real Estate in the Riviera Maya

Are there really any affordable Real Estate options in the Riviera Maya? We hear this question almost on a daily basis from clients from all walks of life: young people looking for a simple place to stay and party, people looking to retire on a small budget, or families trying to find a perfect vacation home where everyone (even pets and in-laws) are welcome.

Of course there are cheap real estate options out there! The Riviera Maya is one of the biggest growth areas in the world, just Playa del Carmen had a whopping 18% increase during 2015[1]Tulum is following with an estimated of 200 families arriving each week to reside permanently, for a total of 12,000 [2] people a year.

There are Real Estate developments all over the place, for all sorts of budgets and a big variety of services and amenities. As a Real Estate company, we tend not to have many of these properties available. Why? Because after more than ten years working with foreigners buying Real Estate in Mexico, we have found that even though the price tag is right… other things can be questionable.

Here in Top Mexico Real Estate, we rigorously select each property in regards of the building quality, safe neighborhoods and quality of life. If you are considering buying a home or condo with a budget-friendly price tag, you must also evaluate some of the characteristics of these low-budget homes.

What can I buy?

As a potential buyer, it is important to keep in mind some of these aspects of a property targeted to the Mexican market.

The price is low, but the house is completely bare

Keep in mind that developers building low-cost homes keep the prices low by cutting corners in materials and labor. On top of that, once you get your home, well… you will still budget for your closing costs AND installing all the following items: closets, decorative fans/lamps, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, window bars, water heater, etc.

Many developments also lack services such as telephone or internet; or have water cuts, so it is necessary to install a cistern and a pump to fill your roof tank when this happens. Also, the installed water system in these homes works with gravity, which means the water pressure is really low.

As you can see in the photo, the homes also lack elements like a stove, dishwasher or washing room. It is important to ask questions to the seller on what exactly is included with the home, as some even lack a privacy wall/fence, and it is up to you to build it.

In many cases there are no building or commercial restrictions, or they are not enforced

Once you are installed in your new home, and the developers move to the next phase, residents are left to their own devices. It is common for people to open little businesses in their homes, such as washaterias, corner stores, etc. For some unfortunate people, the neighbors decide to open a car or moto garage, a taco stand or a grilled chicken stall on the road.

These houses also tend to be small, so the residents get creative building extensions that affect the image of the neighborhood. Again, if your neighbor decides to make apartments in the top of their home, there is no way to stop them.

Prepare yourself to a new level of noise

One of the most shocking things for foreigners living in Mexico is the level of noise; noisy cars and motorbikes, music blaring at all times from homes and businesses, etc. There also street vendors offering fruits, corn, tamales… the gas and bottled water sellers using the claxon or playing their jingle every day, street by street.

Pets are often on the street or in the back gardens, some of them can be quite noisy barking at everything that moves. These sorts of things are not common in other places, but in a traditional neighborhood, it is quite common to have these sorts of problems.

So, is there any way to make this work for me?

Yes! We don’t mean to discourage you, there are many foreigners that have purchased these kind of properties and are perfectly happy. You just need all the facts, and then decide if this is a lifestyle you can get accustomed to.

We would recommend to anyone with desire to move or retire in Mexico, to keep in mind that it is a different country; and the customs and standards of living are never going to be the same as in their countries of origin.

Keeping a good attitude and being flexible are key, as well as being able to laugh at the daily nuisances in the big adventure of living in a foreign country. Also, if you are planning to buy a cheap property in Mexico, a basic understanding of the language is crucial.

So, do you really want to buy a cheap property in the Riviera Maya?

Every once and then we receive questions regarding this kind of property, but we usually reply privately via email. Do you have any questions about purchasing a cheap property in Playa del Carmen?  We would love to hear them! Please feel free to send in your questions.

Another important element is to have a local real estate agent by your side; one of our agents can give you pointer on the characteristics of different neighborhoods. There are residential subdivisions in the Riviera Maya where it is possible to find a good mix of a reasonable price, safety and good living standards. We can help you find the ideal home for you!

Remember, at Top Mexico Real Estate… We Make it Happen!




Do’s and Don’ts when buying Real Estate in Mexico


Here at Top Mexico Real Estate, we have over a decade experience helping foreigners find and purchase the ideal home. Most of our clients decide to buy or invest in a vacation property, and there is a growing number that want to enjoy the benefits of retiring in Mexico.

Many of our clients start with a property wish-list, take time to visit their dream destination or start browsing the internet to see what is out there in terms of style, price and amenities. But most of them don’t take time to understand the purchasing process in Mexico, which can lead to frustration or increased costs.

One of the most important things to consider is that Real Estate in Mexico works differently than in North America, in order to avoid common mistakes. We have this list of Do’s and Don’ts and hope it can be useful in the process of finding the right realtor, property and team of professionals to buy Real Estate in Mexico.

Do’s when buying Real Estate in Mexico

Do check your realtor credentials

In most states in Mexico, there are no regulations or certifications for Real Estate Agents. There are realtors out there offering properties for sale without any knowledge of the process of buying Real Estate by a foreigner.

Our advice is to take the time to research your Realtor, some important questions or elements are:

  • Do they have an established web page? Or are they using free sites to advertise?
  • Do they have proper corporate emails? Are they using free emails services or only can provide cellphone numbers to contact them?
  • Ask to visit their physical offices, Is this an established business?
  • Ask questions about their credentials, experience and if they belong to The Mexican Association of Realtors (AMPI)
  • Ask about their training, certificates or credentials… don’t be shy. A professional Real Estate Agent must have some documentation, and will be glad to share this information with you.

Do take time to understand the purchasing process

The more you learn about the process of buying Real Estate in Mexico, the easier it will be for you to understand what is going on. Remember things work differently, and in many cases the process is slower that it would be back at home.

There are elements that are unique to a foreigner purchasing Real Estate in Mexico, such as getting a permit from the Exterior Affairs Department, or putting a Fideicomiso (bank trust) in Place. This is on top of the regular process of researching the property background, gathering documentation, writing contracts and register you as the official owner of the property in the Property registration system.

Our company has a series of free e-books, videos and webinars that are available at our webpage. These are excellent resources to get a primer on Real Estate topics, especially for foreigners buying Real Estate in Mexico.
Don’ts when buying Real Estate in Mexico

Don’t rush! Take your time to research both the property and neighborhood

If you are buying a vacation rental, it might be idea to look for a similar place or unit in the same complex and experience how is it like to actually live there. Even if this is not possible, renting in the area might give you an idea of the community, safety, level of noise and traffic, etc.

This is even more important if you are considering retiring or living abroad, in order to experience firsthand how is it to be an expat. It also gives you a chance to see if you are ready to live in this place, if you can get all the services you need and if you can adapt to the differences between your dream location and home.

Don’t let excitement affect your judgement

Maybe you find an amazing deal on the internet, or see a unit and completely fall in love with it and are ready to make an offer. Excitement can sometimes affect your judgement, and rushing into buying a property before researching might be a costly mistake.

This is part of what we do, as professionals that live and work in the area; we can share our insight on the neighborhood, subdivision or even the local beach. We can suggest properties based on your wish list and client profile, in order to prevent our customers to end up with the wrong property.

Don’t try to save money by skipping a broker (and her commission)

Purchasing a property is a long process that goes beyond posting nice pictures on the internet and signing the contract. An experienced agency will be your guide in this process, and their knowledge and expertise are an important part of buying a property in a safely and legal manner.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the commission is paid by the seller, not the buyer. Plus, having a Real Estate Agent by your side can save you money and tears.

Here at Top Mexico Real Estate, we can help you to find and purchase the ideal property. We have been helping nationals and foreigners to become homeowners, and have agents in the most popular areas in Mexico.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

At Top Mexico Real Estate… We Make It Happen!



Condos with Beach Club in the Riviera Maya

Living on a beachfront property is not for everyone, but having a home with access to a beach club is the second best thing!

Owning a beachfront property in the Riviera Maya is an amazing opportunity, and there are several developments that offer this kind of units… for a price. Having a piece of paradisiac property on the beach comes with some downsides such as the lack of privacy and being exposed to the elements in the case of a hurricane.

If you are exploring real estate options with beach access, maybe you should also consider properties that have access to a Beach Club. A beach club is a beachfront club for the exclusive access of its members, it offers all the amenities such as pool, Jacuzzi, lounge chairs, lockers, among others.

Choosing a property with a beach club has several advantage like a lower cost, so you can afford a better property, a bigger area or to get a turn-key home ready to move in. Also, these subdivisions offer privacy and increased security, as most of these developments are gated communities with all sorts of added amenities.

Please have a look at these amazing properties that offer access to a beach club and let us know what you think.

The Fives & The Fives Downtown Playa del Carmen

The Fives is an amazing subdivision located within Playa del Carmen and with easy access to 5th Avenue and downtown Playa. It also offers special deals on their hotel services, and has a good variety of layouts that range from a Studio to a 3-bedroom Penthouse.

The fives offers an amazing lifestyle, with special discounts for residents in their hotel services and access to the exclusive Beachclub in Xcalacoco beach. The Fives also has units available in downtown Playa del Carmen, and the homeowners can also use the facilities in the Xcalacoco Beach Club.

Villas Las Palmas in Tulum

Villas Las Palmas is an exciting luxury condominium development, located in the heart of the prestigious Aldea Zama. Your home in Villas Las Palmas is only steps away from the shopping area in Aldea Zama, so you can enjoy the best restaurants, shops and entertainment.

If you like to be pampered, this is the property for you!  Villas Las Palmas has great amenities such as daily maid service, full concierge services, private bartender & chef and spa services, as well as private shuttle to the exclusive Papaya Project Beach Club.

Tao in Tulum

Tao is one of our best-selling developments, there are so many things to love! Its location in the Bahia Principe Resort is privileged. Your home will be surrounded by the lush Mayan jungle and steps away from amazing beaches that are home to three different species of turtles.

This development offers not only a home, but also to be part of an amazing community. There are a series of organized events, as well as a wellness center that allows you to keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect shape.

This subdivision offers access to services in the Bahia Principe Resort and to the hotel’s beach club. Currently there is another beach club being built, that will be for the exclusive use of Tao residents.

There are many other properties with access to beach clubs; feel free to explore all of the available units in our website. Owning property in Mexico is possible, do not let old myths to get on the way of you getting the ideal holiday home!

Here at Top Mexico Real Estate, we specialize in helping foreigners find the ideal home. We have agents in the hottest Real Estate Markets in Mexico, so it’s a one stop to look for the ideal neighborhood for you.

At Top Mexico Real Estate, We Make It Happen!


Top 5 Properties for Retirees in Playa del Carmen

Retiring in the Caribbean is a dream for many, regardless of their age, employment status or financial status. If you have ever dreamed of living in Mexico, Playa del Carmen might be the right place for you.

Located only 45 minutes south of Cancun Airport, Playa del Carmen is a beautiful holiday destination on its own. Some of its attractions are spectacular beaches and an exciting variety of fun activities.

Even though Playa del Carmen is still a small city, it offers all the amenities and services you need: supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. The city is growing fast, and the prices rising; but now is a good moment to invest in the future as the peso price is on the fall.

Here at Top Mexico Real Estate, we see fantastic properties on the market on a daily basis. We decided to make a Top 5 property for Retirees in order to help our customers find the ideal place, and showcase what is out there.

Our picks for Top 5 Properties for Retirees in Playa del Carmen

Downtown Location

Downtown is ideal for those looking to be steps away from the beach and all the fun. If you like the idea of walking everywhere and don’t mind being in the heart of this vibrant city, this might be ideal for you!


Downtown location, elevator and walking distance to everything.

This amazing one-bedroom apartment is located only a block away from the beach and steps away to 5th avenue. The condominium offers an urban lifestyle and amenities like a pool, a parking area, an elevator and 24/7 private security.

This is an ideal retirement haven because of its central location near everything, it is also popular among foreigners so it is an ideal place to meet new friends; in a mostly English speaking environment.


Downtown location, elevator and walking distance to everything.

Icono is a popular condominium complex, located minutes away from the beach and everything downtown has to offer. If you don’t want to be so close to the party and crowds near 5th avenue, but still want to be within a close distance, this might be the property for you!

The are several prototypes to fit your needs and budget: from a studio to a 3-bedroom condo. Every unit has access to a common area, a pool, a parking area and an elevator; as well as security 24/7.

Menesse The City

A great location and rental potential, perfect for snowbirds.

This condominium has perfect location in the central area of Playa del Carmen, which makes it the perfect choice for snowbirds who plan to use their property only part of the year and generate income the rest of the time. This development offers elevator, gym and pool, among many other amenities.

Residential Private Subdivisions in the Suburbs

Playa del Carmen is still a small city, and the commute from the suburbs to downtown is no longer than 10 minutes by car. These properties are located in exclusive master planned gated communities, and they have more amenities than single condo units.

If you want to enjoy a premium lifestyle, have a look at these amazing properties!

Hacienda del Rio

A community planned for retirees, steps away from the beach!

Hacienda del Rio is a big favorite among retirees looking for their tropical haven: comfortable and spacious areas, with views to the jungle and the lazy river style pool. The houses are customizable and have a colorful Mexican design, with big green areas to provide privacy and beauty.

Hacienda del Rio is located in the prestigious El Cielo Gated community, which offers wide roads, bike paths and access to an exclusive Beach Club in the nearby beach of Xcalacoco. El Cielo has an upscale atmosphere and it surrounded by first class hotels, golf courses and everything Playa del Carmen has to offer.

AWA Condos

Comfortable and spacious condos in a quiet community, steps away from the beach!

Another condominium in el Cielo Residencial, surrounded by nature and far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Playa del Carmen. Awa Condos offers a modern lifestyle, with all the services and amenities like common areas, a pool and a gym.

Bike, walk or run to the beach, El Cielo has beautiful gardens throughout and an exclusive beach club at Xcalacoco Beach. Something we really love about these condos is the open layout, the amazing views and the amenities like 24/7 security. There are just a couple of units available! See here and here.


A quiet subdivision, with a wellness center and daily planned activities for its residents.

Tao is located in Tulum, but it’s a great option for retirees looking for a quiet and healthy environment, with beautiful units surrounded by nature in a master planned community. If you want a worry-free lifestyle, you are going to love the beach club, the planned activities and the wellness center.

Tao offers different layouts, and we are sure you will love the spacious and airy units. Be part of an amazing lifestyle and give back to your community, supporting local Mayan towns!

Living or retiring in Playa del Carmen is a possible dream, we have helped thousands of foreigners become homeowners in Mexico. Here at Top Mexico Real Estate, we can help you find and purchase the ideal property.

Our website has so many beautiful properties, and we also have special section for Retirement Friendly Properties. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about living, investing and retiring in Mexico.

Here in Top Mexico Real Estate… We Make it Happen!



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