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Escape the Winter!

According to the Farmer´s Almanac, the upcoming winter is looking like it will be a repeat of last year. 2014/2015 brought more than 4,400 new record-low temperatures across the U.S. in January, and over 1,000 record snowfalls. Weather predictions for the upcoming 2015/2016 winter are the same or worse. Unseasonably cold conditions over the Atlantic Seaboard, eastern portions of the Great Lakes, and the lower peninsula of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, most of the Tennessee and Mississippi Valley, as well as much of the Gulf Coast. It´s going to be brutal. The Almanac foresees cold and snow for months, or in the words of its’ editor Janice Stillman ¨Super cold, with a slew of snow¨.

 photo 30n6shovel_zpskxbuecce.jpg

New Englanders will once again experience a very frigid winter and further west over the Rockies milder that temperatures are expected. The bitter, cold shivery forecasts of last year resulted in 23 eastern states experiencing one of their top-ten coldest Februarys on record. Residents of these same states may want to get a jump start now and stock up on lots of winter survival gear like sweaters, long johns and plenty of firewood. But there is an alternative to this dire future: Escape to Mexico!

If you want to avoid the above-mentioned prognosis then join the approximately one million Americans that live in Mexico. Many of those are part-time residents, hundreds of thousands of snowbirds who spend the winter months in vacation homes enjoying warm weather and cold cerveza. Much like real birds, their annual migration to the warmer climates is a yearly ritual. The prospect of sunshine draws them and countless travelers looking to avoid the long, cold winter in places like the Mayan Riviera.

In Cancun and Playa del Carmen there is plenty of sun, white sand beaches and warm Caribbean waters to make you forget that winter even exists. Not only will you be able to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle of dance and yoga classes and public sports complexes with basketball courts and running tracks you´ll also find a never-ending supply of tropical fruit juices and fresh food to keep you feeling healthy and fit. Once you experience a winter season like this your conversion to the snowbird life will be complete and you´ll wonder how you ever did without it.

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If you want to escape the winter Top Mexico Real Estate has the experience and credentials to guide you through the process of purchasing the home of your dreams in Mexico. To get you started on your Mexico real estate journey, check out the Live It, Compare It & Buy It Tour.

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The Movie Star Lifestyle You Deserve

Close your eyes for one second and imagine what it would be like to be sitting in your living room, taking deep breaths of the delicious ocean breeze, seeing the calm and gorgeous sea steps away from you and being surrounded by beauty and luxury. This could be your life in Quinta del Mar.

Located in Nuevo Vallarta, just 8 kilometers north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, you can find Los Flamingos Estates. Not only do they pour comfort, relaxation and luxury, but also they have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Within Los Flamingos Estates lays is Banderas Bay and here wherein you will find luxury at its finest. You will be surrounded by green mountains, and blessed with the golden touch of the sun every day at home.

Quinta del Mar is a beautiful condominium complex offering top of the line luxury condos for people like you. The condos feature an open style architectural design, which allows the flow of air and elegance throughout. The structure is shaped to mimic the waves of the ocean and the curves of the nature that surrounds it. Although these are condos, their size makes them feel like a home.

 photo 3748_orig_zpsgpmvzknp.jpg

Every room in the condos offers a view to the ocean. The master bedroom is huge and has a unique en suite bathroom with a bathtub deserving of Hollywood stars. The bathtub itself is a front row seat to some of the most stunning views of the emerald Pacific waters. The open kitchen connects with the living area and features top of the line appliances.

 photo Quinta del Mar 3_zpsjrzditqs.jpg

The terrace – which you can access through the grand sliding glass doors in the living room – offers a panoramic view of the ocean and provides an excellent place for gatherings. But, why are you living by the beach if you’re spending all this time at home?

The complex has an endless list of amenities. Whether you want to enjoy a friendly tennis match in the beautiful tennis courts, or do some laps in the extensive and breathtaking swimming pool, you’re in for a ride. The gym and spa add a relaxing atmosphere to the already tranquil property. There is also a restaurant to try some delicious seafood specialties worthy of a UNESCO World Heritage title. If you want to invite family and friends over, you don’t need to entertain them in your condo; you can take them to the clubhouse where you will be able to enjoy a bar and a grill. Sounds like a dream come true.

 photo QDM Night_zpsxw6lbjzr.jpg

If you’ve ever wondered what glamorous personalities are worthy of this lifestyle, the answer is you. Just like every celebrity out there, you deserve privacy and safety. That is why the 24-hour security, controlled access and closed circuit cameras in every residence provide the upmost security for your enjoyment.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor already graced the area with their elegance and glamour, and so have many other stars, and you’re on the waiting list. Are you ready to take on the luxurious lifestyle of a movie star.

If you have any questions regarding Nuevo Vallarta, Quinta del Mar or any of the many properties we have listed throughout our website, feel free to contact us. Out team of Top Buyer Representatives will be happy to help you find your way to stardom with a property in paradise.

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Live It, Compare It, Buy It Tour by Top Mexico Real Estate

Without a doubt, Mexico is a country that attracts plenty of American and Canadian citizens who decide to leave their lives up north behind and settle in the warm heart of this Hispanic country. An estimated 1 million American citizens live in Mexico, the majority being retirees who overlooked the popular US retirement destinations and went south of the border.

 photo Coco Beach_zpst5saukbh.jpg

With a greater demand for life in Mexico, developers have started building hundreds upon hundreds of new properties. With so many available on the market, without really knowing much about them or the places they’re located in, how do you choose a property that is suitable for you?

It is quite simple, really. Top Mexico Real Estate, an American-owned real estate company located in Playa del Carmen has launched a new product called the Live It, Compare It & Buy It Tour. This tour is an all-around, complete experience for you to live in and experience the neighborhoods that you are interested in, compare the places and properties and finally, buy the one that you love most. All this is done with the professional assistance of registered and experienced Top Buyers’ Representative. After all, you’re buying a foreign country and the most important thing is to be educated about the market and the process so that your purchase runs smoothly.

How: The Live It Tour has Top Mexico 101’s, where our professional area leading experts will teach you everything about the purchasing process. All you need to do is show up with an open mind about educating yourself on the dos and don’ts of buying real estate in Mexico, learning about the marketplace and finding the best property for you. You will have workshops, classes and videos, which will help you become an expert.

What: the tour is thought and planned to make you experience life in certain neighborhoods throughout the Riviera Maya. Because of this, the tour includes exclusive and luxury accommodation (including meals, snacks and beverages). You will be provided with private transportation to and from the Cancun International Airport, accommodations and to and from the properties to be viewed during the tour.

 photo Fives_zpsxmqnrzdr.jpg

On the VIP Tour you will also be attending in person workshops and courses guided by our team of expert who are ready to answer all of your queries about becoming a homeowner. During your stay you will experience what it’s like to live in various areas of the Riviera Maya so that you can make an informed decision when buying, never second-guessing yourself.

The most important thing is that you end this tour with a whole lot of knowledge so you can purchase smartly. Our Top Mexico Buyers’ Representatives are here for you. Once you have decided what your wish list is, they will create the perfect VIP tour for you until you find the place that you consider to be the perfect paradise home.

Costs: the tour can range anywhere between $399 and $899 USD per couple; you decide how much you pay. There is a three-day tour and up to a seven-day VIP tour. You choose how many days you can stay in the Riviera Maya and what time of the year is perfect for you to visit and live this amazing experience. If you want to get an exact quote, feel free to visit Top Mexico Real Estate’s website and fill out the Live It Tour contact form letting them know your questions.

The Live It, Compare It & Buy It Tour is the ultimate preparation you need before becoming a homeowner in Mexico. It will allow you to educate yourself so you can understand the difference between properties, neighborhoods and even payment methods. This way, the path to owning a paradise home will be easier than ever.

It’s time you experience the lifestyle you are searching for with the help of expert real estate agents. You can contact any of our Top Mexico Buyers’ Representatives should you have any further questions about the tour, costs, dates or anything else!

And remember, here at Top Mexico Real Estate

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The Fives: Luxury Living That Earns You Money

Have you ever visited a five star resort in Mexico and bemoaned the fact that spending a week was not enough? Did you wish the private beach, the beautiful accommodations, gourmet dining and temporary break from the real world could go on for longer? Surely living in a place like this would be out of the question unless you were independently wealthy. That may have been the case in the past… until now!

The Fives luxury condo-hotel in Playa del Carmen started construction on a new phase. Just a 15 minute drive from downtown Playa del Carmen, it´s far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city center but close enough to get to by car, taxi or collectivo if you want to go there for the day. It´s located at Playa Xcalacoco, a small beach just north of Playa Del Carmen. There are so many great beaches to go to along the Riviera Maya that this beach is not a destination in itself for tourists, but really more of a beach for locals that want to experience something different. The water is very calm here because of the reef and rocks and there are small pools of water where sealife live. You can spend countless hours looking for the tiny fish and crabs that inhabit the beach, or walk around and feed the several types of sea birds.

 photo fives 3_zpsbxgxinuy.jpg

When you are tired of the beach you can make the most of the amenities that the Fives offers, including four restaurants and customized catering for parties, room service and grocery delivery, housekeeping service, a tennis court, a spa and fitness center, a beach club with large pools and a kids club that will look after your little ones while you enjoy yourself.

 photo Fives 1_zpscpwxu2ej.jpg

Besides enjoying the benefits of luxury living there is high investment potential, fulfilled by reputable hotelier Karisma. The Fives was strategically designed to operate as a 5-star resort which also guarantees a return on your investment. It utilizes a worry-free maintenance and administration program in which your property is managed for you, freeing you from the need to do it yourself or look for an outside management company. At The Fives you can feel comfortable that your Playa del Carmen condo will generate a return on investment.

 photo Fives_zpsxmqnrzdr.jpg

This is top class living at its finest, with one, two, three bedroom condos and penthouses to choose from, each one fully furnished and ready for your next vacation. You can relax in comfort and take advantage of The Fives beautiful premiere beach club, the spa facilities, kids club and much more. Buy now, start renting and earning income, and don´t worry about the rest. The Fives will handle it for you!

Now if you have any questions about The Fives or any of the Top Mexico Real Estate properties we have listed in Playa Del Carmen, the Riviera Maya or anywhere throughout Mexico, please feel free to contact any of our Top Mexico Buyers’ Representatives and we will be glad to help you find your very own piece of paradise.

And remember, here at Top Mexico Real Estate

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Artia: Release Your Inner Bohemian

Imagine living in the jungle, a primordial existence surrounded by dense vegetation, wildlife and close proximity to a beautiful beach. Your home is made of natural materials like Bahareque and Chukum, two natural material found in the region. The design is reminiscent of a castaway architect’s luxury abode, something Robinson Crusoe may have designed were he an architect. Throw in some modern amenities and you have yourself a luxury-designed Tulum condominium complex that creates a space of tranquility and peace with the perfect blend of art and functionality to bring out the inner bohemian in you.

 photo artia_zpsetktfm9j.jpg

Artia is located just off the main beach highway in Tulum where the hotel zone is located. This is where you will find the Papaya Playa Beach Club, quite possibly the best amenity offered with Artia. As a new owner of one of the beautiful condos you get an exclusive membership at this tranquil setting where you can enjoy the amenities, services and friendliness offered by the beach club. These include local cuisine, a spa, a resident shaman and regular morning yoga classes. The proximity to the surf lets you enjoy snorkeling, cenotes, ocean fishing, deep-sea diving, and Mayan ruins. And there is also monthly full moon party as well.

 photo artia 2_zpsoyit970a.jpg

Artia is a modern Tulum condo that mixes the latest architectural trends with local resources and materials. The condos have two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen with quality finishes. The condos feature a beautiful patio, a balcony and a gorgeous solarium with a splash pool, BBQ and lounge area, plus an amazing view of the beach.

 photo artia3_zpslqwsy4zy.jpg

Artia is located within the beautiful community of Alder Zama which is a few minutes from the beach and the archaeological sites. It´s starting to build up with different developments and a pedestrian-only commercial area that will feature shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as a farmer´s market and palapa for yoga and meditation.

Artia is due to be delivered by June 2016 and you can keep up to date with construction and further information by visiting their website.

Now if you have any questions about Artia or any of the Top Mexico Real Estate properties we have listed in Tulum, the Riviera Maya or anywhere throughout Mexico, please feel free to contact any of our Top Mexico Buyers’ Representatives and we will be glad to help you find your very own piece of paradise.

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