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Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate; Bacalar and Chetumal

On the southern part of Quintana Roo, following highway 307 towards the Beliz border, you run across a beautiful quiet little town nestled along the lagoon called Bacalar Bacalar has various oceanfront real estate properties that are for sale which have caught the attention of many northerners The majority of Mexico oceanfront real estate in Quintana Roo is located in Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Cozumel, and of Costa Maya But Bacalar's oceanfront properties are unique in that the water is not salty, but fresh water fed from underground springs.

Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate Bacalar

Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate:City Bacalar

We made this road trip with the final destination being Chetumal, the state capital to do some business for my husband Thomas On the trip, we decided to stop for a bite to eat in the beautiful oceanfront town of Bacalar

Mexico Oceanfront Real estate RestaurantIn all fact, the city does not sit in front of the ocean, but it is a lagoon that feels like a summer lake Many buildings still have the Mayan style thatched roofs like the restaurant that we visited pictured to the left The afternoon was calm that Thursday, we saw one boat skimming along the waters and the rest of the water movement came from the birds and winds

The town is small with about 15,000 people, a very quaint downtown center, with a fort that hosts a local museum The town attracts visitors mainly because of the beautiful turquoise waters known as the lake of 7 colors

The water is fresh water and can be very attractive site for small sail boat or motor boat frequenters Many of the homes built along the waterfront put in docks for lounging and for tying up their boats.

Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate 2

Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate 4

Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate: Chetumal

15 or 20 minutes away from Bacalar, you find ChetumalChetumal is the state capital of Quintana Roo along the Mexico Caribbean ocean It is the furthest city to the south, bordering the southern country of Beliz Chetumal is about 250,000 in population and borders on the Chetumal bay Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate 5

The bay is known for the natural life and especially the manitee marine mammels (sea cows)

It is a very peaceful capital Many state buildings and offices throughout each corner of the city, and museums that are located on the main avenue called Heroes

A new shopping center is operating on the northern part of the city with movie theatres, department stores, and food courts with various franchise establishments.

Downtown, one of the famous museums is the Museum of the Mayan Culture This is a great place to start to learn about the Mayan Culture and history for all of the Yucatan peninsula It shows and introduces the visitors to many ruins and important sites throughout the Mayan zone

Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate 6

The pyramids at Oxtankah were an amazing and memorable visit One of the few pyramids in Quintana Roo that is completely engulfed by the jungle

Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate pyramid Alongside the Chetumal Bay these ruins are also one of the last few that the officials actually allow the visitors to walk up the structures to explore and learn

This site was believed to be inhabited during 200 upto 600 AC There are basically 5 structures all believed to be either administrative and ceremonial in their functions The body of one of the city's rulers was placed in this pyramid tomb

Mexico Oceanfront real estate 8The Mayan would lay his arms and legs outstretched and his head would be pointing northward Here in the sacred buildings, priests would carry out ceremonies which would strengthen the rulers ties with their gods I know that many people when searching for a second home investment down here in Mexico, choose the location on basis of nearby attractions or cities to visitThe cities found along the Mexican Caribbean are fortunate to have many nearby attraction points to visit and explore Merida, Campeche, are gorgeous colonial cities full of history and culture Hundreds of miles of beaches to explore and cenotes to discover Mayan history and the ruins are found in practically every village and who knows, as many experts state, hundreds of Mayan structures have yet to be uncovered You might end up discovering a new pyramid yourself!


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  • larry Neuffer March 15, 2010, 12:54 pm

    I have been looking for property along the Lagun for some time and not a lot of luck. Any help is appreciated.

  • ThomasLloyd February 28, 2010, 10:14 pm

    Hello Dan,

    Tomorrow we are actually adding a new member to our network, to handle the Costa Maya Bacalar region. I know she is busy putting up some listings, and this will begin appearing during this week. I will also introduce the both of you by private email. Thanks


  • Dan February 14, 2010, 9:41 pm

    My wife and I have been looking on the internet at property, conversion sites and homes in Bacalar lake. We have not found much. Do you have a listing of what is available?


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