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Building Your Dream Home in Mexico – Permits and Early Steps Part 2

Yesterday I offered a brief overview of some of the first key steps in the process of building a home in Mexico.  Today’s post offers a closer overview of an all-important topic – permits.

Building a home in MexicoPermits

One of the most important early items will be the permits.  As one builder puts it, the only permit needed to proceed with building is a construction permit, which is granted by the municipality; however, there are permits needed to gain this permit, and others that could cause complications later on (such as fines or even putting the project on hold) if they are not in place.

Permits are not the same for each project.  For example, a home built next to the beach in places like Playa del Carmen will require several environmental permits from the federal and state governments.  (It must also be noted that there are plenty of lots in the Playa del Carmen real estate area that are within a short distance to the beach, but do not require any extra permits.)

In cases where a lot is wooded, there are permit to remove the vegetation. This can be avoided by buying a prepared lot; if someone chooses a “raw” lot to save money, the will need to consider not only the cost of clearing, but also the cost of the permit to remove the vegetation and the time to gain this permit.  This item will need to be considered in markets like Tulum real estate, where much of the area is still jungle. Often agreements to leave a significant portion of the trees standing can make the process easier, and add value to the property.

There are also documents that prove that a property owner is indeed paying their workers, perhaps involving unions, depending on who is hired to do the work.  These documents will not be required to validate the building, but offer protection for the owner down the road.

Building a home in Mexico

Even the building permit itself will require several “endorsements;” for example, it will need a stamp of approval from Hacienda, which is Mexico’s equivalent to the IRA, as well as the Health Department.

Again, an experienced professional will know best which permits are necessary and how to navigate through the process of obtaining them.  Property owners who decide to give it a go on their own should proceed carefully, taking all necessary time to do their homework before beginning any preparation or step of construction, talking to people who have built in the same community to ensure they have necessary permits and have covered their grounds.

Andy Welbourne, from London, Ontario, has been living in Playa del Carmen and working as a part of the team with Thomas Lloyd for 7 years. He has worked with many Canadians and Americans to assist in finding their dream home in the Mexican Caribbean; many of these clients have turned into great friendships. Contact Andy at (512) 879-6546.

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