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An exciting getaway to Holbox

When you finally decide to retire in Mexico or move down to the Caribbean, your entertainment options will include an endless stream of adventures. You can choose from a multitude of coastline retreats, historic inland excursions or visit the many tropical islands that sit just offshore. On this particular getaway, we decided to take an overnight trip to Isla Holbox. There are many things to see and do when staying more than a day and night. You can swim with whale sharks, visit the flamingos on the nearby Isla Passion, and/or explore Holbox’s Eco Park to name just a few. This enchanting island sits just off the Yucatan Peninsula’s northern point.

After taking a relaxing two-hour bus ride from Playa del Carmen, we arrived at the quaint and very welcoming little town of Chiquila. From here we caught a ferry to the village of Holbox. Besides being an out-of-the-way tourist destination, Holbox is still a traditional fishing village. As we departed the ferry and headed towards town, we noticed that all the roads are hard packed dirt. There are curbs and brief sections of sidewalks, but the roads are unpaved.

As we got closer to the center of town, things started to come alive a little more. People were shuffling around going about their daily business. The town of Holbox allows only golf carts and scooters to occupy the roadways. All the shops and markets that line the town’s interior streets looked to be locally owned and operated. There seems to be plenty of restaurants to choose from that serve up all types of cuisines. If you are one of those individuals who look for corporate signage, you aren’t going to find it here. The residents of Holbox thrive on unity and believe in supporting locally own businesses. This is very evident everywhere you look.

The dog-leg shaped island is 26 miles long and about a mile wide. Most of its 1,200 full time residents live in or near the town. We flagged down a taxi – golf cart labeled taxi and set out to find our hotel. We were staying slightly east of town. The hotel’s structured framework, wooden doors and floor panels were built using local timber. The groomed landscape was all natural foliage and formed a private barrier between buildings. The beach was direct across the street and offered beautiful western views from the lounge chairs in front of the hotel.

Once we settled into the room, a relaxing stroll along the beach was on our agenda. The cool tempered water splashing on our legs, soothing breeze brushing against our faces and swaying palm trees offered us a true Caribbean lifestyle. On the way back, we stopped along the way to have a tropical drink under a seaside palapa and enjoyed a magnificent sunset. How can life get any better than this!

The evening was upon us and the hotel’s concierge ordered a taxi for the short ride into town. We selected a restaurant that had a second story terrace that looked out over parts of the town. When on an island in the Gulf of Mexico, seafood needs to be the favored choice. When a subtle ambiance is complimented with a refreshing beverage and fabulous food, the makings for a perfect evening are in order.

The next morning we buzzed around town exploring all the local shops and open air markets. The craftsmanship that goes into making the pottery, carved woodwork, jewelry and other trinkets is nothing less than amazing. We had a late lunch in one of the many quaint cafes before making our way towards the ferry terminal and eventually back to Playa del Carmen.

Experiencing different getaways can be a daily, weekly or monthly occasion. Living in Mexico gives you the freedom to explore all the beautiful sites that surround you. Spend a day exploring Mayan Ruins, snorkeling in crystal clear waters or zip lining through the jungle. Take a few days and relax beachside on a tropical island or discover the historic city of Merida where Spain granted the Yucatan cities their independence back in 1821. Don’t put off till later when you can start living today!

At Top Mexico Real Estate we love sharing the beauty of the place we call home. Feel free to contact us if you want to join us in paradise!


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Exploring Coba in a 360° Video Tour

Located 44 kilometers away from Tulum is the small community of Coba, which mostly consist of a couple rustic neighborhoods, a few local restaurants and a small grocery store. There are also two lagoons that bookend this quaint little town.

What makes Coba a popular daytime destination with tourists are the ancient Mayan Ruins that date back as far as 600 to 900 AD. The archeological site is world known and is an extraordinary adventure. When you are wandering around the site it almost feels like you just discovered a hidden city. Studies show that this ancient city could have had a population of 50,000 or more inhabitants at any given time. This explains the abundance of pyramids and other structures that could have been used as stores, shops and other needed services.

The Mayan civilization left behind engraved pictures and writings at the top of the temples. There are hand carved Stelae that exhibit their ceremonial rituals and dress. You can see alters and other artifacts that were built to serve their gods in many ways. The maze of roads and thoroughfares will lead you all around this once thriving city. When you first enter the site there are several pyramids where you can climb and get a 360-degree view of how large the city really was. One of the pyramids takes you over 130 feet high and offers spectacular views.

Enjoy all these views and roads in this amazing 360 video tour. Use the arrows to explore each scene; you can turn around, up and down to enjoy a whole picture of this incredible site.

The tour takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to really see everything. Take note on a few things to consider when exploring this historical site and that is to wear proper clothing and shoes, bring plenty of water and a hat, and always watch your footing. It is so exciting to see all the incredible sites that you sometimes forget to look down at where you are going.

You can explore the site by foot, by bicitaxi (a taxi service on a tricycle) or rent out a bike to wander around at your own pace.

There are a few ways to get to Coba and its ruins. You can take the ADO bus from Playa del Carmen, catch a colectivo or hire a taxi driver for a round trip ride. Coba is approximately 40 minutes from nearby Tulum and a little over an hour and twenty minutes away when leaving from Playa del Carmen. The site’s operating hours are from 8 am to 5 pm every day.

There is another close by attractions such as various cenotes and other archeological sites. When you are in the area, make it a point to visit this once in a lifetime experience. It’s hard not to fall in love with the charm of Coba, with its tree-lined roads and the many mysteries that this ancient town keeps.

At TOP Mexico Real Estate we love sharing the beauty and attractions of the Riviera Maya.  Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about Tulum real estate opportunities.



Fashionable Furnishing Styles in Mexico

When you invest in Mexico you can create your own ambiance within your home. Either purchasing or building a home in Mexico, you will want to think about how to furnish it. In some areas, the limited choices of retail outlets for certain commodities can be very frustrating. But here in Playa del Carmen, there are a wider variety of options for furnishing your new home.

Before you select a supplier, chose a style that you want to surround yourself with. There are plenty of talented people who can help you with ideas and suggestions. The motif you decide on will probably be with you for quite some time. I have seen modern contemporary, modern traditional – traditional, and tropical/coastal flare. When making your decision, you need to take into consideration how the home will function. Is it going to be your full-time residence when you retire in Mexico? Will you use it for a seasonal destination and/or rent it out? What is your budget? These are things you will have to know when deciding on a décor.

Modern Contemporary offers a degree of original culture by using noted local artists to fashion a modern theme. Your wall and accent pieces will somewhat define your furniture selection or vice versa. The color of your walls will also influence your decorative environment. It is suggested to do some on-line research and find what pleases your taste. One site you might want to visit is Furniture Mex (on-line only If you want to actually see or talk to someone about your ideas, you can go to the following locations.

  • Quku Home Design – They are noted for having good taste in furniture and design. They also have an on-line site.
  • Unique Wood & Iron – They have custom made furniture and lighting. Local tropical hardwoods are used in making their furnishing.

There are several stores of this caliber in Playa del Carmen.

Modern Traditional can be a little tricky when blending newer with older Mexico. There are lots of boutique stores in and around Playa del Carmen that offer smaller handmade accent tables, stands and chairs. There is also an abundance of local art galleries that have a variety of wall art that will add to the mix. Most of the artwork displayed here in Playa del Carmen is original and can be quite affordable. Replicas or reprints can be purchased for the more budget minded as well.

When it comes to furniture, you can again do some research on-line or visit a few retail outlets. Below are a few you might want to investigate.

  • Unique Wood & Iron – Again can be an option for custom made furniture.
  • Casa Latina – Offers Spanish style furniture and has a large showroom.
  • Fabrica de Muebles (meaning: furniture factory) – Specializes in more of a true traditional Mexican design of furnishings. They too will make custom pieces upon request.

Any of these stores mentioned above can help you with your desired style.

Tropical or Island Flare designs can be fun and very affordable. There are numerous shops and nautical themed boutiques that offer anything from fun wall art to island accented pieces. This kind of décor can fit perfectly into a second home/vacation destination and/or a rental investment property. It brings a cheery ambiance and welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. Acquiring this style of furniture can also be fun. Below are a couple of places you might want to check out.

  • Unique Wood & Iron – Again and again, I come back to Unique Wood & Iron because they can customize to your taste. They also make their furniture from tropical wood which would add to the décor.
  • La Casa Gris – La Casa Gris ( can easily furnish most every room in your new home. They do have a retail outlet in Playa del Carmen for your convenience. They offer low to mid pricing which can be beneficial to you and your investment.

There are many ways you can go with a tropical motif and spending time selecting pieces to strategically place around your home can be very exciting, especially if you like to visit lots of different shops and unique boutiques.

If you’re away from Playa, you can also check out Sears, which has a lot of living room furniture and household decorations and also has a small section from Pier 1 Imports. Sears has a website, so you can start checking out options even from back home:

Another option is Liverpool, where you can get good quality and you will pay for it as well. It also has a website:

If time becomes a factor or you get stuck trying to decide what to do, don’t be afraid to ask your Top Mexico Real Estate buyer’s representative. We can provide additional information to help you make of your new Playa del Carmen investment feel like home.

At TOP Mexico Real Estate we specialize in helping American and Canadians find their dream home in Mexico. Get in touch and a Buyer’s representative will get back to you!



Looking for an investment in the Riviera Maya? Check out these properties in Playa del Carmen and Tulum. These pre-construction condos are affordable and stylish, offering a comfortable vacation home with lots of potential as a rental property.

Take advantage of pre-construction prices!

Condos at El Cielo Residencial

If you are looking for an ideal location that is close to everything Mexico has at an affordable price, then you should be packing your bags and heading south. El Cielo is one of the Riviera Maya’s most up and coming gated communities. This tropical paradise is minutes away from many popular destinations like Playa del Carmen, the Grand Coral Golf Club and Xcalacoco Beach to mention just a few.

Starting at $130,000 USD you can be enjoying a 2 bedroom / 2 bath condo with 1,270 sqft of unique living space. This magnificently designed condo offers a fully equipped kitchen with granite countertops, breakfast bar, and a master bedroom that features an en-suite bathroom and walk in closet. It also boasts mini split ACs and plenty of outdoor light coming from your own patio where you can entertain. There is an upgraded model that includes a private solarium with a Jacuzzi, outdoor sitting area, and an enclosed studio and bar.

The 9 condo complex offers open parking, an elevator and a swimming pool. When you want to have visitors, it will be very easy to entertain them on the spacious terrace and its open sundeck. Nothing but relaxing times are headed your way when you choose to own in El Cielo.

Newer development near the beach

If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to be right next to Playa del Carmen’s famous 5th Ave. and its spectacular beaches, then look no further because your dreams have come true. This newly developed project offers many desirable amenities that aren’t available in similar properties. Starting at just $136,000 USD, you can be just steps away from the beautiful turquoise blue Caribbean Sea.

This brand new complex offers 84 magnificent units that gives a choice of 4 separate floor plans. The condos offer many unique characteristics that harmonize well with its sophisticated designs. The flare of luxury living is influenced by its subtle, but tranquil setting. The units boast porcelain floors, ultra-modern kitchen and bathrooms, along with a popular open floor plan.

The complex hosts a variety of amenities that includes a botanical garden common area and a fully equipped gym. There is a rooftop sundeck and pool area that provides a magnificent view of the water and seemingly endless horizon. Can you think of a better place to spend your evenings? Enjoy paradise for a very affordable price.

Super Private Penthouse

Have you ever imagined having a fashionable penthouse with everything you need to enjoy your time spent in the Riviera Maya? If so, pack your bags and book your flight. Central Park in Tulum can offer you a great vacation condo and a potential investment opportunity, all in one property. The 1 bedroom / 1 bath penthouse for under $124,000 USD can be yours for the asking.

This fabulous unit offers quality finishes along with oversized windows that light up your contemporary styled living space. The penthouse includes an exclusive terrace with its own private pool and sundeck for you or your arriving guest. Imagine spending a quiet evening star gazing alone or with a partner!

Central Park’s owners enjoy such privileges as a modern gym with a panoramic view, 2 pools, a sundeck and business center to only mention a few of the amenities provided. There is a 24 hour security service and an on-site management company to accommodate incoming rental reservations. A concierge service is also available that will graciously tend to any of the owners or their guest immediate needs.

The property is centrally located and just minutes away from Tulum’s world class beaches that are aligned with a variety of bars & grills. If you desire more of a traditional atmosphere, Tulum Pueblo is very close by. Experience authentic cuisines and boutique shops that showcase true craftsmanship’s that have been handed down from generations past. Life can’t get any better than this at a very affordable price!

Studio with garden, terrace and Jacuzzi in Tulum

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Affordability doesn’t always come around like this very often. Especially in the up and coming town of Tulum. Why rent or go to a resort when you can stay in your own vacation bungalow that also provides rental income when you are not around.

The four available 1 bedroom / 1 bath studio models offer a fashionable design with high-quality finishes. These units offer an efficient floor plan that maximizes on living space. The other extraordinary feature is their private garden level terrace that includes a personal spa tub. Sit back and relax while warm circulating water soothes your entire body.

The complex is nestled within a tropical environment that provides peaceful seclusion. The common area amenities include a pool, a serving bar for gatherings, and BBQ’s for cooking your favorite outdoor meals. When you or your guest have questions or need directions, there is a 24-hour concierge service to help you out.

The property is centrally located with many conveniences close by. You are steps away from a shopping center that offers restaurants and daily activities. If you are in the mood for some fun in the sun, you can be at the beach with its amazing turquoise Caribbean waters within minutes. Spend the day enjoying the variety of beach clubs that line the sandy shores. All this can be yours with just a simple call!

At Top Mexico Real Estate we are specialists in helping American and Canadians find their dream home.

Contact us and give the first steps towards finding your dream home in Mexico!

And remember… we make it happen!


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